One of the reasons why I started making this website is because I know what it  feels like to be conned into believing that I have purchased something of great value, when actually it was a con all along. Maybe you have experienced things like this too and know the empty feeling and bitterness you are left with when this happens. Some people might scoff and say that I lacked intelligence. I think that maybe I was not experienced enough.

Do you know that wisdom is a gift that can either be used to help people or to harm them?  Someone might not agree with this and say that wisdom is always pure. The moment that we start talking about what is right and wrong, we are actually getting ourselves into the realm of the spiritual, religious or moral. If a religious person were to challenge me and tell me that all wisdom is from above and that evil people cannot be wise, then I would like to Retweet them with the words "Be as wise as serpents, yet as innocent as Doves." Who said these words? If you don't know, you can do a search using Google to find out. If you find these words comforting, take note that they are revealing something about the common man. What is it? They reveal that the common man by nature is not as wise as a snake - but he is told he must become as wise as the snake and still retain his innocence. Even if you have rejected these writings and prefer something more Nag Hamaadi, then listen to this "Especially has the noetic man been robbed of the intelligence of the snake"

If you prefer children's stories, have you ever thought why it took so long for little red riding hood to realize that the wolf was definitely not her grandmother? Why the delay in the realization? Was the original fairy tale really meant for children or could it be that the origins of it are much deeper than we imagine? Was it a warning about the power of deception? Whatever the original intent was I personally believe that the tale was meant to teach us something that is very obvious but difficult to learn.

                                 ORIGINS OF DOMAIN



There is nothing wrong with getting more land or domains. It is how we go about it that is the test of our character. 

                   Jacobus, Dei et Domini nostri

 Have you have ever thought about the latin word for domain? I have somewhat of an interest in Latin and believe that research into root words help us to understand the meanings in english, especially when it comes to ancient texts. This page is not going to be an exegesis of the latin Dominus or even legal matters as it pertains to the "right of the Lord" but to show that dominium is part of our lives. Even if you are religious, your texts tell you that you are to increase and obtain the land. "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the land" taken from the Latin Vulgate.

If you want to know if I am a Roman Catholic, the answer is No! I don't belong to any formal religion but it does not mean that I cannot do my own research into the matter and search for answers to our existence. Surprisingly the greatest deception in religions is that almost all people who swear by the authenticity of things like the Bible don't even know what it teaches or train others to think for themselves. You should not be offended by what I say because the greatest commandment is "Do for others what you want them to do for you - this is the meaning of the Law and the Prophets" and so in this page it is my duty but also my pleasure to warn others about shill bidding and artificial domain name price inflation so that my "neighbor" will not become poor because of his ignorance. Good knowledge can protect you and those who have goodwill in this area are invaluable to the internet community. Ah, I just used the word "community" and it made me think about the future of social networking. Hmmm!


 This page is not pointing a finger at any particular company or individual who could possibly be involved in sleezy domain name bidding but rather to inform its readers that bid rigging in general is definitely not something new and it existed way before the birth of the internet. If you are wondering why a certain domain name was sold for ten times the price you think it is worth, then think again. Maybe something fishy was going on. It could be that there will be another sale in future and that the previous one was a precursor  i.e the former sale was planned in order to artificially inflate it's future value.


                             REGULATING SHILL BIDDERS

Whether domain name bidding  is being properly policed on the internet  is another question.  Bid rigging in general, is apparently a criminal offense in the United States under Section1 of the Sherman Act. Anyone who wants to get into a domain name auction or even a traditional auction ought to know about SHILL BIDDING  especially if they are going to spend a ton of money. The methods that rogues will use to artificially inflate the value of an item could be sophisticated and varied. People who simply get out their wallet and jump into a domain name bidding circle without any idea of what really is true value might end up being seriously burned. 


              religious domain names

              "for in the day you eat thereof, you shall surely die!"

If we were to take a serious look for example at an ancient book that has been rejected by much of the religious world we will be amazed to read about the fact that the ancients did not consider gaining land or domains to be wrong. What was wrong with some of the people in these stories is "the way" that they went about doing it! The Book of Jasher (also known as the BOOK of the Upright)  has much to say about how to acquire a domain. Some people are going to imagine that human nature in the 21st century has changed and what ancients teach us no longer applies. How ignorant we have become if we imagine that we are different or better than our ancestors!

                                BIDDING AT AN AUCTION

Bid rigging is a form of deception no matter how it is done. The intention of the bid riggers is to somehow fool a person into buying something that he has been deceived into thinking has great value, when actually it may have little value or even be completely worthless.  

                              REMEMBER CHILDREN'S STORIES

So many of us adults as we grow up think we are clever, but actually we could be stupid if we rejected the things we were taught by older people who enjoyed our company as children. Almost everyone reading this will know about a diverse garden that had many trees with good fruit except for one tree  that was to be avoided because it caused death to the eater. This tree was in the middle of that garden and so, there is significance in the fact that it was probably the most prominent tree.


                                 MORE DETAILED ACCOUNTS

 I did not know till much later in life that there is a more detailed account of this story in JASHER. I was amazed and felt thankful to the writer for leaving such an eye opening account of what actually happened. This curiosity led me to read the book from cover to cover. I don't want to ruin the story for you. Go and get this book yourself if you like investigation. In the book you will see how everyone was fighting for land and property or should I say "domains"