There are millions of ways to luggage. Didn't you know? There are also millions of ways on how to perfume and how to candles and if no-one believes me they can go here and see just how many variations you will find. Someone said to me once that he was confused by the information here but at the same time found it to be fascinating. Yes! There is most definitely method in madness and you ought to listen first to  Imagination on the next video because I want to release Imagination in 2011,2012,2013 and 2014 and show you "Music and Lights"


Don't you know that someone in sales and marketing has to follow one of the recommendations in Music and Lights and that is to "sing and dance for you all night." Yes! The information in the above media presentation is the answer to the question of how to luggage. In fact, if you say  I want to sell something you must find that person who has an ability to la-di-da-di-da for you and be just as committed as any 24 hour dental service would. Yes! You need to stop screwing around and get out and Hammer those nails deep into the cyber  fabric. Maybe Hammer can show you just what kind of effort is required to do that. Take a look at how his subliminal marketing power and relentless performance captivates you for more than 20 seconds which might just be enough time to get a message out. I personally believe that Hammer was too advanced for his time but he is a legend and will not be forgotten. Why? Because I have seen the energy of this individual in a live performance. I was probably just less than 10M away from him and I can verify that when he performed he was better than a non stop explosive marketing animal. Hammer gets all the free advertising and respect he wants from me - just like John Cleese and John Travolta because he is far above any of the non original mass produced plastic fabricated artists of our day. Go Hammer Go! Your fans are from all walks of life and we support you! You are a force to be reckoned with! You taught us Too Legit to Quit and we remembered. Let's not forget the "black up" (not a typo)  female singer singing "Haaay..Haaaay.." whose voice is as powerful as an unstoppable bittorent application!


As for black up singers we need to remember that certain other females were also way ahead of their time. Yeh! She knew techno and trance before the word "techno" was even born. So don't think that this current generation as something new! No! Some of us know how to do it and we join you on some occasions!  We all like the summer because for many it is a holiday season. Maybe some of you are going to take a cruise or simply stay on land and use the services of a cheap hotel or serviced apartment. If you do this, you must not forget my advice on "How to Luggage" and remember that the following Summer knew how to do this way before any of us really did.


So, enough of social expert nonsense because I am an Avatar who believes that some of the silent salesmen know how to luggage simply because they have been carrying millions of others through their pages for many years.