What is the value of a domain name or a website? This question is something that people are asking all the time. There is a more important question we need to ask and that has to do with ownership. You cannot own something if you do not have the rights to it. You may have been given some keys to access it. like a password to a social network site or blog but in reality you do not own it unless you possess the title deed which in the case of domain names is the right to buy and sell it.


Dotcom domain names are still the most valuable domains. Don't ever think for a moment that they are losing value. No! They still have power but the most powerful dotcom websites have eclipsed other dotcom domains in terms of popularity. In a sense, everyone has been devalued because of an over evaluation of vehicles that are simply using technology to display other people's content. Do you want to know what an eclipse really is? Then take a look! It means that something is able to almost totally block what is behind it. Individuality and uniqueness is being overshadowed by something that programmers came up with and the whole thing has become unbalanced and millions of unique websites don't get the attention they need because they are classified by search engine algorithms as being irrelevant. The only way that this page could probably make it to the top is either by some lucky seo or if tons of people with high page rank start giving dofollow links to it from pages that have high page rank and have something to do with the topic. I am not asking anyone to do that because that is something we should do with business websites and not social ones. (Hint! Hint!)  Yes! This website is actually social because some of the things contained in it might inspire someone to try again and not give up.


One of the ways to combat this eclipse on a personal level is to place less value on social networks, search engines and websites that take your content and do not provide powerful hyperlinks back to your website.  Remember that those channels do not provide content. Most of them simply point to other people's content in the same way a directory would. Funnily directories are being eroded because a site with too many links out is condemned and branded as a link farm. This was not always the case. There was a time when a page on a website could get credit for finding useful links but those days seem to have gone. Don't give up! See value in Domain Names and choose good ones. Here is my encouragement to you in this area in the next video about choosing a Domain Name from my own perspective.


It all goes much deeper than this but from a practical standpoint my advice is to think more about adding value to your own domain name and website. This means that you will need to answer the questions in the first video. In order to answer those questions you will need to learn a bit about search engine optimization. If my logic seems correct to you, then the conclusion for social networks is that you should put your worst content on them and keep the best for your own website. This means that you should only spend a few seconds on a blog you are involved in simply to say something to point people back to your site.

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There is also hope without the internet. It may be a surprise to many people that currently there are millions of successful companies that do not depend on the internet for their business.  I was surprised the other day to learn of a multi million dollar company that is over 40 years old that does not even operate a website. This might seem unthinkable to some people but yes, there are still plenty of companies in the world who do not depend on hits to their website for business. Some of these companies have a website , but the site is simply there as an afterthought. They are not making money because of general internet users searching for their websites and buying products or services through or from the site. Some people these days are under the impression that the only way a successful business can operate is through a great website but this is far from the truth. People have forgotten about companies that make their business through the word of mouth.  Those people are fortunate and gifted in other ways than seo. They have increased the their domain name value by their actions. It is possible to do this but it can take a whole lifetime to do it. SEO is something that can help speed up this process. Let's say that seo is like a buying a higher wattage pair of speakers to  replace the ones you already use. There was nothing wrong with the original speakers except that you cannot hear the beat for miles. It is low frequency sounds that go further but they need amplification.

                                   WORD OF MOUTH POWER

It may also come as a surprise to many that most people in the world currently do not use the internet. I am currently writing from somewhere in the middle of a rice and tobacco farming community near the Golden Triangle. Over the past few days I have not met many people who have any idea about what people on the other side of the world are doing with domain names and websites. It seems like my world in the Metropolis is a dream world in cyberspace. LOL! 

A few weeks ago I was in a busy metropolis being buzzed by all the hype that comes through posters, radio, television and the internet itself about which products and services I should be looking at and which websites are tied to them. It is now 8:16 am on December the 26th 2010 and I am probably one of very few people in a several kilometer radius who is using the internet to express my ideas and thoughts online. I was just passed by someone who I believe has absolutely no interest whatsoever in the internet. If I were to ask this person why he buys certain products and uses certain services- his answer is most definitely going to be "because I heard about it from someone" This means that the word of mouth is still the most powerful force that we know of in the world and  not the power of the internet! Yes of course the internet is very powerful no denying but it is not the driving force for the most valuable news.  This is because what is seen as valuable is normally hype. As far as media penetration in this area it is still dominated by word of mouth, television, radio and newspapers. OK, I just asked that guy who passed me by about the internet and he did not even know what it was. He told me "other people outside do that"  He also does not speak English and if one day he decided to get online he would probably not be looking at websites designed for english readers.

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                         THE QUESTION OF DOMAIN NAME VALUE

If you have been reading up to this point you will come to realize that I am not really giving any answers or even keeping to the topic. This is one of the luxuries an owner of a website can have.  Ha! I can change the topic or content whenever I want and not have to depend on the personal views of some blog administrator which only he and his followers believes is relevant.

I am allowed to write as my thought processes change. Who said that people must keep to the topic of discussion? Is that a law? That depends if a mathematician or an inspiring artist is designing search engine algorithms. Do people talk and discuss like that or are they always flipping from one subject to another when they interact? Take a close look at a normal conversation and track where it goes! You will find it is not following an internet blogging policy. Many internet users have simply given up traditional religion for another form of cyber religion which confines them to a certain blinkered way of thinking which controls inspiration.

Maybe we ought to think about whether or not we are being brainwashed by particular websites that do not allow freedom of human behavior. Someone told me to make this site into a blog but I am quite happy right now keeping it out of the blog scene.  I personally have no idea what is going to happen next on the internet but have a hunch that dot com domain names are going to be even more valuable in the future. I can't tell you why but I am going to hang on to all my dotcom domain names.


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The WORD OF MOUTH is still the most powerful force in the world and it will be here to stay