First of all, I am not much of a blogger yet and this is not really about auto blogging, which is something I want to write about soon. Well maybe a video might help a bit!


I am not a fool in regards to the kind of manipulation that people have to get themselves involved with in order to succeed on the internet. You cannot blame every single person for doing things to fight for search engine ranking, especially if they are a business that needs clients.

 Would you blame someone for doing something if he was taught to do that by others and did not know anything better?  Maybe some of you would and actually do! Would you give them a second chance?  Would you blame someone if they had to steal food because their children would starve to death if they didn't? I am not talking about major corporations but individuals who will do what they have to do in order to survive. 

                                    A BETTER WAY?

If you don't know what I am talking about, then please be patient with me. There is something called Page Rank which has much to do with how many people are linking to you or should I say "quality links in" and link ratios. It does not matter exactly how it works today but rather what it is doing to the internet community.

The page ranking system is terribly flawed and I am going to explain why I believe this. I have never paid much attention to page rank. You can boast to someone else if you have a high PR but what does it mean? An SEO knows that page rank does not precisely correlate to the number of visitors to your site although more often sites with higher page rank have more visitors than those with lower ranks. The point I am trying to make here is that because there is this ranking system, you have people now focusing on a goal of simply increasing their page rank. What does it drive them to do? It drives them to spend enormous amounts of time working to manipulate the page rank system by artificial means. In addition, the policy of the power of "no follow" and "do follow" links gives powerful websites the ability to manipulate i.e. to give "do links" to friends and everyone else is a no follow. I think search engines know about this problem and have been changing things in their algorithms to combat this but whatever they are doing has not been enough to stop people from spending enormous amounts of time looking for backlinks



This means that people are being encouraged to find these backlinks and the easiest place to find them is on blogs. Of course, people want quality back links so they will look for blogs with rich content and high PR to get their backlinks. Many of these blogs are actually being created for the sole purpose of backlinks and those with money and resources are paying content writers to fill the blogs and also blog themselves i.e. being paid to blog. So, you get a team of paid bloggers from different IP address ranges to blog about something and fill the blog with paid content. After some development time your blog gets a high page rank and then it is a magnet for others to join for the purpose of getting their backlinks or should I say "link juice" to those more familiar with SEO insanity.

                                     THE PROBLEM

The problem with this system is that people are forced to visit different blogs to post about things they probably have no interest in. Come on, if most of you are being honest- this is what you are being reduced to! People post because they want the backlink. This has become the norm and some might  imagine there is no other way. If people are going to be honest, they will admit that they are doing this in the hope of getting higher rankings in search engines for their major keywords. So, the search engine madness forces talented people to waste their time like vampires (sometimes sleepness nights) looking for places to post comments so that they can be fed with link blood, whoops- "link juice"

I am not here to give an answer or predict a detailed future. It is just a report I want to make.  I am becoming one of those people now embracing social media and other forms of link wheels which I call NETWORKS

This site is not worried about leaving a link wheel footprint because it is a new site that started less than three months ago. We are also reporting it's progress to viewers. See the progress here