This page was originally a stub but now I know what it really should be about. If you come back here in a few weeks I will have to something to say about making money when you have no money. This is something that a lot of people don't understand. Maybe you look at this page and think that it is crap. Yes, you are right! However, if you came here by chance, you are getting a peek at how I work. You see, a lot of people want to do something perfectly and then show it to others. The problem is that they most people cannot complete a task working in this manner. Bookmark this page and come back in a few months and you will see that it aint the same anymore. You might laugh now (exactly what happens to people who judge others by external appearance) but later you might be jealous. Stick around!

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All the pages on this website have something useful to those interested in making sense of their domain and website with a heavy focus on search engines. If you are looking for a directory of an A-Z , we do not provide one. The contents of this 100% unique content website contain pages meant to stimulate thought which can lead to understanding and understanding to progress. As I write the contents of this particular page, the WHOIS BID website is barely two weeks old. If you don't believe it, take a look at the stats below to see when we started. if you want to follow our general progress you can find a page on this site about search engine spiders. Just look for it!

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              WHOIS BID WEBSITE is not afraid of the truth anymore.


You came to this page because you wanted something. Shall we impress you with lots of words and convince you that we are able to write better than others? No ! What a waste of time that would be. Here is today's tip = Go and play with the most popular search engine in the world. If you don't know who that is, then do a search on any search engine to find out who it is. Notice that as of currently (November 2010) when you do a text search lets say for "BID WEBSITE" you will get a string of data with links to websites about bids , auctions, penny bid sites, ebay type sites etc. Then find the menu on the left which says "MORE SEARCH TOOLS" and select "SITES WITH IMAGES" Go and take a look at which sites are being listed under this particular optional IMAGE SEARCH ENGINE - because that is what it is, it is an IMAGE SEARCH ENGINE. 

                              IMAGE SEARCH ENGINES

See which sites appear on the first few pages and notice this in particular. Notice that the search engine listing gives a maximum of 6 images per page to a site. Logic tells us that if you want to maximize this free feature - surely YOUR PAGES should contain more than one image. If you want to maximize this for the greatest advantage , we believe that the more images you use- the more exposure you will get and the merrier you will be. However, take note that this search engine is looking for ORIGINAL CONTENT SITES. It seems that they are not bluffing about this, so forget about copying and pasting anything from anyone else's website. If you are an artist, why would you even need to do that anyway? Surely you can use your artistic abilities to draw even the simplest of unique images. Some people think that if they just copy a section of someone's image and modify it digitally that it is going to be seen as a new image. Well, hmmm.. don't underestimate modern day reverse image recognition technology (see this page REVERSE IMAGE )



This may be old news for some but to others it will be something new to think about for now and for the future. Search engines are now looking for more ways to monetize image search. If you need an example, simply check out the most popular search engine in the world. Use their IMAGE SEARCH function and search for ROYALTY FREE IMAGES . You will most likely see at the top of the search "SEE YOUR AD HERE" . There you have it! This is the beginning of something that is probably going to means images are going to have more value. Since image search ranking by payment methods has not yet taken off (it will eventually ) people should now be exploiting image search engines as much as possible by providing unique images in their websites. The same applies to text.  Whether a computer is scanning text or images, it is not looking at them using a human eye. It is looking for patterns like this -

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      The world's top search engine experts are smarter than we think.

Well, we know that the pattern above is a very basic non technical explanation but think about this! If you copy an image, even just a part of it, there are going to patterns or sequences digitally remaining from the original image. We believe that websites that take this seriously should now start thinking about 100% unique content for every single page in their website. This is going to mean that people will have to spend longer making their original websites . However,  we also believe it should definitely give an advantage to people who are not in the "copy cat" business. It could also mean medium and larger sized businesses who understand this will have to have a greater respect for original content and subsequently PAY MORE for it.