Have you ever seen a picture containing natural sine waves, digitized forms of the same sine wave as seen through an oscilloscope with PACMAN monsters in the middle? I guess you never saw it unless you have a habit of searching for   relatively unknown websites. Does this mean that this is an example of an ORIGINAL WEBSITE? Actually the real question is "How original do we have to be?" Just think about something for a while. I am proud that people are already copying my text and images in different places. Maybe they will make money doing that but it gives me joy and the reason could only be explained in the video I produced below. If you have a gift for originality it means you can keep doing it and so maybe you can pity the people who copy you because they did not have your gift. People have been copying many of my ideas in business for a large part of my life but now I don't fear it as much. Maybe I can encourage someone who needs to hear this. Remember, you can always do it again i.e. come up with a new and original idea!


Think about how many people are doing exactly the same thing, following the same course, using the same techniques. Yes! Maybe some of them are considered  but then again maybe a search engine algorithm is not seeing this clearly enough. How does a search engine detect originality? Well, it is a machine so it is simply looking for digital copies of text, images, sound etc etc. We should not expect these search engines to detect intelligence in any form because they are only as intelligent as the people who programmed them. I am saying this to encourage people who produce their own works from virtually nothing. Be Glad!

It also might be necessary for us to sometimes we must depart from the norm because possibly this algorithm they are using is expecting something abnormal i.e. pages built in a recommended way by the common seo.  How far will we be forced to go? If you want to have a laugh at this page you will notice that it contains information about a Drug Lord from the Golden Triangle, oscilloscopes and the continuing adventures of Darth Vader all on the same page . However, this page is relevant if you understand the purpose behind it. The lengths that some of us have to go to is ridiculous at times.


Most people may not find this particularly funny and would probably think that the person  behind this website are eccentric but someone is going to laugh today and I hope you get a belly full!

                        LOOKING FOR HIGHER RESOLUTION

Then again, some stressed out technician might be looking for a higher resolution digital PC Oscilloscope (using image search) and suddenly come across the image on the left and be unable to resist from clicking the image to find out what it is! If that is you, maybe this page is not going to be able to recommend the best PC Oscilloscope for the job but we hope that you will not lose your sanity because of the job you do every day involving endlessly looking at wave forms on your PC Oscilloscope screen.

Did you know that PC Oscilloscopes & hand held multimeters is a highly competitive business to be in on the internet but those individuals who have SPECIALIST WEBSITES targeting as many industries that they can will know that some of the highest PPC earnings come from things that the UNCOMMON SEO might be TARGETING

                          SOME IDEAS MAY NOT BE CRAZY

Maybe if the oscilloscope manufacturer had a function where you could play pacman every now and again you would come to realize that human beings cannot concentrate all the time. Yes, we need to have a break from the norm. Some people say that a change is as good as a rest. Maybe seeing something different from everything else could ease the pressure a bit! Who cares if what is different is not perfect. Too much perfection can actually be imperfection or rather rigidity. Do you believe that some human beings m  uf     nbdu7jfd`dnimÂș a123454..whoops I just spilt coffee on my MacBook! Really, I just did it !  Haha !  I guess I am still analog!

            penguin airconditioner

             Why is there a penguin above my air conditioner?


Who is BIG DADDY? Well, maybe the pictures on the left will explain what would need a paragraph to convey. Have you ever wondered what a web page is? A web page could contain 20 words, 50 words or thousands of words. If someone is writing about a subject which requires him or her to type a thousand words they would have the choice of either splitting the content into many pages or simply make headers for that content on one page. Are search engine algorithms intelligent enough to detect this? I am not going to answer that for BIG DADDY but take a clue from the most powerful search engine in the world. Have you ever seen words similar to these? Would a pure original website filled with unique page content receive this sort of treatment?


              penalized web pages


If pages are being omitted in search, don't you think that there was a reason why they were omitted? The reason given is that the content was too similar and so only one page for that website topic might be shown in the search engine results. Of course there may be an option to do the search again without any omission. So, this means that all the pages were detected but a decision was made by a sophisticated program that a whole bunch of pages were too similar and were not worthy of all receiving the same treatment.


The solution probably is to think about making MORE UNIQUE CONTENT . You see, it is possible that someone could imagine they are clever in optimizing many pages with some branded technique- but actually if they are all too similar they could be wasting their time if the search engine algorithm is clever enough to detect what they are trying to manipulate. What do you see right now on the market is so many companies offering the easier softer way i.e. buy this program or that program and everything will be done for you. If you owned the most unique search engine in the world would you also not want to prevent people doing this. People are working day and night to try and prevent this. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they don't. There is a war going on presently to develop originality algorithms.

            darth vader

The most original people are never normally noticed in their time space sojourning this world. They normally go unrecognized until someone wants to capitalize on them later on and create a cult out of their personality and gifts and probably misrepresenting who they actually were. Some original writers, original composers and original artists knew this about themselves and they hid their true messages in their works so that only those who fully understood them (from their own experiences) would ever receive the message. These original messages are incomprehensible to anyone unless they have gone through similar experiences as "originals" and are able to relate to allegory purposely designed to remain hidden to most of the world. Let him who has ears "hear" them or remain deaf, blind and dumb to a great cloud of witnesses.