In response to requests on how to find out who owns a domain name

How to check who owns a domain name or website by using the WHOIS database-

Millions of people do not even know what domain name ownership really means because they have used someone else to register their domain name for them. Some of the companies who have done this for others did not even use the name and address for the true registrant and problems can occur later on if the true owner wants to have greater control. The best policy is for you to have full control over your domain names and there are now plenty of companies that will handle domain name registrations for you.

It is not difficult to find out. Just perform a Bing, Google or Yahoo search using the term “WHOIS” and you will be led to links of several websites that can automatically check this for you.  For example, if you want to know who twitter.com belongs to, you will be given information something similar to the image below which will tell you the WHOIS server.

                   whois search

In the above case I used a WHOIS website but I did not get all the information I needed. The information I was given (shown above) gives details of another WHOIS server i.e. whois.melbourneit.com. In this case, it took a few steps and I had to actually visit the melbourneit whois website to get more detailed information which is shown below-

                  whois result

When you have found the correct WHOIS website, you can view who owns the Domain name (in this case Twitter, Inc, and who else is doing the administration and tech for that domain.

                         THE WHOIS BID PROJECT IS FINISHED

The whoisbid project is now complete. Yes! I worked on this site for about one year and produced over 260 pages of unique content. I learned a lot about the way search engines treat unique content and the information I gathered during that time is invaluable. I also own a ton of internet property but this site you see now is different because it was experimental in some ways. I am a very curious person and I don't take people's word for it when it comes to the web. How is this site doing? It is finished! I won't really be doing too much to it anymore. If you know anything about how things work these days you will take my advice which is not to put all your eggs into one basket.

What actually is new today? I have not updated this site for a while and if you want to see what I am up to then take a look how Blog Commenting does not bring more visitors to your website or Blog. Please also take a look at the left menu bar for the real stuff but also don't miss out on the next video which is leaving powerful urls in it's timeline.  OK- That video program is nowhere as near as popular as it should be but it does not mean that it can't be more popular in the future. A few weeks ago I wrote about stuff had to do with Youtube and the new Cosmic Panda and I am going to put my neck on the line and predict that millions of websites are going to lose Page Rank with the new Google layout/update. Why? Probably most of you don't have the patience to find out. Just believe me if you are like that!


               What was new a little while ago was FIGHT GOOGLE PANDA!


What is my website worth? What is the price you could sell your website for? 

If you only want to know the answer to this and don't want to come back here to learn anything then click on:

                                 CHECK WEBSITE VALUE NOW

This is the easy question to answer because this site has links to website value check programs but the answers will show you what most of you don't want to know. Doing a website worth check can be a horrific experience for many internet users. Don't check your site value if you're faint at heart. This site is a friendly website and totally unique and contains information found nowhere else in such a format and has been designed to help people overcome the shock. You will need to spend some time here if you want to benefit from someone who has been working on the net for a very long time. Some of you came here because you are looking for ways to find more backlinks. Is it possible that you might find the answer to this question in the following video?


I think that  Rolex Watch Makers might inspire you since they produce items of great value to people who can see value. Can you see value? What do you think? I think that Rolex got it right! I think that Rolex is much more powerful than Facebook, Google or Twitter because Rolex are much older and Rolex have unique hand crafted products. If you don't agree that Rolex are more powerful then maybe you should go back to spending your time trying to make a few cents on your free social network pages and believe what experts are telling you. Forget about your website since it is of no value to you anymore. You can sell your old website to me if you think it is worthless. You also have the option to find out how much your site is really worth and when you recover from the shock you can come back here.


When you know the value of your site, then you might want to do something about it. Doing something about it is the most difficult part because you will need to find the will to do it.


Before you read anything else on this site I want to tell you that if you manage to understand what the videos (especially the Youtube presentation concerning domain name value) are teaching, then you will be on your way to an explosive revelation about how social networks, blogs and other websites are successfully undermining your business. There is something that you need to do and it is to check and check again what your website price is. You are free to use the website worth calculator page to check your site price. If you don't have the will to check then the next video was designed to inspire you to do it.


