This domainers directory is a list of active Domainers from that I have bumped into myself. These are people or companies who have bothered to interact with me on a social network.  Before you continue I would like my viewers to watch two very important videos. The first is by 


The next video was made by the owner of this site who respects Domain Name Value and it is on a similar theme.  There  is also something that people need to understand if they are going to get involved with social networks. You cannot own a social network but you can own a domain name and the contents.  Millions of people are losing money because they do not understand this. I hope that more people will be inspired to buy their own domain names and build their own websites and have the freedom to sell them openly (as opposed to selling social network channels secretly) Remember that your best content should be on your own website and domain. Work on your own domain and make it more important than any other network you are involved with if you want to make your own property valuable since you cannot technically own your social network. If you could own your social network channel it would mean you could sell it on the open market.


As time goes by I will be adding more people to the list and the page will eventually look more professional.  If you can't wait to be on the list, then find out how to get in touch with me and make a request. I will be happy to add more. I will take you off the list if it comes to my attention that you are trying to cheat people. There is a difference between cheating people and making a decent profit.  

Do you know what it is? Right now, I would not recommend anyone purchase domain names from companies that do interact with clients. If they do not have a system where you can email someone directly or get proper service from real people why should you support them? If you are going to spend over $1000 on a Domain Name, then surely you deserve to have some special attention. Some really good Domainers might actually want you to succeed with the domain name they sold to you. Wouldn't it be a sad story if they saw that you simply parked the domain and never did anything with it in their lifetime? Surely part of the fun in a Domainer's life would be seeing someone succeed with the domain- don't you think? If not, then this business will never have a social network aspect to it. Some larger companies probably prefer this and believe that the future is in auto mechanisms, bots and sending people to a list of FAQ's calling that a service! What a shame !Do we really want that? If not, then we need to help promote selling through social networks, don't we?

The way you can get a link to your Domain Name if you are a Domainer is by  interacting  with me somehow by either watching a Whoisbid Youtube Video and commenting etc or by sending me a Tweet about your Domain business. This is so I will know that you are for real. It also helps us to be relevant. After that, I will give you the valuable link to your Domain Name. Notice at the moment some Domainers don't have a link to their domain name from here and the page looks bad.. LOL!  The link is to their Twitter Account but should know that a link to their Domain Name is far more valuable. So, I am waiting for them and more people to be added to the Domain Name Directory for Domainers. They have to earn the right if they want me to help them.  I won't be going anywhere soon and will keep working on this project so be assured the Domainer's Directory will become more valuable in the future. 



             My first social network was an online RPG way back then!                        

WHOIS BID LIST of some Domainers on his Twitter Account. This list is not perfect and is a work in progress, so please be patient with me as I go back and update it now and again. I actually don't want to build a Database or Directory on my Twitter Account. I want to build it here and have this become a pure place free from social network links but that is going to be up to you if you are a Domainer. You need to prove to me you are for real.



               domain 365

Why not check out the most recent domainer who is claiming that he is able to serve you 365 days a year. Will he also be able to solve your domain name problems on leap years? Why not ask him yourself. Of course you have to follow him and send him a message if you want to do that. Here is where he is today. I forgot to tell you that he also joined the twitter robot resistance movement.



               buy domain

Web Domains Buy - is a free Domain Name Market place where everyone can sell their Domain Names with no fee. These folks are from Bakersfield California. 



               domain niche

Domain Niche I believe is run by Keith Carasco "Anything and Everything Domain and Life Related" There are also some developed domain names available. The easiest way from here to  to his website  is to click the image which goes to his Twitter account. From there you have information on his website address and also realtime comments regarding Domain Niche UK. Or simply just go here 



            fat cat domains

FatCat Domains is where you can find the perfect domain name. Their website is also the same name as their Twitter name. Visit them and see their perfect domain names for yourself. 




            pre owned domains

PreownedDomains is the Twitter account for rssorange dotcom . These domain names are secondary market names.




One of the largest and oldest domain name aquisition and management companies on Twitter with a large portfolio



            Dutch Domainer

Check out the Dutch Domainer - Lennard Bouma. Dutch domainer is active on Twitter too.