Today is January 30th 2011. In about a week's time this website will be three months old. Some people might be interested to know what amount of traffic a site this age and this size (over 50 pages) could produce. I am not hiding this from anyone and you only have to go to my page on search engines to find the answer. I decided that when I reach a certain point, I will stop putting information on that page. If someone is really interested to know what is happening to this site after that, they can go to a third party SEO provider of that kind of information called SEM RUSH. What has this page got to do with Black Hat? Well, I read an article on a blog today saying that a major search engine is going to clamp down on Black Hat practices. What raised the alarm for me about this article was that the writer was kind of saying that 'looking for backlinks' or rather backlink development was "Black Hat."

I think that people looking for links are far from what real Black Hat is or could be. Since the talk today is about "unique content," I am going to give my own definition of "What is BlackHat?

            BLACKHAT SEO

                               BLACKHAT DEFINITION ?

1. BlackHat is not what the general public would perceive as BlackHat. 

2. BlackHat most likely knows how to build his own search engine.

3. Black Hat believes he is misunderstood, but he is actually a criminal.

4. Black Hat will have an in depth knowledge of Computer Science, Programming, Networks and software/hardware vulnerabilities.

5. BlackHat may have some impressive resources at his disposal but they probably don't belong to him.

6. BlackHat has worked for a company that now has a successful business. He was probably well looked after but was never a grateful employee.

7. BlackHat will try to frame others for the wrongs he himself has done or even justify to certain people why it is necessary for him to do what he does. Two wrongs don't make a right but that is not Blackhat's philosophy.

8. BlackHat could never be a trusted employee. A good employee will not be using vulnerabilities in a system to harm innocent people.

9. BlackHat has an ego. He will definitely at some point want to reveal what he is doing to someone else. This may be his undoing.

10. We should be grateful when someone even cleverer than Black Hat discovers what he is doing and puts an end to it because Black Hat has no respect for people's property .

Anyone else want to help me profile Black Hat? Or do you still think Black Hat is some kind of civilian looking for link juice on blogs? Take a look at the current Wiki definition of BlackHat

                                DECEPTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA

OK folks! Now I am going to talk about something which I believe is worse than spending your time trying to  find dofollow links

Maybe you aren't doing that but you should know about how people build page rank anyway. On this site, I am not really going out of my way to do those things although I believe it is essential for some people. You see there is a problem on the internet when people are told that it is wrong to try and find ways to increase the number of visitors coming to your site using link building. Let's say that link building in the general way it is understood is wrong. OK, if it is wrong, then we should also think about what is more wrong. I believe that social media plugins that are popping up everyday are not really Black Hat but if you understand the mechanism behind some of them then you might view them as something worse.

It all has to do with what people contribute to the web. The question is" Are the things that I am contributing helping my own website?" and the answer to the question when using many of various social plugins and networks is No! 

Why is this so? Well, think about this. When someone is inviting you to contribute or to put material of yours on their network, they are increasing the unique content of their own network. If there is for example a plugin that is embedded in this page, it will normally point back to the website domain of the one who developed that plugin. This means in theory that the more people who use those plugins, the greater the page rank of the originator's site will have. Page Rank means a lot on the internet. You have to go deeply into it to appreciate that it affects the value of a site. 

If a social media plugin is asking us to provide content but they are not giving any rewards back to your website but you are under the impression that they are... then we could say that these plugins are deceptive social media. It is white hat seo but it is darker than dark.

I have a great respect for Youtube right now. This is because there is something that Youtube gives you that some of these other sites do not. If you make a video or videos that are popular and your Youtube channel becomes popular, then Youtube allow you to have a proper link ( you will understand what this means if you followed the first link at the top of this title ) This means that you will be getting credit for the things you do and the power of your Youtube channel has benefit to your site. As for many other social networks you see after some investigation of your own that they are taking from you and not giving you anything to boost your website. You are boosting their website power by using them but they are not really helping you. 

So, I believe it is wrong to tell people who are looking for links (even paid links) that they are doing wrong because if you understand how the internet works you will see that there are things far more sinister than this going on.