Some particular business opportunities are being taken away from you because you do not understand some of the technicalities regarding domains, websites and social media. It is OK if you don't know why right now because this is one of the reasons why this site was designed. After some time, you will understand how you are being prevented from succeeding on the internet. Why would I want to help people? It is because I want you to remember the domain name of this site which is WHOISBID.COM. It is a short 8 letter domain name and is now valuable to me and some other people. The more people that remember you, the more valuable you become. I don't care if you found me using Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter or some other application. What is important is that you remember me. I care much more about MY WEBSITE and if enough people find this website useful, then search engines and social networks become less and less relevant to this website.

You will not find any blog reply software being used on this site and that is because I own all the text that I type on my website. People who contribute to social networks must realize that they don't really have full control and ownership of their own content. You have to watch the videos to understand why.

The next video is something new that I created. You don't need to watch it if you are more interested in finding out how your Domain Names and websites are being devalued. Are they really being devalued? Why is this happening to them? Do you want to find out? Do you want to prevent this happening to you? I am preventing it on this website!


The above video explores possibilities of  http://www.whoisbid.com/social-media-future.html and predicts what could happen if everyone wants to buy social media bots to do their social blogging, tweeting and website creation. Of course the media presentation might be considered a bit extreme but that is what it takes to pass a message sometimes!

Did you want to perform a "whois lookup" or do you want to have a proper definition of "whois" according to business concerns. Take a look at the whois definition below. The answer is given in multimedia format and surely you can understand what is who is by the presentation. You need to watch the other videos as well to comprehend what the whois bid site is teaching.


Why on earth are so many people searching for "how does a website get ahead of others?" Maybe it is because they want to know how well their website or domain name could really do they want to find ways to fight back at things that are devaluing their domains. Watch the next video and you will see what I mean.


Yes! It is becoming a game and sometimes a game of nonsense that can drive people to do things which actually do not benefit anyone except a relevancy algorithm. Watch my latest video and you will see something that might amaze you about a world that is not known to most using the internet.


Maybe you don't have a domain name or website yet but are thinking about it. If that is you, then you might want to know how to chose a domain name. Here is something information which is straight to the point and valuable to those of you who don't like to waste time.


To what extent will people go to in order to secure first positions for keywords in Google? I think some will sell their own mother!  If you are only one person please remember that you might be battling against thousands of people working for the same company building multiple websites each hosted on a separate IP address with different domain registrars producing hundreds of thousands of unique content pages every day and so if  you are only one person you will need some powerful inspiration because it has become very difficult for new websites and is an uphill battle for anything new.


It is all to do with domain name value and Google is introducing Google  +1  but many people feel that it will mean a new SEO service will arise from this that manipulates ranking i.e. seo's will offer services to click Google plus 1 buttons for money. How clever will this implementation be. Will it succeed? Obviously a new breed of underground SEO will try to increase website value using artificial means just like they have with everything else including those who sell Facebook likes. It is already happening on social networks and blogs run by robots. These people will find ways to do this without being caught under the radar. Maybe they will be caught but that remains to be seen and what technology people can come up with to improve things. Some people believe it is getting worse and worse and 2011 is going to be interesting because there are lots of changes going on and nothing seems stable. Take a look at Google +1 because it is a kind of domain name  value system i.e. how much is your website worth but now it looks like a small group of social media will decide. Maybe they won't but there is not enough info available right now to determine how successful new search engine technology will be. The problem some people might find with this is that a lot of business people who really make a difference to our world don't even bother with social media. Social Media is social for them and business is business.  Whoisbid is active in social media but what he has found is that so much of social media except for Facebook is really false. Take a look at how people are using robots on social media. There is nothing wrong with making money but do we want to use friends and family to be potential sales targets or would we prefer to be found on a search engine for products and services and an algorithm decide who is first and second? I prefer the latter. We can think of search engines as a vehicle for business and true social media as a way to connect and be social and if we happen to make some money it will be incidental but not the main theme. Some people believe that the main theme for money making should be websites offering goods and services found by search engines. What do you think about all of this? If you are selling something then surely you want to be found on search engines. Who is Bid? Well, Bid can be found on Google using Android, iPod, iPad, a tablet PC and other devices. That is what is important is it not? This site is not paying for links or even looking for dofollow links but certainly welcomes them. The fact is that if you are running a business site you really need to know the difference. Watch the video and see what I mean. You will see on a lot of domain name bidding websites use Page Rank as one of the determining factors for the price of a domain that used to have a website or that still does. So, links are everything to some people. Links are money. Links can mean the difference between success and failure for your company. 


