Why on earth do so many people want to park their domain with a large domain name broker on the open market? Is it because you cannot sell your domain names? Are you afraid that you are not going to get the price you really want for it? Don't you think there are tons of other people thinking the same things?

Why don't you build the domain names into websites first? Start off by putting unique content on the sites. At least in a few months the domain names will be worth a little more. Maybe you own 500 domains like the 17 girl does in the picture on the left. If that is you, then you might want to get rid of some of them and get some cash. Why not contact people on my Domainer Directory

Watch the video and find out where the Domainer Directory is on this site. If you watch the video - you will save time in locating it because there is a link at the bottom of the video to that Directory.



OK. Some people need to get into action because there are many parked domain names that are not incredibly valuable but you could get something for them and maybe someone needs them.  


Some people might not like this but most of us are destroying the possibilities of raising the profile of our domain names by parking them unless the domain name is spectacular. Even if you only have a one page website it could be better than parking and the reason is that search engines do not normally index parked domains. It does not take too long to make a 5 page or ten page website and get a few links to it. Why are we parking so many domains? Is it laziness or is some company hogging all the domains in the world? Haha!

I don't know of anyone successfully selling domain names through social networks except those mentioned somewhere on this site. I don't discount that it happens but certainly it does not seem to be the norm. I think that these Domainer sites with active owners might be a better choice. I could be wrong and if I am then send me an email to prove it. All you have to do is WHOIS LOOKUP to find our email address. The other way is to go to our home page and look at a picture in the left menu. You can also contact me on Youtube, Twitter or even use the "Submit Info" page.  Our guess is that unless you own some incredibly good generic domain name like WHOISBID.COM, then what is the point?  (Just kidding!) Whoisbid is currently a low valued domain name worth only a few dollars according to website value checkers


Website hosting these days is not going to cost you an arm and a leg and if you set up your computer using a web site maker that automatically helps you organize your website, website files and FTP from one place its not too difficult to start making the first upload. 


No-one is going to see your face or write comments to embarrass you (as long as you don't install this) so you can start doing something with the domains. Why am I trying to encourage people in domains? It is because I believe in Domain Name Value. Just take a look at the titles on my home page.

                           BEST PLACE TO PARK YOUR DOMAIN

WHOIS BID does not recommend that you park it with anyone but that is your  business and you are entitled to do what ever you want but the best thing we have found is to get off our lazy bones and spend a bit of time with an easy to use web design program and do something with the domains. I am using a program on my mac called Sandvox. I know that this site is nothing fancy but it now has unique content and some of you are going to visit these pages because you find them helpful. They are helpful because I personally have gone through the drama of Domain name parking. Maybe others have some great testimonial about the millions of dollars that they made by parking domains and buying/selling domains but my guess is that this is not the case with "the rest of us" I think it is ever so rare and we have no chance making cash from parked domains.

               domain losing value

            This picture is terrible and needs to be changed. HAHAHA!


                       DOMAIN NAME HYPE

It all starts when someone imagines that certain domain names have intrinsic value due to the name itself. What happens is we get our credit card in the excitement and buy that domain name hoping to do something with it. We got hyper about it. Yes! 

However, there could of been some truth in the hype. Maybe your ideas were actually good but you did not know where to start. You tried making a page for the site but could go no further. This has happened to me in the past but it can be overcome. Tune in for the update on how that can be done...LOL!