Several months ago, someone I know cancelled all his long standing business contracts with a popular media company. This media company was charging him a large amount of money for annual placements and advertising in their print media. As a bonus, they would throw in free advertising on their website.


Over the past year, this client of theirs noticed that most of his business centered around referrals that were generated from people visiting his own website. After doing some research on the media company, he realized that they were not giving him dofollow links and so advertising in their directory was meaningless for him because his company appeared alongside many others. BTW, I am not against Directories. I am only showing that those directories that do not give you proper links (dofollow) can actually be taking your money to increase their own website popularity at the expense of your company. This is scandalous if you really understand what is going on. If you don't then bookmark my website and come back now and again. Over time the truth about these matters will begin to dawn on you. If you do not care to go into any details on this matter you can check your site statistics at a minimum to see how many referrals that media company is giving you per day. Yes, I said "per day" because any media advertising worth it's salt must be sending clients to your website everyday. A good SEO will know how to do this. Instead of wasting tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, I recommend you find a decent independent and experienced individual to handle this side of your business, even to make decisions on what websites you should be paying to advertise with. Make sure you adequately compensate these individuals because they will normally not go the extra mile for you if you treat them like trash. Most marketing departments in large companies will not have a clue about any of these things if they have been listening only to certain media companies. Don't be surprised if they become hostile toward the independent SEO.


For some businessmen, the contents of this website will be too much to take in at one time and so there are third party programs available that will show you very quickly how active and what kind of activity a website is truly targeting. Do you want to spy on me and know about what I have been targeting? Go ahead! Click on the image and you will get an idea in a few seconds. The image below shows data for this site after a 3 month slog. After that, try your own websites to see where people have been leading you or rather what is leading people to your website. There are other metrics which can find on these sites which can easily be learned. I discuss some of them on other pages. If for some reason this is not working or the data has been removed for various reasons you can also go here and even if that does not work too, then finally go here

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                      Snapshot of whoisbid February 2nd 2011

Please don't think that this kind of information is the only thing that an experienced search engine optimizer is going to look at. Also remember that an SEO does not have to be a webmaster. They are separate disciplines and just because someone can design web pages, it does not mean that they can do the work of an SEO. This is one of the biggest mistakes someone can make. You will sometimes find that a powerful team is an SEO and Webmaster working together and cooperating to not only produce a website that is visually effective but also "ready" for search engine spiders to gobble up.


                                       DILIGENT SEO

Did you know that a decent SEO might have to spend several days thinking about your website before he can even begin doing his work? He will have to eat, sleep and breathe in what your company is doing. Some SEO's talk about "coffee and cigarettes" and anyone who has been involved in a serious attempt at helping a client achieve the maximum possible in the minimum amount of time will know about this. You will know when you have met an SEO when another SEO is with him. These guys can end up talking about the subject for hours on end, exchanging notes, updating themselves and continually learning new things.

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If you have never played serious online games, you probably will not know that the more committed gamer is going to be concerned about his stats.

Yes! The statistics attributed to his Avatar. Some gamers have known to be slightly insane at times, spending night and day trying to  figure out better ways to increase their stats and hit points within shorter periods of time so that they will be ready to go to a higher level and kill some deadly monster or kill a group of people who have been bothering him for some time. LOL! If he cannot do this, then he has to respect that someone else is greater than he is but if he is determined, he won't give up to easily -and the game goes on and on! I believe that those in this game who are working hard to get to another level have a mutual respect for each other, even though they might belong to different guilds, groups or points of view in relation to their activity on the game servers.

                           THE VAST SEA OF THE INTERNET

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Someone could write about these topics endlessly because they are vast like the sea. However, we have start somewhere and there is also a danger that talking about too much SEO and not doing something with your website can end up paralyzing people. Something I find very similar to people who are spending huge amounts of money and time employing seo teams is playing the Forex Exchange. Relax! Everyone is in a game but most don't realize it is a game!