If you came here looking for useful information on the Dark Side of Cloud Computing there is little information. It looks like many companies are feeling safer about moving into the cloud. Cloud Services are not really up for discussion because many of us are already in the cloud in some way and we probably don't realize it.


I know that this is probably not what  some of you are looking for but it gives me a chance to say something about an unrelated matter.

Maybe you actually are the right type of visitor?  I mean, why on earth would you be searching for something like 'the dark side of cloud computing?" Surely the answer to your question has to do with technology going wrong somewhere? Maybe it is not going wrong and maybe it is. This site is a resource for people interested in knowing about domain name value and original website worth but in order to get people interested we need to write and give some info on other things such as cloud computing. That is because we believe that there are going to be people involved in cloud services who also might want to think about some seo advantages in using a cloud. I can think of one advantage and that is Proxy services. You see, I am writing from Asia right now but I can't post on certain blogs in the USA because my IP address is blocked. Surely joining a cloud service in the USA will solve that problem for me. Well, if it can, then someone needs to submit some info to me using my submit page. Make sure you did not copy it from anywhere because we are trying very hard to be original. LOL! 


Is there are dark cloud over your business because you cannot be found easily  on major search engines like Google? For most people, the answer is going to be yes! There is something that you can do about it, but it will require lots of hard work to find out what really needs to be done and then to actually do it. I know this is a bit off topic but I really wanted to explain something to people who might of given up on getting your message out.

There is a cloud but it is a dark cloud that can overwhelm someone and it has to do with sales and marketing. You see, the way the web works is that you put in your effort but you have to sometimes wait quite a while before you see any results. You keep working working harder but you are not seeing anything and you can feel the weight of a dark cloud approaching you. I thought that the original pictures of these natural clouds were stunning. It kind of shows you what you might be up against.

                           AFTER THE CLOUD HAS PASSED 

              the power of cloud computing 


Maybe some will find this boring but maybe cloud computing is a boring topic for many people too- unless you have two people who really know all the ins and outs as well as the technical jargon and the history. I am not one of those people but it does not stop me from embedded videos of those who most probably are.  

                       UNDER THE WEIGHT OF THE CLOUD

The photos were taken in a Sudanese oil field before a storm came.  Maybe you have never seen these clouds in nature but there is a virtual cloud which is the dark cloud paralyzing it's web victims into immobility. This can happen when you are building a website and you see nothing happening for a long period of time. If you want to know what I am talking about, you can always take a look at the progress of this website against the cloud of obstacles it is currently facing. As I write this, the site has only been up for ten weeks. Take a look at our progress here 

                        DON'T LET THE CLOUD STOP YOU

What is going to happen to most people when they are up against forces that are not in their favor? My guess is that they are going to give up! With the overwhelming evidence being presented to you indicating that you have failed and with your own doubts about your abilities and ideas you now feel like a dark force is enveloping you and you lose hope. You suddenly stop trying and deep inside you feel like a failure. Maybe you even start to believe that there could be something wrong with your products and services because you are not getting enough response from the web. Do you feel that everyone else is better than you? What can make it worse is hearing all  the stories about people becoming successful overnight without much thought or effort. Can you see how these events will crush the spirit of someone trying to get their place on the web?


                        DON'T STOP!  FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE !

So you decide to give developing your website a break. You don't have any business leads from the web and you become upset about how others have managed to exploit the web to their advantage. In addition, you see most people blabbering off about how they did this or that to be successful and it can be so exhausting. You are being exposed to the same dribble over and over again by the self proclaimed demi-gods. This could go on for years! So watch out! Don't let it stop you from continually developing your web presence. 


I believe it is good to be stubborn! Huh? Yeh! Don't look at the outside overwhelming evidence telling you that all is a loss!  Stop reading some of the SEO garbage which is being written to throw you off the track and get hooked into someone's pyramid scheme. Think of your work on the web like planting seeds in the winter. You are not going to see the seeds grow until later.  But think about this! The more seeds that you plant, the more likely you are going to have a larger harvest. Just because you cannot see anything happening yet, does not mean it will not happen. Have faith and continue to express your ideas on the internet (whatever they are) and don't let the noise you hear from others stop you!  Eventually something will happen because of your persistence and dedication. There is a saying that if you throw enough sheet on the wall that some of it will stick. 

Maybe you were looking for better resources on Cloud Computing Topics, so I am proud to present the work of some others.

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