Are you looking for fake content on the internet? Are you impressed that I managed to bring you to this website. Don't forget the name of the site because it is an 8 letter dotcom name and is becoming more valuable day by day. Do you think that only those who have a perfect command of the English language should be considered content writers on the internet? What about me? Could I be considered a "content writer" in the true sense? I once knew a man who wrote a book and on purpose forced the publisher to refrain from editing it. Why? Well, in real life, he did not speak the way an editor would of wanted him to. So, the book got published and it sold over 1 million copies.

Unfortunately that book was full of lies about his life and I believe that now he  is not enjoying the popularity he once had. In this book, he taught people about family values. Later on in his life, he proved by his own actions that he really did not have those values. As a young man, I was so impressed with his natural style of living and I wanted to be just like him. You know what it is like to be younger, don't you? Actually, it was a relief for me to find out that this man had failed to do what he taught in his book. It was encouraging, because I was one of those people who had taken him seriously and was implementing the things he had recommended but they never worked. It took years for me to find out that they never worked because I was so convinced he was right

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                         LITERATE ON NON LITERATE?

Then again there was another man who had a PhD from Oxford University and could not be faulted in any way in regards to his writing ability. This man also wrote books and is now making a fortune selling them. This second man, however, is far more dangerous than the first.

It took me much longer to figure out that everything he was writing was a lie. What is worse about this second man is that he has never been detected as a liar. This is because he lives in an ivory tower and no-one really knows what is going on in his life. He is protected by publishers who don't want his books to become unpopular. He is protected by a multi billion dollar business machine. I know for a fact (because I knew personal things about him) that his books are absolute nonsense.  They are nonsense because the things he talks about are simply made up and have nothing to do with reality i.e his own experiences and that of others he writes about. Why is this second man more dangerous? Well, this second man still has a large population of people supporting him and believing in him. Today, I am glad to tell you that I am not one of them anymore. This goes to show that integrity has nothing to do with one's ability to write perfectly. Both of these men have given me useless content.

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Search engines have spidered the contents of both of these men's writings. They are all over the net and read daily by certain people interested in their supposed speciality. Unfortunately, the writings are rich in content, interesting (even fables are interesting to people) and if you are looking for material on that subject, you will see that they are highly ranked or in first position for those topics. Unless you want to dedicate the rest of your life doing rebuttal SEO, you are not going to be able to change anything. 


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 I was prompted to make this page because of a very down to earth article I came across, written by a real SEO in 2011 about the creation of  seo monsters                  

                        THE NEED FOR GOOD SOCIAL MEDIA              

What is my point? You see, search engines cannot really detect nonsense. Search engines do not know if the people behind the content can be trusted. There is no social interaction between the search bot and the content writer. If there was this kind of social interaction, then I would seriously be worried about the future of humanity. With this in mind, I can see value in social media taking a more important role on the web as to what is relevant and useful as opposed to what is nonsense and useless.

 Joining trusted groups will have even more value because there will be a group conscience continually challenging others. There is no leader, just a bunch of people who agree to agree on most things. A group of people who want more quality. When it comes to SEO, there is no easier and softer way to help someone get noticed on the web. Unless you have a face like a beauty queen or a voice like an angel, you are probably going to be one of the "rest of us" and unable to get a million followers because you lifted your finger to type a tweet. Why would you need to get followers? Well, people have to eat and there is something called trade. I am beginning to see the value in social media. Can you see it too? Will you contribute to this and add something else that might even be more useful than what I have written above?