If you have spent the last two decades building unique websites /multiple domain names, you will probably know that your old websites do so much better on search engines than new ones. It is like the difference between death and life, light and darkness, crawling and running. New websites are all doomed unless you are extremely lucky to get backlinks which most people are not giving because they are considered to be valuable in an underground link selling market. Watch the video if you want to see the difference between no links and tons of links (correct links) to your site.


Old sites with lots of backlinks are going to be spidered more often with far less work if you are maintaining the site a little bit here and there- and you stand a far better chance of getting a high position in search engines for the keywords. New websites are not favored at all by search engines. Most people are now giving up and turning to social networks thinking that somehow that will boost their popularity but we should all realize something about many of those kinds of backlinks and the next video explains it all to those who don't really know the difference.


 You need to know this when you embark on a new project because you are going to be in for a hard time, for quite some time. During this time, you might want to give up completely because you do not see enough progress in visitors and pageviews. Whatever you think about Twitter or microblogs, they most definitely will help anyone who is starting a new website more than traditional search engines. These options will probably not help you at all to getting more exposure from search engines but they will bring traffic to your site if your followers are not robots. Most people are not using realtime search so don't bank on being found by potential clients that way. Some people already have high page rank and a are trusted by search engines and so they don't need social networks for ranking. They just do it for fun. Some others get involved with something called "backlink development" and it is part of an SEO strategy. However, don't forget to watch the video above because it could save you years of doing pointless things.

                                 DEVELOPING BACKLINKS

In the past, people were much more free with backlinks (true backlinks) but since the internet has become more and more commercial, these people will not normally want to link out to other resources as they previously did. It was incredibly easy to build a powerful website in the past. I have several old websites which have more or less remained unchallenged. I am not going to use these websites to backlink to because it would spoil the fun. I have never made a website like this one, so doing this is an interesting challenge. 



If you are a younger person, you will probably notice that things in this world are much of the time run by people from a former generation. However, those who you currently see at the top will not always be there. They are going to be replaced at some point in time by a newer generation. 

If you can understand this, then it might give you the encouragement that you need right now to work hard for the future. You see, when it comes to backlinks and page rank, the links from older more powerful sites will normally have greater value in terms of bringing search engine traffic to your website than anything else. This means that search engines prefer the old over the new. But wait a moment! If you are new right now, one day you will be older and those other people will be ancient. The reason why I personally believe that things like Twitter have great worth is because they are real time search engines. They are working on a different principle. Most people have not yet embraced realtime search engines and probably don't even know about them, but this will probably change one day. Who really knows what is going to happen. One thing we can be sure of is that the world changes. 

             linking knots


One of the ways that certain people make money from their old websites is by charging for relevant backlinks. Those who are more discreet, will do it in such a way that it does not look like someone is paying for backlinks. If you see a website write up about a product or service, pictures, a logo, or a recommendation/information that would lead someone to take a look at something that could be purchased from another site, then these are backlinks. Some people call it advertising but essentially it is selling backlinks. A link farm is a website that has not been prudent in the way it sells it's links. These link farms can get disqualified or penalized for conducting their business in this manner. There are many directories that have been penalized as link farms because they were making too much money and giving search engines a hard time. So, if you are building a portal of some kind, please think about keeping the the search engines happy by providing something called "value" i.e. either something interesting or helpful to avoid being accused of being called a link farm. You can be wise about how you package your "do follow links"

                                 RELEVANT BACK LINKS

People have written many articles about the dangers of buying paid links saying that they are irrelevant and going to harm your website. This could be true if the links are irrelevant, but what about RELEVANT BACK LINKS that you pay for from highly targeting websites that police who they link to?  No! You are probably not going to be penalized for purchasing these relevant back links because if that were the case, then advertising would have to stop!  What these people are saying is absolute nonsense. If you understand the implications of "do follow" and "no follow" links and you use this back link checker to  study someone's website you slowly come to understand the overall plot. Maybe you will come to the conclusion that a large percentage of  monetizing websites, portals, magazines and even certain directories are simply stealing other people's snippets, ideas, keywords and material. They get away with it because no-one understands what "link juice" actually is. There are businessmen paying large amounts of money to certain websites to have their company listed, but in reality these businessmen are not really promoting their products. They are actually promoting the website who has taken their material. Once you discover the truth , you might become infuriated because of the layers of marketing deception currently flooding the internet. As far as I know, the company Baidu does not implement follow, no follow protocols in their search engine algorithm. I think this is a good move for the chinese. I certainly support them in this move.



Selling or exchanging powerful backlinks  is how many of the "older guys" on the net are making a ton of money . There is no way you can invent a system to prevent this . How can they be penalized if their true links to others are relevant? According to current internet morality, they are going to be praised and go even higher!  Surely someone would say that these sites should be more generous and give backlinks to all the sites that are relevant to their material. Why would sites want to do this if they are commercial and depend upon financial rewards? These websites offering these links probably have worked pretty hard to get to where they are today. These sites also help PPC companies increase profit because newer sites may find it a daunting task to even think about competing with them. So, if the newer commercial sites are not going to get a backlink from these older sites, they will probably end up having to pay for advertising using PPC. It is a "win win" situation for older sites and PPC companies. If you are a businessman and want to increase your site exposure, don't be shy about getting out your  wallet to pay the older guys to mention your products and services and to most importantly give you true hyperlinks. Now that you understand this, you might find that some of these people will be thrown off guard and surprised that you understand what they are doing.  


If you are running a serious business and feel that you don't have large sums of money to give to PPC companies and portals that sell do follow links, you might want to explore a newer means of getting more exposure that does not depend on traditional search engines. I would recommend you start researching Twitter, Blogs and other media. Currently these tools are not anywhere near effective as they ought to be but I believe this is going to change, so it won't hurt investing now. Another alternative is to buy older websites for a larger sum of money and take control of their visitors and customers. 

                              MONEY IS THE DRIVING FORCE

There are many people making most of their money on the web. They do it because they simply love money. To say that they do it for the "love of it" is  so far from the truth today. Yes, maybe in the past, but now it no longer applies. If you have a business website and you want to be more effective, you will need to spend time researching what is actually bringing clients to your website and what is not.

              powerful links

               Old elephants are extremely slow but still powerful

                        SEO EXPERTS IN YOUR LOCAL AREA 

 If you have a business website and you want to be more effective, you probably don't have the time to investigate what really needs to be done. What can you do? You  need to get a hold of a company or even better an individual  that specializes in long term SEO strategies. Forget about those fly by night companies selling packages . Very often, a true SEO will already have an existing list of websites they have developed over the years, or some kind of network or blog which they can use to give you immediate relevant links. These will not be link farms, but quality sites aimed at targeting the concerns of potential clients. If the person handling your SEO strategy understands your company, or it's products and services, then you are most likely going to be far more effective. These companies will expect a reasonable sum of money to do the work that you need done. Website Design is not SEO, although better designed websites can improve the overall effect of the site once someone has landed on it. It is also not necessary that an SEO need be a webmaster and vice versa. Sometimes you might find that there are two or more people responsible for different facets of your website business.