Forex really means Foreign Exchange but what does it means to an SEO? What would it mean to a Forex Seo? It could mean a ton of money! I don't think you'll necessarily see many of these guys sharing their latest and greatest techniques on how to win the Forex search engine ranking game on Google. I don't think I would find an Indices at the back of your book giving a detailed explanation about the recent scraper ratio problem. What are the economic indicators for brand new copycat Forex sites these days? Where are these experts? Someone on Youtube even took the time to make a video showing that efforts were being made to locate them. It is so difficult to know where he is or where they are because you can't find much about them.


That means that you aint gonna get to know just exactly what is on the mind of a financial animal that eats, sleeps and breathes in his Forex Trading sites. No! There is no slumber for the financial guru, no trade intervals and there is no time to relax because we can't miss out on that great high yield investment program. Of course I am aware we are not normally talking about one person but a team of experts whose US Dollar, Euro or Yen depends on how much exposure they can maintain online 24 hours a day. Just like the Foreign Exchange can go up and down, so can the position of a Forex site on Google search if it has been optimized for online money making. Are you a Forex SEO? If you are, you know what a margin call is don't you? Well, you could say that losing your rank for those "money making keyphrases" aint fun at all! Let's hope it isn't so bad that it really is a margin call for you!

                                CREEPY CRAWLY FOREX SEO

Where are you in the world today? Are you in Russia, China or India? I already know about Wall Street but I can't believe that all the Forex seo experts are from the UK or USA.  I could be wrong about that so just give me some leverage like you do on those sophisticated trading tools of yours. Hey, I am not insulting you at all. The 'creepy, crawly' is about the spiders. Yeh! The best of you Forex creatures know every time one of your multi-lingual, multiple websites hosted on different IP addresses is being crawled, don't you? You probably know everything about spidering technology and now you are able to think like a spider. That means you are probably way ahead of everyone else who is working for peanuts. Oh, what we could learn from you guys if you only gave us some tips on how to tilt the scales a bit in our favour! Even crumbs is better than what we are getting trying to monetize something that is indirectly related to money. You guys know how many people want more money don't you? You can see the stats rising and the commission increasing when they come to your Forex site in droves to sign up, register and get out their credit cards. I guess you see it from a different angle than most.

                             WHO IS THE FOREX TOP DOG SITE?

What on earth is Wikipedia doing next to and when I do a Google search for Forex? I wonder how many times a day the folks who are editing the Wiki external links are having to undo them? I guess we could easily find out couldn't we? I am having some fun writing about you guys and I hope that none of you are going to broker/brake my bones with your intelligent replies below. Yeh! It's really difficult to understand your protocols some times. For instance, what does it mean when you tell me that a yield curve flattening is not a bad sign for stocks? Maybe I have to sign up for your weekly Forex Newsletter to find out. I always have the choice of signing up to one of the world's greatest fund manager's newsletter but I don't think I could ever convince him to be my personal financial coach. Then again, I guess if I invest enough money over the next few days there will be someone who is willing to give me one to personal assistance through email or even chat. How much money would that require? I am very grateful that many of you guys have gone through the trouble of making those neat Forex simulators where I can play with fake money. Did you know that I could of kicked myself when I made a fortune with your 200:1 leverage the other day? Oh, I forgot to tell you it was by using the simulator and I made the mistake of not using real money. Guess what? I believe that I could do it again tomorrow and next time I am going to use my own hard earned cash! I just noticed some of you are now offering 400:1 leverage. Wow! That could mean a stack of money if I only knew how to place my bid intelligently enough. Maybe I am going to be the next millionaire!

                                       FOREX TUTORIALS

Do you know what? I need more Forex Tutorials and I am aware that many of you have them in every language, even Arabic. Since I am not satisfied with certain Forex Schools I decided to make my own. I hope you enjoy my personal thoughts on new approaches we can take in Prediction Technology.


I feel somehow that this time my predictions are going to be better. Yes! I am beginning to think that it is not based on luck but intuition. I will try my hand at the US Dollar before I become an expert at the ever so bouncing Yen! Do you know why I am even making this page?  I'd just like some Forex expert to tell me if you think that the US Dollar is going to strengthen at the end of 2011? I really need to know because all my savings are in US Dollars. Do you think I need to start currency trading before it is too late? What about gold? I saw it just saw a record high recently. Do you know how many people are struggling to even understand definitions of the Futures Trading Systems, let alone how to build long term gains? Wow! We really need financial assistance and I am sure all of your are ready to give it 24/7. I am sure you guys understand that many of us want to be a millionaire without taking any risks! We wouldn't dare try to "catch a falling knife" and we are always in need of the best financial expertise.