If you have ever come close to death because of an electrical device, it might prompt you to write about it. Take a look at the picture on the left. Can you see that there was a fire? This happened in an apartment that belongs to someone I know. Fortunately, no-one was affected by the fire but this particular apartment has no fire alarm system or intelligent cctv cameras that can also detect a fire. Why would the NFPA be encouraging home owners to have systems installed that will alarm in the event of a fire? I can give you one reason. It is because the photo on the left is the evidence of a fire that started in someone's home. It does not have to be their own home and could be a serviced apartment or anywhere else that someone is staying. This fire began while people had gone out for the day. How did it start? Well, it was an electrical fire.


                             ELECTRICAL FIRE SALESMAN

Don't you think that this true story is quite serious? Do you really think that someone selling fire prevention and fire warning systems needs to convince people that his products are necessary by becoming a charlatan on a social network and using robots to convince people that safety is important? Should he take another approach and pretend that he likes people who follow him on Facebook because he is popular? Yeh! Do you? So you want the safety experts of this world to be chosen as the right supplier of systems that protect our homes and families because they are able to smile, breakdance and tell us stories about how social media is working for them? Maybe you actually do, but some people don't and this is written for you. 

We not only need seo, professional sales and marketing but also men and women who can think technically. We don't worry if these men or women have a bright personality or a Colgate smile that thrill the very fabric of our being. No! We want professionals to help us and we don't care what they look like or what standard of english they present to us in their blogs or social media. No! We want someone who knows what they are doing to provide products and systems that meet our needs. Forget about your social media campaign because we want to know about people who are NOT using social media but are actually providing a valuable service to our communities. 

                                 HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

We are in Web 2.0 right now with all the available tools necessary to explain things that probably most people are not interested in simply because not everyone wants to become an electrical engineer. That's OK but I can give you a simple media definition of an electrical arc. The arc in the video is far more dramatic than what can happen with a lighting system in a home or any electrical outlet , wires or plugs. If you are interested to know more technical details on arcing you can go here but most people won't and so multimedia can be used to teach things very powerfully to a wider audience who probably don't like to read 


                                    ELECTRICAL ENGINEER

What value does this message have and how does it relate to who we are going to chose to implement systems that protect our lives in our homes. offices, factories and anywhere that there could be a potential for these types of things to happen? We should be supporting and trusting those men and women who don't have time to spend on social networks because they are too busy trying to prevent fires! If you are involved in any kind of home fire protection system you are welcome to leave a link to your site to let people know that you do know about these problems and you are busy trying to help people solve them.

Some people might be interested to know about NFPA 13D and 13R. This video has not received enough attention. Maybe the title should of been NFPA Home Safety Fire Prevention Tips or something like that. Well, maybe putting it here will help increase it's popularity. What is wrong with America? Why are more people not watching these important videos and why are they not ranking high in search engine results and getting more views? I leave the answer for you to figure out.