Who has the best compression fitting salesmen in the world? Are you looking for them? If you are only looking for stainless steel brands of compression fittings then go here.  I wonder if someone would be brave enough to answer this question and tell us who it is? There are tons of videos on how to describe a compression fitting but this one is different because there are many people who opened boxes of twin ferrule stainless fittings and messed them up and forget how to put them back the way they should be. This man in the video is not even selling stainless steel fittings, brass fittings, copper tubing or anything of the sort but simply giving some of us a helping hand.


Why on earth would I he want to involve himself with stainless steel compression fittings? What if he owned a portal that could help compression fitting manufacturers? He could sell your fittings like hotcakes on the internet  but advertisers won't contact him about selling because they think that their own marketing department is doing a great job. How much respect will you give to someone who could help you increase your sales? Probably nothing because you have been trained in an old school or you never had the time to investigate or maybe simply you could not be bothered because you don't own the compression fitting company and are only an employee. On the other hand, what if I am a student and I recently met someone at an exhibition from the marketing department of a large compression fitting sales company? Would he be interested in me? Would he have the time to explain to me what compression fittings are? Maybe he would and maybe he wouldn't. What if this salesman could tell the future and he knew that later on in life I was going to be a person who was able to purchase millions of dollars worth of compression fittings? He would talk to me, wouldn't he? Maybe he wouldn't if he could not tell the future because his only concern was about what is going to happen to his sales in the next quarter. Is this man thinking far ahead into the future? Is he the best compression fitting salesman in the world? I believe the best ones would try and help the student. Whois bid is not in the compression fitting business but he can always find out more about fluid dynamics on his latest e-reader and Wikipedia's page on compression fittings or simply ask someone on Twitter.

I am sorry that I don't have a large stock of fittings or bottles of snoop to test them for leaks but what I do have ex-stock I can showcase to you right now. I currently have three of them on my desk. Please don't be put off by the poor quality image. I decided not to use any brilliant stock photos but simply use whatever I have available. At least it is not a copied image . If I actually do manage to justify the purchase of a new set of compression fittings I am not sure that someone would be able to meet my calculated delivery schedule  unless I knew people who had a huge stock inventory, so we will have to make do for now the following picture of three compression fittings showing 2 of them connected to a spiral wound 316ss stainless tube. Maybe some day I will receive some free samples and can improve this page but it has not happened yet! Actually I don't need the compression fitting samples but am struggling with the small ferule that has fallen out while unscrewing the male head. I don't know which position to put it back in. Maybe it does not matter and I can just force it in. Should I use a torque wrench? I am really confused now.

                 compression fittings
      Fig. 257.3 Industrial Compression Fittings-  316 Stainless Steel Type

You see, maybe the compression fitting salesman could not be bothered to tell me a little bit more because I am a poor student and according to his metric I am of little value to his business. I just wanted a simple explanation and wasn't asking for a definition of Young's Modulus .  Maybe he had been having a bad day or was smoking too much pipe dope. Who knows?  The student could always find out for himself or ask whoisbid. Surely Whois Bid knows how to explain to me what are imperial stainless steel compression fittings, single ferrule and twin ferrule fittings and which brands are the best. I decided not to listen to companies who believe that they have a true female or male connector working for them when they actually don't. I also don't want to listen to experts who are using robots to tell me that they are the most reliable fitting company and that I should buy from them. No!  If I am ever a great leader in the oil and gas, R&D, Petrochemical, Semiconductor or Biotech industry or have made money from twitter I will definitely never buy stainless steel or even brass compression fittings from the salesman that I met at the exhibition. Maybe I would buy PVC compression fittings from my local plumber but I would not buy stainless steel fittings from him. I want to avoid him the same way that I would avoid low quality ferrule manufacturers who always tell me that everything is interchangeable and get emotional when I tell them I prefer original manufacturer parts.  If I ever get involved in tubing, valves, fittings and the likes, I will probably make sure that man has a tough time passing several years of reliability tests before he is even considered. He did not have a parallel connection with me at all. No! His connection was screwed. I was certainly not putting him under bursting pressure or asking him to prove that he had the correct material certificates. All I wanted to know is how the connection is made between the ferrule and the tube. Who would be bothered to explain this and leave a link to a great place to buy these products? Who are the friendliest compression fitting people in the world?