Isn't it fascinating to think about the ways that corporations try to find out what is of interest to groups of people? There are so many ways to do marketing surveys and one of them is using website cookies. Don't you hate these pesky things following you around the web and storing information for others regarding your activities? Can they be put to good use? I guess they can be very useful to a business in many ways.


Large companies who have the most popular web sites on the internet will probably have a better idea than others about what is actually popular and if they don't own a popular browser they can probably turn to tracking software

 I guess if you own a network with an ability to  gather lots of information in an intelligent way you might be able to use this to get an upper hand in your own market or to share it with others to gain popularity. Some of the sites we have linked to on WHOIS BID are tracking others. There are Data Mining companies that make a living out of selling this kind of information to companies willing to pay for it and cookies might be one of their favourite methods. 


                                  TRACKING HABITS

Unfortunately this page is not going to give a detailed explanation of how COOKIES work but to talk more about TRACKING programs. If you want to know how they work there are already tons of pages on the internet about them.  If you are able to track what is popular at this moment, why would you want that popular thing to be at the bottom of a search engine search. Surely you would want it to have a high rank or high position when users perform a search because you want to be relevant to your users.


               sohu cookies

     Keep  Deleting cookies if you hate them or buy cookie crushing software.


                          RELEVANCY AND POPULARITY

Here is an example . If you are a student doing a search on a major search engine for "transmission"  because you want to find out how an engine works in the month of December 2010 you will probably find that you are going to stumble upon a popular Bit Torrent Client  that works with Mac Computers called Tranmission   

This is because at this moment that program is very popular and has made its way to the top of the search engine pile.  How did it make it to the top? Well, my guess is that it is now relevant because the number of people who want this program exceed the number of people who want to learn about "transmission systems"  and some sort of tracking information has fed this back to the search engine ranking system 

So, no matter how hard someone tries to fight this with some particular website optimization they are most likely going to fail, even if they have all the tea in china - actually I could be wrong ..LOL!  Lets say they are  doomed to failure  because the search engine knows already what people are looking for and what users find to be of greater interest. Then the larger community is happy with their relevant search engine and life goes on. 

I wonder how many keywords  revolve around transmission systems.