I never thought that I would be writing about this but I am really grateful for the fact that I own this website. If you own your own website, you can write about whatever you want. I have just discovered something incredible which might encourage people to start spending more time on their own websites and less time on Blogs. It all has to do with the recent Google Panda Update. I have noticed that certain Blogs are starting to panic and their reaction to the updates is to start pulling content off their Blogs i.e. content that they feel does not meet their "editorial standards" or maybe they feel that your content has been copied from somewhere else. Well, I have experienced this already and recently I was accused of uploading duplicate content to a Blog when I knew for sure that no such thing was happening. If you are not familiar with this website, then I must tell you that everything on this site is 100% original content. There is nothing that I have copied from anywhere else on the web. Even the pictures are original and I was the first to upload them. Do you want to see a new original picture I just took a few moments ago? If you do, then enjoy this - 

whey powerWhat does Higher Power Nutrition 100% Whey Power have to do with this page? Well, it actually has nothing to do with it whatsoever but I am showing this to you because I want you to know that I have absolute freedom to do whatever I want on this website and I don't have to worry about it meeting certain editorial standards. This makes me happy because Blog Moderators do not exist on my website and I am so thankful for that. Maybe I have not yet convinced you that owning your own website after the Google Panda Update is something that is going to be more advantageous than spending too much time Blogging on someone else's site. If you don't care about these things and you are a young person who simply wants to listen to music and watch videos then I have something for you too. Yes! It is a production explaining what Techno Rave is. The problem with a Blog is that you cannot really explain the concept of Techno Rave in writing. No! You have to show it in a multimedia format and so that is precisely what I have done for you guys. Of course you can embed a techno rave video in a Blog but why not put it on your own website first, especially if you produced it yourself!


                                     WEBSITE VS BLOG

Do you really want to know the best reasons why you need to consider that your own website is more valuable than a Blog? I just proved it to you with what I just did above here. We have absolute freedom to do anything we want (as long as it is not illegal) There are also other reasons and I am going to number them for you and the following reasons are given to the more technically minded.

1. Since the Google Panda Updates we saw that a lot of Blogs lost their power for whatever reason they want to give us. I personally believe (just my opinion) that Google is making way for newer sites simply because you can't have too many powerful sites taking up all the search results on the web. Yes! Somehow we have to pave the way for new blood or a new generation. I could be wrong about this but number 2. is something that you may want to consider when evaluating the value of a Blog Website.

2. Since the Panda Update we have seen that Blog owners are concerned about their overall ratings with search engines. They have taken measures to so call "weed out" the bad elements in their Blogs e.g. duplicate content, poor quality content etc. One thing that website owners don't have to worry about if they own their own site is that their domain is not going to be mixed up with duplicate or poor quality content if they have produced original works. This is because YOU have absolute control of what goes into your website as long as you are not involved in Web 2.0 and this means that you don't have to worry about a poor scraper ratio

3. If you understand what certain Blogs have been trying to do in number 2. then you will realize that your content on their network might be under attack at some point, even though you know there was nothing wrong with it. Some say that we have to be careful that we do not throw the baby out with the bath water and this is precisely what has been happening with certain Blogs. How do I know this? Well, I have just had an experience like this. Yes! I had a Blog with over 40 articles and almost all of them were being flagged for duplicate or poor quality content. I deleted all those articles that were flagged (even though there was nothing wrong with them) because I knew that someone was trying to get my account deleted. Now I only have a handful of articles left on that Blog (the ones that were not flagged) and I had to do that in order to "save" my channel/profile on that particular network.

4. There is also another reason and it has to do with the fact that many of these Blogs do not have enough Page Rank vs the number of articles they carry. This means that if you have a Blog with a low Page Rank e.g. PR6 or 7 that carries millions of articles then there is going to be less chance that your content is going to be found by Google in amongst all that other material. You might find that some of your best articles get lost in amongst everything else and your individual pages on that Blog Network do not receive Page Rank or they get extremely low Page Rank instead.

At the moment this website is not extremely powerful and is only a Page Rank 4 but most of it's pages get ranked at Page Rank 3. On certain Blogs that I have participated on over the past year I have noticed that many of my page contributions there do not even get a Page Rank and so the conclusion I have reached is not to bother too much with putting too much unique content on Blogs. Put the content on your own website instead because you are guaranteed that you will not lose it or be unfairly treated by a malicious moderator who is out to save the Blog Network he is involved in. Use Blogs to give links back to your own site. Use these channels like they want use you and meet their minimum requirements but don't give them too much. Do yourself a favour and think about making your own domain and website more valuable.