I am writing this from the Hilton Airport Hotel in Copenhagen Denmark and I will be going to a serviced apartment I rented for the past week in London

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If you are an international person, you will know that search engines react differently to your searches depending on your geographical location. Although there are most definitely benefits in this, there is now a huge problem for new companies (who do not have vast financial resources)  to penetrate international markets using the WWW. If you don't even know what I am talking about, you might want to first ask why more people need proxy services.


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If you have been following search trends for over ten years, you will know that the internet was not always like this. You could build a dotcom website and host in the UK or USA and expect to see plenty of reaction from people all over the world. 

This actually helped a lot of people become millionaires in a short period of time without having to spend much. This is because back then there was not as much search engine localization as there is today. What this meant is start up companies could expect to penetrate other markets outside their geographical area (IP address range) without making too much effort or braking their wallet. Many of the successful companies you see today have been able to get to the place they are by the fact that they were fortunate to be in a time and a place that favoured the idea of the world wide web. Today we are beginning to see the end of the WWW because search engines will most likely favour local results.               

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This is not a problem for companies who already have vast resources and an existing international network of companies. It is a problem for you if you have a good product and service that could be competitive in several countries in the world but your biggest problem is getting your message out to all of them.   You can of course make a website with a choice of language options and host different portions of the website on different IP address ranges (e.g if you have a Danish portion of your site you can host that portion on a Danish server) or you can simply create a website for each and every geographical location in the world. 

This is not a problem for certain companies, but it is going to be a problem for a small company that does not have these kinds of resources. If the product or service you provide is specialized and has a price tag on it, then you can always find agents/representatives/distributors in each geographical location and charge them with the responsibility of advertising your products and services. However, some people don't want this. These people want more direct interaction with their international users. So, what options do we have?

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I believe that we need to understand that we are losing the World Wide Web because of search engine policies to go local. Some people who spend enormous amounts of money on pay per click adverts for different geographical locations might be looking for other alternatives and one of the possible alternatives we might want to consider is Twitter. I am not going to give a detailed explanation on how powerful I think this could be, but I feel that we should begin to open our minds and begin to explore newer avenues. My Twitter Account is certainly not impressive. I currently have access to just under 8000 followers, but what is exciting to me is that many of them are from different geographical locations. I have found that even with this small number of followers I am able to bring a considerable amount of visitors to my website without much effort. What I am saying is this! I make a new web page and Tweet about it and expect that some people are going to visit the new page. The more followers you have, the more likely that someone is going to visit your updates. Of course the followers are more likely to visit you if there is something interesting in your website that might help them to either save  or make money.  I am in Denmark for a few more hours. I know that if I had a product or service that a lot of Danes might be interested in and I also knew someone in Denmark who had a powerful Twitter account connected to 10,000 Danes , I might want him to help me by Tweeting about my products/services for a small fee. If what he charged was only a fraction of what it cost for pay per click adverts it is certainly going to be something that people are going to think about more and more.

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I know that some people might laugh at what I have just written and think that there is no way we are going to see this on a massive scale but I want you to consider something before you totally write me off. What you should consider is the amount of money that people are currently paying for PPC adverts is increasing every year. Whatever amount of money you are currently spending to get the exposure you need is going to be far more in a few years. When enough people begin to see that it is just not possible to continue in their old ways, they will start to look for newer ways. If you have already embraced "other ways" then you are going to be light years ahead of them. I feel that I have not even begun to touch the surface of this topic, so please feel free to speak your mind and comment below.