This page is designed to expose the fake SEO but you have to be an adult and have a sense of humour and a bit of a brain to understand it. Is the fake SEO an American SEO, British SEO or even Indian SEO?  I wonder what the Irish think about the fake SEO? I have found a lot of Irish people to be straight to the point and although some of them have been known to use too many expletives they have some great insights into these things. I did an interview with a famous (in some circles) Irish SEO to see what his reactions were. Paddy is not stupid because he knows that using foul language can lessen his chances of being seen as an outstanding person in the community i.e a credible SEO. So, he has resorted to riddles about household utensils and search engine optimization to pass the message. Please don't underestimate his intelligence as the English normally like to do. Paddy is straight to the point and knows how effective the truth can be. I hope you are entirely satisfied with his summation of the matter and in response will remember that he does have a deep understanding of the complexities we all face in the race to try and get to a higher global ranking in Alexa. The following video is part of a series of an seo school that is being developed for those who are not satisfied with the results we are seeing from the fake seo. Enjoy the short module recorded for Youtube.


If Paddy is correct about the SEO (well not all of them of course) then what should our attitude be towards them? I think that we should not believe anyone until they give us evidence of what they have done. So that I am not singled out as a hypocrite I am going to give you evidence in regards to this particular site from the day it first began. If you want to see what happened in the first three months you will have to go to what I would call a short seo training school. That page is currently one of my most visited pages. Let's say I could also be guilty of using stats from the first three months of this site as an seo tactic. Don't you know what the real problem of the SEO actually is? He has a kind of addiction and is in a love an hate relationship with something. Do you want to know what that is? If so, you will have to watch the next video and increase my Youtube stats. LOL! 


So, what is it all about? Well, in the video you see who the SEO loves and hates and at the moment everyone is talking about getting an even Better Alexa Ranking because his lover is on top of Alexa and he wants to be as close as possible to his lover doesn't he? 

What about me? Am I also one of those people? Well, if you have read all of this page and clicked on a few links then I could be guilty of that too. Would you call me a fake seo or just someone who is trying his best to increase his website value. Want to see your website value? Then increase the value of my site buy going here - LOL!