You might want to read some of the content on this website if you are thinking about starting a new website in 2011. This website started just before 2011 and so it might be more useful to see it's progress than something that is already old as far as internet age is concerned. Want to see it's progress in a short music video in just over 4 months? Take a look at Bid on iPad, Bid on Adroid, Bid on iPhone, Bid on Facebook, Bid on Twitter, Bid  on Youtube,  Bid on Godaddy and Bid on most of things that are important to Bid to be on in order to stand a chance of surviving in 2011. The video is on the "search engine spiders" page of this site. Alternatively you can watch the next one which shows that we are dealing with very complex things and is designed to make people think about how many people are getting ahead in the game.


Did you know that there are so many differing opinions about website value? On top of this- one SEO cannot agree with another. Why do you think we have so many SEO blogs? What is it all about? Money is something people are after. Just take a look at all the bid now sites designed to sell everything under the sun. Whatever your opinion is on these matter, I hope you will agree with me that if we want to be on top we should be highly suspicious when we see someone trying to inflate the price of a website by selling an SEO course or package from 50-300 bucks especially if they guarantee your success. Have you ever tried those programs? Why don't you try zero budget marketing instead? What is going to eventually happen to some of the people who aren't really working on their sites and are only looking for some single secret technique to boost their rankings? Will they get the wrong kinds of association?  Maybe what the following cartoon is teaching has already happened to some. Maybe some of you need a good salesman instead. Not everyone is in the same boat but some people really need the internet and more online presence than others. If you are looking for an seo school then why not make friends with SEO's on Twitter?

              top page google

What do you think about "original website value" - why don't you do a search on Google and see what people have to say about it? Will you find this site? Whois Bid is an original name for a website don't you think?                   


                      Information about the SEO of this website 

If you really  know what you are doing, then you don't need this site!  If you are not quite sure how much a website is worth and how to make it more valuable, then spend some time with me. Did you know that most people who have bought domain names give up on them after a short period of time? If that were not true, then the Domainer business will become extinct overnight. Why do they give up? If you spend enough time working on a website you will know why. There are many fools on the internet trying to sell a quick fix solution to get you ranked on the top of search engines but most of them do not work. People are naturally impatient and don't want to learn anything, but if you are interested in SEO you might find that you don't have to spend any money. What you need to do is to sacrifice your time to learn the craft. 

This site began in November 2011. You can see I am making progress.

               website growth

Sometimes I don't dare call myself an SEO because it gives the impression that I am trying to sell a technique or software package to solve everyone's problems. Take a look at this self proclaimed social media network expert as an example who is giving away free social media maps and telling me what I need to know to get a job as a salesman. How confusing these people make me! Why don't they do something useful like link to me from their high page rank website?


To me, there is no easier and softer way. Unless you have something spectacular to show the world, you will need to work hard on your projects. If you have an idea how long it took someone else to bring useful traffic to a brand new website, it might give you the information you need to continue working on your site, even though you are not seeing immediate results. Whatever anyone's view is on SEO, the fact remains that evidence is king. If you are listening to someone's advice about brand new sites, surely they should give you an example as evidence. If they can only show you statistics from old projects, it is not going to help you very much. I think this website is entirely relevant to all of you who are in the same boat as me. You can journey with me and compare notes if you like. Would you like to see what happened to this site when it began? If that is interesting to you then go here first. 

                 realtime search

               Is Realtime Twitter hacking away at an old outdated tree?

My Twitter account name is the same as this website. More recently there has been chirping about Twitter Name Value and one of the reasons why we should respect realtime search engines is because they bring far more internet traffic to new websites that have just started in 2011. If you are not trying something new in 2011, then you might not be interested in this website because you know that search engines prefer older things and support older sites, giving them more web traffic than new ones. Any good SEO knows this. If an SEO says this is not true, then challenge him to start a brand new website today without using any links from his other websites to the new site. Don't allow him to have any help from others in his SEO network of directories, blogs and content websites. If he cannot give you examples of what it takes for a brand new site in 2011, then he should stop telling lies and writing nonsense on the web don't you think?


