Some people want to know how does a journalist make his mark. Maybe it is time for some of us to forget about pursuing a career in journalism. Why do I say this? It's because we now have millions of new journalists popping up every day on Twitter. Yes, you can find the latest news and views on almost everything under the sun just by logging onto Twitter and performing a realtime search. There is a new breed of readers as well. These are the kind of people who don't want too many details. No! They simply want to have millions of new twitter journalists sum everything up for them in 140 characters. Let's not forget too that we also have our own social media experts. I can now proudly present myself to you as an expert in social media because I have the qualifications it requires. What is the acceptable qualification? Take a look at my Twitter Account and let me impress you with the fact that I was able to amass 10,000 followers in just under four months and never used something called Auto Follow or Auto Tweet. Maybe you need to make a report about this and don't forget that you are going to miss out on the chance to learn  "How to make money on Twitter" if you don't join me. I have also have Youtube at my disposal and don't need camera crews or expensive digital equipment or radio transmitters. No! I present to you stuff that is home made and guess what? Some people are going to like it! Don't forget that you need to subscribe, rate and comment and tell me if you appreciate home journalism. 


Do certain journalists know that millions of people are now turning off their television and logging onto Twitter to find out about what is trending? At this point in time Wiki is not giving me enough useful information on the power of Twitter and maybe a good journalist needs to update it to improve my user experience on Wiki.  Why is the Trending Topic not filled with volumes of pages and information? Is it because everyone is on Twitter? I like journalists and especially women like Christiane Amanpour but maybe she would better be described as a chief international correspondent. I am having fun jesting with journalists and don't you think that education needs to be fun as well? We need to take a deep breath once in a while and log onto Twitter...LOL! I 

                           WE HAVE ALL OUR DEFINITIONS TOO

Oh, I forgot to tell you about the "Definition Robots" that are out there on Twitterspace. You can sign up to them and type "Define Journalism" and a dictionary definition will be given back to you. Does everyone (including most  journalists) know about the Robot War on Twitter? If you don't, then you need to copy ideas from unique content websites like mine and get your graphics people and editors to make it more presentable for your viewers. I am not going to charge anyone royalties because I can't anyway. I would never make  journalists who took something from me guilty of of plagiarism because sharing information is part of a social network.  If you are out there in the field reporting , we can be out there too can't we?  Maybe we can help sometimes, who knows? In fact professional journalists are now outnumbered by the millions of wanna be journalists on Twitter and it is not going to stop anytime soon. Maybe journalists can find more ways to make maximum use of this fact.  If I am networked to thousands of 140 character journalists I can simply throw out a question about something and I might be lucky enough to get the info I need which is probably going to be on a website that is not run by an official journalist. What is a journalist anyway? Will a real journalist believe that this page is reporting something valid? Will you need further verification? Maybe you can find it on Twitter... Maybe some things that we find on Twitter are dubious but we could always report that too!

                journalism controversy

         Someone needs to spend time updating Wiki on "Trending Topic"

Maybe some newbie journalists might be interested in search engine optimization? If they don't, they can always get updated by me by simply  joining me on Twitter-LOL!  and just maybe they might find the best Seo Company in the USA and if that does not work you also have the choice of outsourcing to India  but if you are really a true journalist we need to know who you are and don't you think it is going to be tough right now for any journalist who wants to make his mark and be known for good journalism.

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