Why are pictures important? Well, one of the reasons is that SEARCH ENGINES  are not only looking at text in websites. They are also looking at the pictures and many other things depending on what the pages comprise. Maybe you came here because you want to know how to find a copied image? If not, then maybe you want to know more about how images compliment seo.

                 building images

                Image building or building images? Are you confused?

People are being told to optimize their websites by naming pictures relevant to what the picture is e.g don't name your images 7389image.jpg for example.


Yes ! Major search engines will even recommend you to do this and people will follow because they want to have the highest possible relevancy for a site or a page.

                               IMAGE SEARCH RELEVANCE

One of the reasons why search engines are promoting this  is probably not because of page rank but instead for IMAGE RANK  or should we say IMAGE RELEVANCY . Some time in the future we will see more and more pay per click coming into image search. Want to see an example right now? 

             Do a search for Royalty Free Images in Google Image Search


With the power of online TRANSLATION WIDGETS  combined with the power of IMAGE SEARCH ENGINES don't you think that a new door is being opened up in international business? Is not trade selling across borders and intelligent brokers are the ones who broke down the walls for us an give us the ability to interact with others who we normally could not deal with- and of course this is for a fee . Will we see people and corporations agressively fighting over their IMAGE RANK? Ha! If you have read this far then you prefer value over presentation which means you are searching for something wherever you can find it to give you a better image in your mind of what is going on. Good luck to you!


Oh, this website is an eight letter DOTCOM   domain name word BID in it.  Why chose that name? Well its not PPC about BIDDING? It is just like some kind of auction where the highest bidder wins. Those who lose will have to pay more on the next round to defeat the other BIDDERS. Right now we don't see any aggressive activity on IMAGE BIDS but my guess is that it is inevitable and while we are still living (now its coming to the end of 2010) don't you think it is best to take advantage of search engines that allow you to easily be found using image search. If you have been caught under a DARK COMPUTING CLOUD  and are lost for ideas on SEO, why not try UNIQUE CONTENT websites?


 When you relevantly name your pictures, you are actually doing the image search company a favour because you are helping them to make their IMAGE SEARCH business more relevant. You might be helping yourself too. 

              multiple search variables

                                IMAGE SEARCH RELEVANCE

More relevance most likely means more revenue for image search companies and probably more revenue for those selling through IMAGE SEARCH ENGINES. 


Since it is nearing Christmas I thought that although Google does not need a hyperlink from us we generously offer them a TRUE HYPERLINK  because they really do deserve it. They seem to be the most useful IMAGE SEARCH ENGINE on the net at this moment. 


 There are plenty of people who are looking for something on search engines but one of the problems that they are facing is that they do not really know how to describe what they actually want. If you are in a service industry providing specialty services, your job will be to help your customers find solutions. The solution you have may be well known to you but your customer may not know what it is called, how to describe it etc but he wants something and solution providers are always solving people's problems. Many years ago I met a traveling salesmen who worked only on commission. At that time I was a junior salesmen trying to pitch clients door to door and convince them that they should buy the mobile phone equipment I was peddling. I was struggling and this old man gave me some advice. He gave it to me in a question. His question was "What is a salesman?"

                          FAILING TO ANSWER THE QUESTION

At that time I failed to answer his question thinking it was such a basic question. but his reply to me was " A SALESMAN IS A PROBLEM SOLVER" Somehow his words were burned into my very fabric and I have never forgotten him or the gift which he generously and discreetly gave to me. This salesman was to me a real professional and my guess is that he was lonely and misunderstood by others who did not have the balls to work on a commission basis. What a brave man he was! That is how I remember him. He was more successful than others and enjoyed his independence. Somehow I feel that he really understood the value of solving people's problems for a fee. Another person I met in life who has somehow managed to burn words of life deep into my being said "JUST BE OF SERVICE & THE MONEY WILL COME LATER"

                            ARE WE GETTING OFF TOPIC? NO!

 To some people reading this we will not be OFF TOPIC. You came here looking for something but maybe you did not know exactly what you were looking for.  People can use a search engine and not know how to describe what they want and so they cannot make contact with the seller or service provider they need. 

                image ranking technology

               Good people who impressed me are like Christmas LIGHT


We see that there should be a good market in the future for photographers to sell images on a ONE TIME BASIS i.e. they sell the image for more money but it is a unique image that has not been seen anywhere on the NET or has not been uploaded to a site. The photographer or artist or web developer can then expect his "understanding clients" to pay more money for truly unique content that will belong to the buyer as the first person with the chance to use it on the NET- once it has been sold. If you are surprised at this you might want to read what we have on COPIED IMAGES.