If you already know what this is about you can instantly see from the stats that I am showing in the image above that it comes from a website that is healthy. That website is getting over 2000 unique visitors per day. You will probably also come to the conclusion that the site in question has management to target people in the weekdays.

If you are running a blog site you might see something different. It depends I guess what you have been targeting. The website above has been targeting INDUSTRIAL BASES for many years. Most of these clients are based around the world but the most web activity is from the United States, second the UK and so on. It is important for anyone who is targeting something to read their own website statistics. I have been surprised over the years to see that so many businessmen paying for SEO SERVICES don't even bother to investigate where their real referrals are coming from. One I know in particular is investing about 500K per year into search engine marketing but if he ever learned how to read his statistics he would be able to see that his own marketing department has been taking him for a ride. These are extreme cases and when dealing with these sorts of companies it is not common to be met with hostility that comes from their own marketing department . It is not normally the owners of the company that are in the wrong but the people working for them. If you are one of those people and have been paying large sums of money to someone but suspect that they are not really earning their keep, then by all means use whatever you find on the WHOIS BID website to start your own investigations. If I am reaching someone through this page, you might find that you personally might have to start looking at your WEB STATISTICS yourself. 

                           THE SPOON THAT NO-ONE SAW

             domain statistics

                An old spoon from World War II in Germany

This page is a STUB for something greater but I have left this spoon here because it is not impressive. A new and shiny spoon that was bought down the road might impress people more but this particular spoon is more valuable because it is....................


Statistics programs do not lie! If you know how to read them, you will be able to evaluate where your web traffic is coming from, what SEARCH TERMS are being used to find you, what countries are being targeted , when people are coming to you and other things like suspected BROKEN LINKS


If your business is valuable to you and you are paying someone large amounts of money to get your site noticed on the internet, you need to understand that general traffic to your site needs to be the right traffic especially if you are providing niche services or specialist equipment. There are many ways to bring non relevant internet traffic to a business site that wants to target a particular audience. Simply looking at a general report on "HOW MANY VISITORS" came to your website could be misleading.