Blogs are a waste of time. Well, not all blogs but most of them are. This might include social networks too i.e. if you want to increase your website visibility on search engines.  Someone might be asking a question regarding how much time they should spend visiting other blogs to post comments and  leave a link to their website. Before you start doing this you need to know that most blogs, most directories and most websites do not give you any credit whatsoever for your contributions. Putting it frankly- they are a waste of time and are not likely in a million years to increase your site page rank or site visitors. If you need proof, then watch the video which shows where whoisbid has blogged and what the outcome is. I have done this for the benefit of those who do not know the difference. Once you know the difference, you will understand how millions of people are on some wild goose chase spending  enormous amounts of time on activities that really do not benefit them in any financial way. Come on! Let's be honest about this. Most people are active in social media and blogs because they think it is going to increase their website value. Some people who have conducted their own research have come to a conclusion that they are a waste of time for most people serious about business. There are two main alternatives for getting noticed on the web right now. Once of them is paying for PPC links and the other is paying advertising companies for dofollow links. At the end of the day it is all about links, backlinks and money. This is why most social networks use nofollow links because to use dofollow is helping another site and in a sense like giving money to them. This argument can end up being a discussion on the morality of link building and the morality of search engines too. If we want to succeed on the web we have to take a look at the facts. Once we know what is going on and what kind of game is being played then we can think about how we are going to spend our time more effectively. This might mean that we forget social networks entirely.


Let's not be ignorant about nofollow links. The credit either goes to the blog owner or the third party program. You see, when you write things on a blog, you are adding content to someone else's network. There are some people who have used the third party discussion program seen below to respond to some of my pages. I cannot change the program to automatically give dofollow links to my posters so what I can offer them is true link on my page updates i.e. I have to manually link to them somewhere in the page. It is unfortunate that this particular third party blogging software below does not give me the functionality of enabling proper hyperlinks to people who respond and add value to my pages.  I am very happy to link out to anyone who has anything of interest, even if is is purely commercial. If you want to check whether or not I am giving you a dofollow or nofollow link on this page you need to install an older version of Firefox and use the link program

What you will see is something like the following. The light blue color means that the link is really worth something while the pinkish red colour tells you it is of no or little value.

             disqus nofollow dofollow

                      Fig. Learn to use the Link Program. It is free!

It is important to understand these things because what is going on with the program above is the dofollow link is giving credit to the third party blog program while one of my kind visitors gets no credit whatsoever when he leaves a link to his website i.e his website gets no credit. 

Laptop Bags  and unique lap trap bags is their product but they are getting no credit from the blog link i.e. the link is shaded in pinkish red and is a nofollow link. I would like to deactivate this policy and have the link to the third party program as nofollow and the link to my poster as dofollow but it is currently not possible.  If we understand what is happening it will be obvious that we could be spending time increasing the popularity of the third party blog channel that we are using rather than our websites and other websites who participate in our pages. I am not spelling it out for everyone here. You have to play with the program and think deeply about it. Once you understand what is going on you might be really upset. So, what can we now do?


Obviously there is a tiny bit of value in social media when you get in touch with people on social media to kind of chat with them but if we understand the implications as they relate to links we will begin to appreciate that a proper link from someone else's website outside of using social network programs is far more valuable. If people understand how this works, then they will probably want to give credit to those who add useful content to their pages. The way to do this is to find a program that allows your commenters to have dofollow links and alternatively to link out to your commenters by editing your html pages. 

Some people use the option of writing articles for blogs that allow them dofollow links if they have written a certain amount of unique content. This can be extremely tiring and you can tell that the way many people have written in these blogs looks forced. However, if you are able to write material for several hundreds of these sites, you might find that your ranking could go to the top of Google for the keywords you are targeting. It is easy to find examples of sites who rank using this method but since we are so kind we think it is not good to expose people like some people who have joined Google Webmaster actually do (it might give you bad karma)

Some of these people are using these techniques simply because they are trying to do whatever they can to survive on the internet. If you have 12 hours free every day and don't mind writing 100 unique articles a month for those sites that have Page Rank then do it. This may work after about a year and will drive you to the top of Google most likely for those terms.

I am probably going to disable the third party commenting system on this site sometime soon for something that allows me more flexibility i.e. it rewards people who post here. However, I have not found anything easy to install. If someone has a recommendation then let me know about it. I will place a true hyperlink to your site where you discuss it and then try to implement it here.


 To get the older versions of Firefox go here

Don't be alarmed at the blank space (lol- not here anymore) It is where a third party social network program used to have it's stuff on my site. I am beginning to feel it has a negative effect on this site and the next few months will tell me if that is true or not. Tune in! It's now April 14th 2011 and I am almost free from social media plugins that I don't want on this site. OK.. now I am going to fill the rest of this page with a bit more info to get people thinking more deeply!


                               OPTION FOR CHROME USERS 


       Here is the link

The program above is also useful for Google Chrome Users. Maybe you don't want to switch to Safari but it is a little bit different because it only shows you links that are no follow or rather Nodofollow. Whichever program you use there must obviously be a practical applications that we want to think about. We also need to think about whether or not we intend to increase our website value.  Here are some suggestions and ideas- 

1. Since the website value metric has a large emphasis on Page Rank (simply visit website auctions to find out) then participating in blogs, directories, websites and social networks that do not give any chance whatsoever to increase our site Page Rank through our contributions are of no commercial value to us. If you don't care about contributing a large part of your life for free to e.g social networks then it does not matter. If you are a business it is probably means a lot because you need to be rewarded somehow for your efforts. These programs will help you find out who is giving credit and who is not. Choose who you want to spend time with after knowing the facts.


2. Youtube is a good place to spend your time and so are some other sites but you have to look for them. OH DEAR- I now have to update this since it looks like the new Cosmic Panda update looks like it is going to add a nodofollow html attribute on the links to our websites. Will they really do it? In one of the videos here you will plainly see that Google/Youtube have been kind enough to give us a chance to make videos and if those videos and our Youtube channel become more popular, then that particular link *you have to find it- is not worthless. No! It is of great value- thanks to Youtube! (Maybe it is worthless now- you will have to check for yourself)  If someone embeds your video you will see that the links underneath your video are nofollow. This is good for you if you were the creator of the video and you get the final credit for it thanks to Youtube. No... it is all changing. Sorry- I just came back to update this page so that you won't be misled.

3. There are third party social network plugins coming out all the time. Think very deeply about the implications of using them. Most of them are designed to give nofollow for the ones who embed and the ones who contribute but take a careful look at what dofollow links you see when the plugins are installed on your site. Did you notice that the links back to their domain are dofollow? This implies that we are increasing their own website value. It means that you are giving your content to a third party program and "you" are increasing their market value by your content and by the dofollow plugin that are pointing back to their site. Notice that the links to them are normally dofollow and that their links to you from their social site are nofollow. Once you this discover this you will realize what people are up to and how much the business community is being exploited.

If you managed to read to the end and respect what I am saying and you want to be able to see even more then check out who is linking to my website in more detail and what kind of links you are getting.