This whois type website is not being made randomly at all. If you came to this page a few weeks ago you would not of found anything useful here. That is because updating to some people means turning poor quality pages into something a bit more useful. It is a matter of getting "any" unique content out first, no matter how bad it is but it is definitely content. Besides that, if you make a new website too good then your stuff gets stolen before search engines start seriously spidering you- so some people elect to upload their worst in the beginning and improve later on when search engine spiders have woken up. Much later on, you improve it...and the official word to the public is "update" 

It has taken Google about 6 months to seriously wake up to this site, so remember you are most likely going to be quarantined for a long while.

Do you know that millions of people are being used every day to create  LINK WHEELS 

Some say that Link Wheels are bad but the truth is that the whole of the internet is one big linking community full of link farms. If you look into the matter more deeply than most you start to see patterns people develop. Call them what you like - link pyramids and even seo link spheres. This is kind of stuff that could drive normal civilians into a hospital bed if they have to deal with it every day.


If your website has no relevance to us but you found it useful, then don't worry - we don't beg anyone for backlinks- a link from a DMOZ editor would be nice though. This is a hint to you that DMOZ is still really powerful. If it was not powerful, then why don't people get rid of it? Why is it still there? It is because it is a kind of link backbone and several search engines still use it as a factor in their algorithm. 

Yes ! We are still waiting to be categorized by a free service that we believe will really boost your website if your submission and your website really convinces one of the editors that that you are legitimate and not trying to use deception. Go and check our page on getting a listing or HOW TO GET LISTED IN THE OPEN DIRECTORY


                               UNDERSTANDING WEB HISTORY

What has this page got to do with history? Well, there was a time in the past during the early ages of the internet when what we are discussing did not really apply. It was a time when a link was truly a link and lots of people were building resource pages on their websites and linking out to other websites giving them credit and boosting those pages and their own resource pages- or should we say directory of links to other sites. Yes, you could get real credit for making a page full of interesting links to other pages. Now it is not happening anymore and people are not linking to high quality sites. No! They will only link if there is some financial benefit. Watch the next video so that you don't waste too much time on useless blogs. Make sure that whatever you do gives you credit for your contribution. If you want to blog somewhere because you feel passionate about something then no-one is stopping you but remember that no-one will give credit to you either. Consider the following video. If a website is being valued by this metric, then backlinks from good PR sites mean everything to a website's value on the open market. Forget what people are telling you about quality sites and content is King. This can mislead people to the reality when it comes to bidding for a domain name or website. Just spend some time on online auctions and you will find out yourself. So, the market is telling us how websites are valued despite what search engine Giants teach. Who are they?


These pages were full of  true links that could be followed by search engines. BTW- (morally) there is nothing wrong with this but  apparently we are told by EXPERT SEO's that many search engines have decided that it is wrong to have too many links like this and so you have certain search engine morality groups huddling together in their blogs and groups telling you it is a great sin to give a true link to someone  i.e. don't give credit or a helping hand when it is due, because BIG DADDY made these rules and if you don't worship us and our BIG DADDY -you are going to be spanked! These people also normally want money for their pyramid marketing schemes and there are ways that this is done in secret so instead of blatant link selling you get a hidden link fraud operation booming like there is no tomorrow.  The sinister part is that these very same people write blogs and give advice that they themselves never follow.your self inflated egotistical nonsense. If someone knows how to trace a website's true activity by spending time investigating what is going by analyzing trails that these people leave, they will find out that they are not being completely honest about how they got to where they are right now. I am not saying it is everyone. There are some people who really are interesting get found out in the end but there are many people who got to where they are right now by using methods which artificially inflate their popularity.

SEO is actually designed to inflate a website's popularity whether you call it organic or not and those who use techniques cannot be singled out. The ones who we need to single out are those who have done the opposite of what they teach others and mislead people. It is kind of like the mafia who go legit later on.

              successful internet marketing

               Come on folks! Why does he need your 50 dolllars?  

                         SOME SIMPLE CODE - THE ROBOT TXT

The WHOIS BID WEBSITE does not really support "NO FOLLOW CODES" and not every search engine does. I don't even have a robots file. There may be cases when you have to use them. Don't you think it is unfair to mention a person or a company without giving them full credit ? If you want to link to someone's website and be stingy about giving them credit you can always implement a "no follow" code  on the page but can't  you see that you have COPIED that website's name and snippets about them- but you are SO STINGY  that you don't want the search engines to follow the link and have that other page increase in popularity.  Maybe that is how most of these people are in real life going rounds stealing ideas from others. Yes - Your own website became popular because of the GOODWILL of others who gave you decent hyperlinks but now you don't return the favour to others. You snigger and write blogs about how you have become successful- but you yourself are just a stingy person who has benefitted from the goodwill of others. You are a deceptive linker and knows who you are when he sees you. Of course use the robot codes when you should, but remember that people helped you long ago by linking to you when you were nothing, so we need to the same for some other websites that need a helping a hand and are not getting enough credit for their ORIGINAL CONTENT


If  you are buying expensive links to your site, watch out for people selling you  links which  steal your website name, your snippets for their own personal gain and really don't give value to you. If  the links are free I guess no-one can complain but then again if your site name is worthy, then they can use it to increase their own sales by mentioning your products but selling their own on the same page. I guess I could be guilty of this too because there is PPC on this site. To tell you the truth, I would rather advertise for a couple of companies than have PPC but it is very difficult to get people to see value in that.


            company catalogues

           Your company catalogs are YOUR COMPANY catalogues!



Before the advent of internet advertising most medium and larger sized companies would probably of spent more money printing catalogues either in leaflet form or more expensive detailed folder type media. The job of the marketing department was to produce and get this material printed to distribute. Catalogues can be sent by snail mail/courier, given out at exhibitions or handed directly to clients through the sales personnel who were in direct contact with the customers. Of course this still happens today but more and more companies are starting to see that there is a great potential in internet advertising and of course some rely 100% on the internet for their income and we all know about those who have made millions and billions from the internet. But what about small and medium sized companies who have expertise in their own business but don't have time to find out about what really is going to be effective for them on the internet? These businessmen may have a substantial amount of money to spend but most of them don't actually know what they are spending their money on. Why? They are already successful in what they do! They have a skill and many of them can survive because of this. There is something called the WORD OF MOUTH and we should never underestimate the power of a good personal recommendation.


I am talking about intelligent and experienced businessmen who know what they are doing when it comes to their own specific business area. Some of you probably don't have time to take a deep look at what is really going on in your internet advertising. Maybe you hired someone to take care of this for you. Well, if that person is wasting your money without you knowing about it, they are most likely going to become hostile toward anyone who wants to take a closer look at the EFFECTIVENESS of the advertising they have paid for with YOUR MONEY! What if I was tell you that some of you may be helping a competitor's business without you knowing about it? In fact, you are paying money to someone to decrease your sales and increase theirs!  If this is happening and your own internet marketing department is responsible then you can understand that they are probably going to be hostile toward the person who wrote this article or similar people. If you want to know more.... then... say hello to me @WHOISBID on Twitter.

I am going to sign off with a tip. It is an seo tip and only meant for those who ever took me seriously. It is about images. It's not really about whether you copy others but it's more about using original images to reduce your chances of ever being penalized on a page for taking someone else's content.