Google Adsense can give useful reports on page views which can be compared with other statistics programs. To be honest, I am sure exactly just how much unique traffic this website receives because different tracking programs are giving different results. Everyone in this game would probably like to get more traffic to their websites that contain Google Ads but there might be some people who are also looking for Adsense alternatives. One of the companies that you might want to consider is Microsoft.


If you are already familar with Adsense, then you might also want to know about an alternative called Pubcenter 

My guess is that there are a lot of people who want an alternative but at the moment it seems that Google Adsense is the most powerful and practically has a monopoly in the english speaking world. For even more alternatives you can visit the following adsense alternatives link which has information on BuySellAds , Casale Media, Tribal Fusion, Ad Bull, Kontera, Infolinks, Widget Bucks, Text link Ads, commission junction and Linkshare. Of course these things are always changing but it proves a point that even though Adsense is so popular it does not mean that others are not trying their best to do what they can to even the playing field.


The is something that is often overlooked and it is probably one of the things that specialists need to look into a bit more. I am quite impressed with website owners who have managed to more or less create their own business sites that offer direct advertising. A classic example can be seen in excellent websites managing high quality advertising themselves e.g

I personally believe that this kind of direct advertising would of been more common (and probably more interesting for website owners) if the technology was available much earlier on in the game i.e. easy ways for website owners to use a host of different applications to manage and control their own client advertising. Obviously it is not too late but it does not seem to be the trend at the moment. Probably one of the reasons is because it is relatively easy to set up advertising using Adsense and does not require the users to manage each individual advertiser. There is less work involved if one simply copies and pastes the necessary code for the CPC program they are using for their site. The drawback is that you are most likely to make far more money with direct advertising if you have the ability to draw your customers in.

                            HOW TO SET UP A FACEBOOK AD?

Although this is not really relevant to all publishers it might be something interesting to those of you who participate in Adsense but also in Adwords. If you need an Adwords alternative then you can think about using Facebook. A lot of people are now experimenting with it and getting some results. The following video is the story of one such person who has had some kind of success and his video also explains just how to set up Facebook advertising.


If you are interested in non english speaking countries it might be useful to know about things like the Baidu Advertising Network for China and other companies which are now getting their own share of the market in different parts of the world including Yandex Advertising in Russian related markets.

I believe the guy who made the video below has some very useful information and deserves a show here. You can get updated pretty fast if you watch all his videos on Adsense alternatives