I would like to write and show some original photographs of something that I have been thinking about from time to time. I am sure most of us are not thinking about it but that's ok because what makes us unique is that we are all different. If someone has an artistic ability it might cause him to think that technical engineers are incompatible with them and yet again a master of the english language might think he is superior to everyone because he has an ability to communicate but also write or speak in such a manner that tickles the ears of his audience. Do you have to join one of these people? Why not join all three? Oh, what might happen is they end up being more specialist than you. Why really cares! Maybe some of us want to think about have broader interests. Have you ever taken a physics or chemistry books to bed with you? Actually it is not too difficult right now if you followed that last link. LOL! So that you don't give up I am happy to present the following image.

                 fluorsint on bid

                   Fig. 989283.11 Fluorosint on MacBook Computer

                      FLUOROSINT® is a registered trademark of Quadrant.

Why would anyone go through the trouble of taking a photo of synthetically manufactured mica bonded to PTFE to form a unique plastic? Why not, since currently I cannot find any information about it on Wiki by typing in this name? By the way, many people believe Wiki is being exploited by bad people and I write about these things on this site but you have to find it. Maybe I will find it under sealing technology or mechanical seals or high temperature plastic seats?" I gave up trying to find this specialized plastic on Wiki for many reasons.  I personally no longer update anything on there and if you have read all of this site you might find a page which explains why. It also has to do with the fact that whatever you contribute outside of the pages on your site normally never belongs to you.

Maybe someone is looking for this kind of special plastic because it has a unique property that might be able to solve a problem you may be having for example with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) The following video will tell you whether or not it might be the right engineered plastic for you.


I just mentioned PTFE and now I am going to show an image which has PTFE and Fluorosint next to each other. It is entirely possible that you will never forget the next image and maybe you will. We will see! Please ignore the black tape on the PTFE flat machined piece because it is not part of the story. This particular batch of plastics were from a person who is involved in devices that work alongside pumps, valves and controls and the application or reason for obtaining the special plastic was to previously test if it was suitable for high temperature applications.

                  fluorosint ptfe compare

                    Fig 738394.9283 PTFE (left) Fluorosint (right)

I wonder if someone will stumble on this page (someone who sells these products) and preferably a salesman who knows his plastics back to front. If someone wants to provide more information on where this can be purchased and also some technical details on Fluorosint compared to PTFE I can be contacted on the submit area of the site e.g. Does Fluorosint have the same chemical resistance properties as PTFE? What is the thermal expansion coefficient and how does it react under load? Of course people can perform searches and find the answers but there are times where someone is looking for something and they don't know what it is and they might find it here.


As for chemical solutions I guess I could spend all day reading about them on the web. Maybe someone does that for a living while others are simply employing auto programs to scrape material from others. Whatever they are doing they do not have an interest in Fluorosint, while I actually do. Yes! If you are a manufacturer, supplier or you simply know quite a bit about this plastic and where we can obtain it easily then get your message out with the right people.

I expect that in the next few weeks and months I will also be looking for other types of plastics that are going to work well in hostile chemical environments because there are all sorts of people coming here looking for something. Maybe they were looking for you or some advice on seating and sealing products. What about recently? Have there been any new breakthroughs in sealing and seating technology? What about the mechanical seals industry? Is this not a really important subject for them. If there is enough interest I will start a directory but it will need to be different. If you want to know why, you can contact me ;)