                                       SEO IN PROGRESS 

If you see sTrAnGe text colors and words using capital letters anywhere on this site, it is because I am in the middle of updating. Funnily, it is possible to penalized for this, but I don't think I deserve that because allowing people to see how I work or progress is part of education, isn't it? Should we penalize people who have a particular style of working? Could it be that someone has a writing disability and suffers from dyslexia?. Are you going to shut off your fellow human being because he can't write as well as you do? Maybe some search engines do penalize us for this and people who think they know it all do, but I am hoping that in 2011 they have progressed (search engines) enough to realize that this site is not spam or low quality. Although this site is original, it is by no means complete, so don't let it bother you. When you build a website, do you expect to complete it first and then upload it? If you think like that, you might be at some disadvantage because it could take weeks and months to produce enough material before you feel you are ready to upload it and in that period of time you might have given up. Why not start with the first page and simply add pages every day? Since search engines take quite some time to index your pages, you don't have to worry about millions of people viewing your unfinished website and facing any kind of shame. Just how long will it take to make a website that is being viewed by a whole bunch of visitors every day? If you never try, you will never find out. Along the way, you are going face obstacles which might discourage you to the point where you give up completely. Don't give up if you really want to find out about SEO! No-one can really teach a person how to make a website successful. It is a matter of trial and error. Maybe some people laughed at this site when it first began, but time will tell whether or not we are doing something right thing. I can safely say that hard work and research will always be rewarded on the internet. Along the way, you will begin to change your opinions about certain things because of personal discoveries you will make. My opinions change all the time because we are living in a dynamic world where something that might of been true a few years ago is now redundant.

                         CHOOSING AN IDENTITY

I chose an 8 letter dot com domain name for this website. I bought it from a domain name reseller for a few bucks and liked the name because it is unique. If you are targeting something specific, lets say Crude OIl, then make sure that crude oil is in your domain name.  If you like dot com names, you can still dream up a name that no-one else is using. This will make it easier to keep the same name identity for your Twitter, Digg, Youtube or other media you are going to use to bring attention to your website. At this moment I can't stand Facebook, even though I know it could bring some traffic to this site. The reason I don't want to use Facebook is because I feel that what I do every day is none of anyone's business. I also do not want to be associated with LinkedIn because I believe what many people say about themselves is nonsense. People can put as many titles as they want behind their name but it is those who prove their value through actions which can be seen and evidenced over time.


                      SPIDERS ON THE WEB

While you are reading this, there are search engine spider bots continually crawling the web. These spiders are very active and are continually looking at new and old content. Large websites that have been around for a while are going to experience far more frequent spidering than new websites. This is something that we need to remember when embarking on a new project. We must remember that it is going to take some time and effort for most people to see any reasonable results. How long will it take and how much effort will you need to put into it? This kind of question cannot easily be answered. Maybe it will help you to know that what you are reading right now is an update 10 weeks after this site began. On my "search engine spiders" page, I will leave some statistical information in regards to our progress in visitors/pageviews etc for the 10th week, so that some of you can at least get an idea.

                   NASDAQ SPIDERS

           Do you attract Nasdaq spiders & six legged money insects?

Did you know that search engines are built not only to find new websites and update information about older ones, but they want to index websites ie. categorize them. Each website they scan, somehow at some point, needs to be put into a category. if you don't understand this, then let me explain. Imagine that someone gave you a load of paper files with headings on them. If you were told to put these into a filing cabinet, you would have to read the titles and contents of the files before you could file them properly. On the web, this work was done primarily by human edited directories. Good examples of these types of directories are the Open Directory Project and the Yahoo Directory. You could also take an example of a book. Notice that some books have a Table of Contents in the beginning. This table is a directory. If you flip to the back of the book, you might find alphabetical listings of certain words that appear in the book and information on what page they can be found. I consider that the back of the book is more like a search engine and the alphabetical listings are keywords. Although this explanation is very simple, sometimes having an objective view like this might help someone to understand what the job of a search engine actually is. Having a basic understanding might give you a better idea of how you should be building a website that is spider friendly. 

               PAGE RANK CHECKER

                 Whoisbid.com is fighting to be a winner on the net?


