Since many of us know that search engines are asking people to build unique content pages, I thought it might be appropriate to share my views on PageRank. This page will also be left open for discussion.

If someone wants to challenge my opinions you are most welcome. Surely a good blog page should be filled with unique ideas, shouldn't it? I would like to tell you a little more about this website first. Recently I applied for an Adsense Account but was rejected because the noreply email said that this site is "Inappropriate Content." I have resubmitted my request for an account and am still waiting for Google to send me a better reply. If I get a good reply, you will probably be seeing third party advertisers get their chance to convince people that they have something more original or more valuable on these pages. If they don't have something more interesting, then I am not going to make much money from them, am I? Does this give you a hint into why non helpful websites might actually be the most profitable sources of PPC? The logic being that if you cannot find what you are looking for on the pages, then you click a PPC advert that is more relevant. I think it is good to be an honest reporter because the policy of "Don't do evil" will always win in the end, won't it? Should I dare ask a certain question with the possibility of being told I am being inappropriate? What question is that? The question is "Does PPC increase spam on the internet?" If you are making money from PPC and disagree with me, then your answer might be clouded by the fact that you are making from the dollars you are making from PPC. Could today be a day of truth for you? 

                                     MADE FOR ADSENSE

I want to share with you that this website is most definitely not "Made for Adsense" but everyone knows that much of what is being produced on the web has been designed exactly for that purpose. You only have to spend a couple of hours doing web search to discover that the internet is being filled with copied material, non unique content and spam. If you are one the people doing this, it is probably time to do something about your scraper ratio 

When newer algorithms really kick in you will feel the pain of being guilty for copying images and text from other websites without their express permission. Remember it was me who told you if you think this is nonsense. Maybe you will also consider the fact that you are doubly guilty because you have stolen other people's content but you never give a dofollow link to those how deserve a credit for it. Be sure that your sins will find you out! Am I becoming religious? No, not at all!  It is part of humor and if I can make you laugh, then maybe you will truly repent and start to do something about your websites. Who knows, maybe my advice might somehow increase your website revenue.  If I have managed to do that, then surely I am one of those people who are valuable to the internet community am I not? Am I not also valuable to search engine companies? 


As for scraper sites, we still have to link to them for educational purposes. I am doing that on this website and stand a risk of being classified as promoting bad neighbourhoods. Then again, maybe not! Maybe most of the sites that tackle these topics are already bad neighbourhoods and so If I do a good job I might end up higher up on the dogpile of the copycat websites. Am I completely at the mercy of the search engine gods? Hmm, I think the answer is no if I build my twitter account value

One more thing! If I am able to attract people to these pages using my Twitter account because of interesting Tweets, will the most popular PPC companies see that traffic as unnatural and refuse to pay commissions on any business I could generate for the third party advertiser? I am sure that certain people at the top know about this and are thinking of ways to overcome it without giving even more tools for people to abuse. I wonder what is going to be introduced next. It's exciting, isn't it? Well, maybe not for some!

                             CHOOSING A PPC STRATEGY

Don't you think that I would be better off choosing a subject which has a higher CPM if I was going to make this site purely for PPC? If you don't know what I am talking about then read at least till the third paragraph of my page that has a table on choosing the correct CPM

                                       PAGE RANK 

If you don't know what the pagerank of your website is, then simply use any one of the website value programs that are available. They will give you details  on the page rank of your site from the last update. This does not mean that this info is your current page rank, no- because page rank has to be more dynamic than. Despite this, you can still get an idea of where you stand.


               Which Mountain are you choosing to climb first?

I believe that Page Rank has something to do with domain capping and relates to the number of keywords from your site that will be allowed to highly rank in search engines. It is to do with a trust factor in an algorithm i.e. if your domain is not trusted, why should many of your keywords (notice I said "many" and not just one) appear high in search engine ranking positions? Of course an SEO knows about PageRank Manipulation, doesn't he? Let me give you an example. Page Rank 4 might be allowed to have 50 keywords appear in high positions while page rank 5 might have 100. The more "popular keywords" that are highly ranked, the more traffic will be allowed to come your site i.e you are being allowed to be more popular within limits. If you reach PR6 the limit is increased. I am not saying you will achieve that the valve is now opened for you to do that. These are just figures from the top of my head.

The reason I believe people involved in building traffic from social networks should not be concerned about page rank is because you are not going to be concerned about any position in a search engine for a keyword. No! You will want to bring traffic to your site through interesting and helpful links to your resources from your network. This is considered by many to be unnatural traffic. I am writing this in February 2011 and currently search engines do not put much weight on these social network factors. It seems that they are still experimenting with it. There is also the question of millions of people forgetting about search engine rank and only logging on to their social networks for everything they need - even search. What is going to happen in the future with popular search engines, domain names, websites and social networks? My guess is that they will all play a major part on the internet but some may become more significant than others. My advice right now would be to embrace everything, even if it is in it's early stages because you never know what is going to happen next.