This is something being written in September 2011. It is only one page that is going to tackle the subject of Google Facebook and Twitter. 

If you check you will see that the three combined companies in a search string have enough popularity to convince someone to make a dot com website with those three names combined. It does not appear high in search and is difficult to find because those three names are far too powerful for someone to simply try a trick like that. What am I doing? I guess it is always worth a try because you will never know if you don't make an effort.  I have written in other parts of this site about why I hate facebook but I am beginning to cave into the fact that I might actually benefit from a facebook account that presents itself as an Avatar. I was impressed by my new Facebook account because it is able to automatically find contacts for me. Who knows, maybe it might even bring this site some more traffic. This all remains to be seen and I am going to try and see how many supposed friends I can make by remaining as an Avatar. I hope facebook will loosen up a bit and realize in the same way that Twitter does that Avatars should be respected. Facebook is a company isn't it? When you think about facebook you think about their blue logo and not a bunch of people behind it. I guess some of you will be thinking about the owners but most people won't. No! They will simply see the facebook icon with it's dark blue color and associate it with a function just like they do with Google and Twitter. 


I can understand that everyone's experience is going to be different with Google, Facebook and Twitter but I have personally found Twitter to be the most powerful application for social engagement. This is because I am a person who believes that it is important for us to increase the value of our own domain names and websites. If we are always telling people to see us on FB,GG and TW then what is the point of owning your own site? What is going to happen to the domain name industry if everyone decides to migrate to free networks where they host their content? Maybe it seems like a good idea in the beginning but there is one thing that some of you are forgetting. If you read the small print of any social network service terms you will more than likely discover that they are able to change the rules and they can do this at any time they want. Google can change it's algorithms for search, Facebook can change their policies and Twitter can delete your account if it wants to. The point that I am making is that your website is far more important than any social network could ever be. Why do I say this? It is because you have control over your own domain and it is like owning your own piece of land. If everyone wants to work on someone else's patch because they don't have to pay for domain renewal and hosting fees and they decide to go with something that is free, then they must realize that nothing is really free in this world. These networks are going to find ways to exploit people. Some people don't care about being exploited because they don't own anything valuable but a business or a businessman should care. Surely the business community needs to think more clearly about things like ownership and brand protection.

Please allow me to leave this conversation for a moment and give you an example of what I mean in regards to protection of your work or your brand/goods. Notice that if you upload a video that may of cost you a large amount money or an enormous amount of time to make that you could easily be supporting your competitors who made a cheap 5 dollar video and uploaded it to the same network. Search engines (even video search engines) want to scan videos to see which ones are similar and relevant to each other and some people on low budgets know just how to exploit this system. Yes! They create that lousy video that appears just after your million dollar production and they are going to get views too. Can't you see that if you embed these free videos into your webpage that someone can click on the video and be taken away from your website to that video network where they will be enticed to look at other people's stuff. We can't stop people doing what they want and going wherever they want to but if we have a skill to engage people using multimedia content then don't you think that people might be better off clicking on that video and being led to somewhere else that contains your content and YOUR content only? This is possible using certain services offered by companies who understand the needs of the business community and in fact you can even brand your own video. Watch the next video if you want to see a company who is truly providing these kinds of services. What has this got to do with Google, Facebook and Twitter? I think it has a lot to do with it but you need to think deeply about it. In the meantime you might find that the next video is offering you something which you might need in the future if you want to protect your investment.

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