The only reason why someone might want to use this website is because of money. If you think otherwise, then you have deceived yourself. You are reading this and are currently living under the power of a deception. The internet is filled with hypocrites pretending that what they are doing is not for money. Don't be a fool and believe them for a moment!  Most people want more money, so why waste time pretending to others that you have no dreams of making a profit from your work. If there is something that you found useful on this website to help you increase web earnings, then I have done something useful. All I ask from you is that you show respect for those who truly help. There are still people on the net who freely give to others but these people should be respected when respect is due. One of the worst things that I have found in my life is ungrateful people who have taken and never given respect or credit to those who helped them. It reminds me of a story of an ancient healer who cleansed ten lepers and only one came back to thank him. That is unfortunately how most people are going to react to someone who is giving freely and doing a proper job. To give a sincere pat on the back to someone who has done a decent job in a particular field could be worth more than gold to them. Some people already have gold and know that it is meaningless. These people work on the principle of a different currency. If you can find these people, then treat them well and give them the respect that is due to them. Don't give respect to people who get ahead by stealing, lying and cheating others. Praising these people makes you just as bad as they are and you don't have a life. You have become an empty shell, a clanging cymbal, a hot balloon full of air. 

                              PARKED DOMAIN EARNINGS

 Do you know what a parked domain is? If you do, I want to share with you that I find the idea of making money from parked domains a ridiculous idea. Yes, I know that there are probably some particular particular domains that are still popular on the web because of the enormous amount of old backlinks referring to them, or because they are truly sought after domain names. Trust me, don't believe that this is normal. The following is a representation of typical domain name parking with PPC ads. Someone might disagree because they are in the domain name parking business, but I think that most people will agree with me that parking a domain name is not a good way of making money.  What makes money is producing half decent websites with a reasonable amount of quality visitors.

               successful domainers

                    Typical Earnings for Parked Domain Names


Although this website is not being built with the greatest of designs, you can probably tell that I am not unfamiliar with the world of SEO. What I find incredibly frustrating about this business is that most people who pay others to do work for them to bring traffic to their websites have no interest in learning how to read website statistics. If you are employing the services of an SEO, the only way that his skill level can be measured is by how much relevant traffic he has driven to your site. If you do not know who is giving you the bang for the buck, then you are probably going to upset the people who are doing you one of the biggest favors in your business. How much is relevant traffic worth to you? If you are paying Google Adwords between 100K to 300K per year, how much is a true SEO worth to you? A true SEO who is able to work and produce natural traffic (non PPC) for your website is probably going to be able to bring more visitors than PPC ever could. How much are you going to pay a person like that? Probably not much, because you do not understand what is involved. If you cannot be bothered to read web statistics, then you have no right to make any decisions or judgements in regards to SEO on the web. What happens to SEO's is that they tend to go into their own business or simply retain a few clients who truly appreciate their efforts. 

                      HOW TO READ YOUR WEB STATISTICS

If you are the owner of a business and want to know who is really supporting your company or if your own marketing department knows what they are doing, then you will have to get a hold of the site statistics. Start off by simply taking a look at the charts and graphs. For example, if you are in the United Kingdom and most of your client base is in the UK, then the chart below will tell you immediately that you are not penetrating your main target area correctly. Your typical SEO should be familiar with statistical analysis and aware of something called "targeting"

Targeting can also involve countries and search engine optimization is becoming more complex because search engines are tending towards delivering results relevant to your local area, or should I say your IP address range. If you don't understand what I am saying then please spend some time investigating proxy services

              proxy search

              What happened to the OTHERS outside your network?


                             YOU GAVE UP TOO EASILY!

Have you noticed that many people are trying to offer the possibilities of making tons of money by using automated blogs, automated tweets, seo affiliate programs and things by simply doing nothing or very little ? If you are sucked into these things, you will never enjoy the fruits of your labors. Yes, there is value in laboring just like a farmer plants seeds and sees his crops grow when the rain and sun come to bless his hard work. If everyone is going to have an attitude where they expect to be paid for doing very little, then the world is going to stop and you will never see anything interesting on the web again. I think that there are many people who can produce all kinds of unique content, but some of you are not getting enough attention on the web. This might not be because your content is uninteresting, no, its because you started off with great enthusiasm but gave up in the process because you felt you were not really getting anywhere. 


If you start to go through our website you will probably begin to realize that this site is 100% unique content and contains original text, original photos, original pictures, and original ideas. Maybe you don't find my layout or the artwork impressive, or even the manner in which I write, but I am proud that it is really unique. You will not find anything exactly the same as this website on the internet. Do you think that unique content websites will get noticed by search engines? Not necessarily so! You still need SEO.


