Any UK SEO, USA SEO, INDIAN SEO , CHINA SEO  and basically any international SEO TRAINING SCHOOL who is investigating the latest and greatest apps in the Twitter Robot War will understand the need for search engines to cache their unique content faster than they have ever done before. This is because they do not want to be penalized for having a terrible scraper ratio. Yes! We are in a war with others who are using automated programs to build content farms and they are using methods which seem to be working for them. Every day we are seeing new social media experts popping up from nowhere selling Multi Level Marketing scams and applications that encourage people to use fake photos of themselves, fake bios and bots to talk to real people on places like Twitter. This is all in the name of perfume sales, cctv cameras, legal advice, Handbag Knockoffs, home journalism and american seo services.  I apologize that I am not able to give a better list but that is what could be important to me or you. It could be anything, couldn't it?  Do you want to see what it is now like for some of us? I don't expect you to be happy about watching all of the following but at least listen to what one of the robots is saying about social media. Most social media is failing! It has become nonsense for many people right now and if you really want to experience true social media then become a Gamer because people using online games tend to be more real than anywhere else. I am an ex-gamer and don't have time for it anymore but I can tell you that it is much more fun than listening to bots on a social network. I hope I can entertain you with my own creation. Yes I know it is not the greatest but it did originate from me and that is what is important don' you think? Yes! You are not likely to find any copied image , any plagiarized text and I do believe that this site is appropriate because I am not going to leave you thinking that it is the end of the world. No, I am going to give you a solution.


                                   WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?

The solution is very simple. It is to join me on Twitter and discuss it- LOL! Yes! This is the answer. Those of you familiar with 12 step programs might be interested to know about a new version I have come out with. This is for those of you who have reached "rock bottom" and have nothing to lose because your site is new and you aint worth anything yet. Please watch the next video to get with the program!


                                         FIRST THREE STEPS

1. We admitted that we were powerless over Content Farm Generators, Auto Tweet and Auto Blog and  other automation systems that were ruining our social media standing and that our web statistics have not yet become unmanageable

2. Came to believe that Google is greater than us and could possibly help us to reach a point where our stats are going through the roof and are finally unmanageable

3. Made a decision to watch more videos from Matt Cutts and continue supporting Google and Twitter but to use our own understanding to interpret them.


I think this man knows his stuff but that does not mean he is perfect and he even admits that on his blog. I also would not want to admit I know everything but that should not prevent us from discussing issues that are on our mind. Yes! That is another reason why you should join me on Twitter. I have enjoyed watching some of the videos he has made. Interestingly there are still many people who are looking for answers and maybe a good start would be with a Google Employee if you have been listening to madness.