Today surely is an opportunity to give credit to the xenu link sleuth guy.  I will leave a true hyperlink at the bottom of this website page for anyone who wants to use something that I feel has been a great benefit to me over the years.

                            CHECKING BROKEN LINKS FOR FREE

Yes, it is true that Tilman made this program which is absolutely free of charge. If you are building sites with multiple pages, at some point, you might not remember how big your site is, and whether or not there are any broken links. It is so easy to do! I bet you some of the people who are reading this think that there are no broken links on your website. That is because you trust yourself not to make a mistake. Try the link checker and you might be surprised to find you do have broken links.

I am the only person editing this website and even though I trust myself, I still find that I make spelling mistakes and link incorrectly. Why is this so? All I can say is that we are all human. Since search engine spider bots are going to visit your site, why not use link checker bots to make sure that they are not going to find any broken links.


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The only thing that might prevent you from using this program is the fact that you must run it on Windows. I don't know about you, but I use both Mac and Windows. I have a small Windows tablet PC (now inexpensive) just for these things. A windows PC is still very useful because sometimes you are going to like a certain program and it will only run on windows. 

If you have never run a complete check on your website for broken links or would like to see what your URL's looks like through the eyes of a bot, then check out XENU

It is important that there are as few broken links on your website or none at all. Too many broken links could be sending a sign to a search engine that you are not maintaining your website and possibly have some negative affect on your overall ranking. If you are running a website selling lots of different products or variations of a product e.g Carry Bags you might want to make sure that all the links to your different models are working. This applies to anyone selling multiple items on one website.

 It might be a small factor, but it is definitely going to be an advantage if you check for broken links and fix them. Later on I might run a check on this site when we are finally 3 months old and will leave a copy of what the output looked like for anyone to see. In the meantime, have fun with the program developed by TILMAN HAUSHERR

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Are you looking for Google backlinks and wondering how important they are?