If you are starting your website today, you have to realize that there are already millions of websites that have been around for quite some time which are already taking up the spaces you would like to be in. Owners of these sites can boast about their success and get a following because they are already successful. You may find that you are not battling against one individual, but a collective group of people who have set in place a powerful network, blogs, link wheels, high page rank sites for relevant backlinks and other methods that bring attention to their websites. Of course, there are rare cases where something is so unique on a website that others simply cannot compete. If you have that kind of ability or the resources to do that, then this does not apply. I am talking about the "rest of us"




Everything in this world has a value. Your website and domain name has a value. Surely, you want to increase it's value. Even if you are not intending to sell it, maybe you will feel proud if you have been able to produce something that is considered to be valuable not just to yourself, but also to some others. This site has links to several programs which perform an automatic website or domain name appraisal. Some people laugh at these programs and say that they are useless but I would tend to differ. I personally think that these programs are very useful to anyone who needs to be able to see some progress in relation to the work that they have done on their site. Whether these website worth checkers are accurate or not is not the point. The point is that they are able to show you if you are making progress. See website value 


Everyone needs some form of encouragement and if you are working alone, you may not have anyone around you that is interested in what you are doing on the web. If you do, then you are a lucky person. I would like to recommend that if you need some form of encouragement to show that you are progressing, then use these programs to give you that sort of encouragement. This website is now being reported by some of these worth checkers as having a value of several thousand dollars. When I started out, the evaluation normally showed the value at zero or 15 dollars. Over the past few weeks and months I have seen the value going up. This to me is a form of encouragement, even if it is not a person giving it to me. Another form of encouragement is with spider bots. Get friendly and familiar with search engine spiders and when they visit your site more often and more frequently you will know that you are becoming popular with them.



                              Stay away from this man!

                                WHO IS THIS MAN?

The picture of the man above is someone you need to be careful of. Who is he? Well, it is not anyone in particular, but it represents a type of person who you might find in blogs and websites. This man is so full of himself, believing that he is an authority on the inner workings of SEO. He also believes that everyone has to be just like him. This man probably has a command of the english language that is uncommon to most, but he is a fool because he does not realize that most of the world does not speak the kind of language he does. He is not really a true communicator but simply a beast that likes to parrot off things to impress others in an isolated community of those who believe that they are "in the know"

You don't have to worry about this man ever coming to this website to read it's contents. He is far too proud to look at anything outside the sphere of his network. Although this man might have a string of qualifications behind him, he is an ignorant person who is consumed by his own vanity. He gets a kick out controlling the thought processes of his obedient followers. If you ever come across such a discouraging person, just forget about him and continue doing what you are doing.

                             LETS GET STARTED SHALL WE?

If you have read this far, it means I have succeeded in some way. There are things on this website that are complete and other things incomplete. That is probably what is going to happen to your site too. Don't worry about it. Just consider that you are doing your best and the current state of your website is a work in progress. The following text was something I wrote to search engine spiders asking them to crawl my site.

             search engine spider


Hello search engine spiders !!! Hello World !- Hello Yahoo !-Hello Googlebot! Hello Yandex bot! Hello Baidu bot!  Hello Image bots ! Hello spiders who mask their true identity!  Hello search engine companies announcing that unique content is one of the most important factors ! I look forward to a deep spidering and indexing so that those following us will believe that the announcement is really true.


You might want to know that I registered this domain name for ten years. Some people believe that search engines take you more seriously if you do this. Its a theory and if it is true or not, it does not hurt anyone to register your domain name for longer than one year.


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                         USING THE WHOIS BID DIRECTORY

The Whois Bid site is not automatically generated. I don't believe that you will find anything completely artificial here. Now, the point is this. If you have just started your site and the Whois Bid Directory contains something about a subject that you specialize in, then you might find it useful to leave a comment and also a backlink to your site using Disqus which has been implemented on many of the pages. This site does not require you to show a photo of yourself and in addition we understand that some people simply want to find more places to showcase their products and services. If you respect this site, then you won't have a problem telling us about your business. You are free to mention what you are doing whether it is personal or simply 100% commercial. If you would like us to write about a particular topic then Tweet Whoisbid and tell Whoisbid that he ought to have a page about a particular topic. Why? So that you can participate in that page too. In order to make it easy for you to find topics in the directory we have arranged them by the general subject headers which can be found a little further down. Please understand that this is a work in progress and the Directory is continually being updated. We don't require you to pass any test or even to register and come back again. The Directory articles are designed to give pointers and hope to inspire anyone who is making a site related to those topics.


