One of the things that is vibrant and extremely popular with females on the internet is complex and also simple Nail Art Tutorials i.e. how to do your nails in a million and one different ways. From traditional stuff to crazy nail designs. Yes! You can learn just about everything you want to know from these people. The best of salesmen who know what is a salesman will take notice. A large percentage of them are also interested in beauty products, the meaning of scented candles as well as the secret perfume box . Yes they also notice things like the brand of washing up liquid that  a household is using. Men don't normally notice these things unless they are paid to do it but women have this amazing ability to use another part of their brain. Lets spend some time shall we? Why not start with the Red Color Nail and some Glitter. Apparently this is one of the easiest to begin with. So lets watch this apparently easy nail art tutorial.


Don't you just love the soft music introduction to this Nail Design Video? I forgot to mention that there is also a flower included in the total design. This teaching session was planned well because she started off showing the final designs of the nails which is a good idea because it give us a goal. She also contrasts the finished nail art with the natural unpolished nail. There really is a hell of a difference isn't there? I don't know how many men are paying attention to these ladies? They have learnt the art of the brush stroke. Although most of them will probably never be exhibiting in a traditional art gallery they definitely have all developing and are developing artistic capabilities as well as becoming teachers. Ponceclau takes you step by step first with the red polish and then the pink and glitter and then she adds the white dots very carefully. You need to watch the video and stop reading this..LOL! At the end she even thanks us for watching. I am sure she will be glad that I watched and actually paid attention. 

The next is something unrelated to Nail Art but is definitely a pastime for Nail Enthusiasts. It has to do with the eyebrows. Hair is a woman's pride and if you don't believe it then take a look at Bridal Hair OK- I am getting off the point. Lets take a look at TrishlovesMakeUp and Eyebrows.


Eyebrow make up is very important for many women. As a man I forget I even possess eyebrows most of the time and in fact don't care about my hair or nails but I am sure the case would be different if I was born female. Trish helps us women out.. whoops.. I am not a woman! LOL! She goes through some details about her own eyebrows and how a thin portion on the end of the eyebrows can be fixed with some makeup. Yay! Trish does not stop there! She also makes us aware of proportions. Well, I found out about the Urban Decay private potion and putting a small amount on the eyebrows first so the color will stick. I am not going to ruin it for anyone so it is best to watch the video to find out what happens next.

After that we might want to take a look at ProfessionalDQ. Yes! This is another video Nail Design Tutorial for simple flowers. Wow! Lets take a look shall we?


I like this because it is simple. Not just simple to make as is claimed but the design looks incredibly natural to me. It is probably something that I personally would go after if I was a woman. Starting off with shiny turquoise seems to be one of the secrets here as well as sponging randomly on each nail. It does not seem so easy for me. I think I need to spend time learning to steady my hand to do the brush strokes smoothly enough before I could even begin to make those 5 dots in a circle.

Once you have done the first parts it seems so cool when you finally get to add the flowers.

I hope someone has been inspired by this unique website and the information it provides. Don't forget to check out stuff regarding the main themes in my main menu because I have something important to say which might benefit people in other ways.