One of the problems that Robotics Engineers and Geeks in general have had with cruise packages in the past is the fact that it was not common for them to have internet access. Don't you know that Geeks also need a holiday? Once in a while and if they are clever enough they will normally have enough money to afford to pay for a cruise holiday -but they need access to their work too. Can you confirm that we will get our computer fix even if we are on a cruise vacation? Geeks already know that hotels and serviced apartments have internet access but what about cruise ships? Are we going to be able to remain online 24/7 while cruising over international waters? We need to know for sure that the cruise ship has updated it's network system so that they can keep in touch with the real world. We don't need want an internet cafe onboard or a ship software store because all the software we need is already being provided in the cloud. Can we trust that enterprising salesmen who are developing cruise packages are going to make sure that we are going to get not only good accommodation, meals, sports and evening entertainment but also online access while cruising? You asked us to book online and you are depending on technology for your business. If that is so, then what about us? We accepted your dependance on your online cruise websites, your Twitter and Facebook Accounts and all we are asking for is that you provide the same technology that was used to get us onboard your ship be available even when we are walking on deck. Who is guaranteeing this level of service to Geeks? You are welcome leave a comment here and a link to a forward moving cruise holiday broker who knows just what we need. Remember, we have money and the software and engineering industry is paying us pretty well so we don't worry if you are a little bit more expensive than anyone else.

 holiday cruise calculation

Maybe no-one understands what they need is a chance to explain. They are now calculating the price of this particular cruise package which comes out to be about USD 425 per day and lasts for ten days. That's 4,250 dollars. They want to know the ROI (Return on Investment) for the cruise is going to pay off. They figure that the relaxing atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and the chance to meet interesting people onboard will inspire them in a way which will lead them to either make more money on Twitter, the Forex Exchange and of course their websites. These strange people are always calculating the costs. Some of them are running multiple websites (even booking systems for others) and if they can continue to think about these things even when they are floating on water I believe they are not going to worry about losing out in any way since they have access to what is important to them if need be. Speaking of success why don't we take some time to evaluate our efforts on the web using this calculator?

Have you ever used the calculator above to see whether or not your site is actually bring a good ROI. In order for this page to be a bit more relevant to it's core purpose you might want to think deeply about the figures that you are going to plug into this calculator remembering that time is also an investment and you should equate your time to a dollar value as part of the calculation. I hope I managed to give something to everyone on this page and if you do happen to be offering cruise deals, even without internet access then let us know how to find you.