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INTERNET - Royalty Free Pictures, Royalty Free Music

LIFESYTLE - Wedding Hair, Beauty Products, Perfume, Carry Bags, Rare Wines Artificial Flowers

INDUSTRIAL - CCTV Camera , Fire Alarm Systems, Protection Cases, Steel Suppliers Airconditioning Systems

ENERGY- Crude Oil

LEGAL - Finding a Lawyer

HEALTH- Acupuncture, 24/7 Dental

                dried up flowers

The above picture is showing dried up flowers. If that is you, then you need to do something about it. There is a reason why you no longer feel any excitement about things in life. Maybe someone else caused you to be like that. If so, you need to find out what happened to you and pick yourself up again. If it is your own fault, then you need to make amends to others you have harmed but also be wise when you do it so that you don't hurt more people. People are backstabbing, cheating and telling lies to others much of the time because they want more money. If people want more money, then why don't we discuss money more openly? Let's not bury our heads in the sand and pretend that money issues don't exist. I find that even on blogs, there are many people who have deceived themselves and others about their purpose on the internet. One of the main reasons why people make websites is because they are hoping to make more money. Why not simply be honest about this fact from the beginning? Why try to deceive others that you are interested in adding value or that you even care about others when your only motive is money. Wise people can spot you a mile away. They won't necessarily tell you that you are living in some kind of denial because they know that you probably can't take it right now. The tell tale sign that you are only concerned about money is the fact that you hide your desires to want more money. People cloak these desires by joining an apparently "good cause" and keep telling themselves that are passionate about humanity or some kind of truth. Let me give you an example, OK? There are tons of people who convince others that they care about the future of our world, the environment, renewable energy, religion and issues to do with making things better. However, these people simply talk about these things and never actually do anything to make something better. If they do, they blow a trumpet about it so that everyone can see how good they are. Actually, they are rotten because if someone wants to do something good for others or even the world, they should simply do it and not be concerned who is listening or looking. Have you ever been able to do something good for someone else in secret? Why do you have to tell everyone when you do something you believe is good? Why don't you simply do it for the sake of doing it, knowing it is your duty to do so?

What on earth has this got to do with search engine optimization? Let me tell you before someone else convinces you otherwise. Whether you possess seo skills or techniques is never going to be the most important factor. The most important thing is your dedication to your work. Too much exposure to people's opinions about what we should be doing can actually have a negative impact on your enthusiasm to continue with what you are doing. Who says that we always have to do things correct the first time round? What about exploration and experimentation? Don't you think that exploring possibilities is fun? Maybe in working with an open mind you might discover something that everyone else did not notice. Ah! If this happens to you are you going to tell everyone about it? Maybe you won't! Maybe you will show people how to do it instead of telling them. 


One of the good things about a website is that you can choose to display what you want on it. I am going to rant about what I believe to be true of many people who want to get rich quick. I believe there is nothing wrong with becoming wealthy, but are you prepared to work for your food? How do you want to be remembered in this world? Or do you even care? Do you know the poem about the man in the glass? I know that there are probably several versions already on the net but this is the version I have memorized and so here is my original version. If you have never known about the man in the glass then maybe you can memorize it too. It goes like this-

            When you get what you want in your struggle for self

                      and the world makes you king for a day

                    Just go to a mirror and look at yourself

                           and see what that man has to say

                    For it is isn't your mother or father or wife ,

                          who judgement upon you must pass

               The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life

                        is the one staring back from the glass

                                 He's the fella to please

                                 Never mind all the rest

                         Cause he's with you up till the end

           and you've passed your most dangerous and difficult test

                       when the man in the glass is your friend

                             You may fool the whole world

                          and get pats on the back as you pass

                  But your final reward will be heartache and tears

                        If you've cheated the man in the glass

You deserve an award if you managed to get this far in the page. The main message is very clear. Your domain and website is still your most valuable possession. No apologies made for being so long winded. If you are really that curious about whois bid then you ought to find out how to contact him!