Why are so many domains parked? This page could either confuse you or you make you sick with laughter. Maybe it will make you smile. It is not meant to destroy domain brokers in the USA, UK, Germany or anywhere else. It is for the 'rest of us"  If you have tried so hard to make money with parked domains then WHOIS BID is  proud to present the following virtual profiles of fictitious men and women who have had different experiences with their PARKED DOMAINS and now have decided to "unpark" and start putting UNIQUE CONTENT on the domain. Yeh! You need to do that because parking domains really sucks! In fact I decided to leave this page as it is to really ram it into you that parked domain earnings won't even buy you a piece of bubble gum!


They characters do not exist in real life but then again why are so many people playing virtual reality role playing games?


 We hope that this page will make someone laugh and maybe even trigger you to do something positive if you identity with any of the profiles here.  If you are confused in any way about the DOMAIN NAME sales business we do not recommend that this page be used as a resource. It is purely entertainment. 

                         POSITIVE ACTION TO RECOVER LOSSES

If you are one of the people in here who has been holding on to a domain name that you cannot sell there is something you can do  about it ! The other parts of this website might be more helpful. You might want to ask yourself why you bought the domain name in the first place and what you expect the content of the domain website was to be? 

                                    USE PEN AND PAPER

 Get out  pen and paper out and start making a list of possible pages you dreamed of building for the site. You also might want to fill your mind with WORDS & IDEAS and finally find the will to do something about it. Overcome the DARK CLOUD by POINTING YOUR DOMAIN AWAY from the broker's primary and secondary DNS and start pointing it to a RELIABLE WEB HOSTING SERVICE.

                                  START YOUR HOMEPAGE

 If you have never done it before or have done it and given up you might be interested to see what is happening SEARCH ENGINES to this particular site as an example of a real life example of a site that currently does not have any backlinks. May the following characters bring a spark of inspiration or insight to anyone who is on a journey.



                                    MR HARRY XMOLOYATH

                     virtual domain park 1

Harry originally came to this country as an immigrant FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE He has an honest job in the local hospital providing janitorial services. This week he found  a potential leak in one of the water pipes that could of turned into a serious problem. Harry decided to virtually register with WHOIS BID and unpark 34 domain names after having done nothing with them for the past three years.

                              THE RUSSIAN TOTAL EARNINGS

 His total earnings from pay per click for the 34 parked domains in the first year was 32 cents, the second year 54 cents and the 3rd year 22 cents. He made a grand total of $1.08c in this period. One of Harry's domains had something to do with hospitals and since he worked for a hospital - he decided to do some RESEARCH for one of his websites with a view to using the information that he had been exposed to as a janitor in the hosptial. He has only had time to build one website properly but now that website is getting 560 unique visitors per day and he was able to monetize the website by adding pay per click. Just for fun Harry also has a hobby website about celebrities, millionaires , pop stars and future domain names. His favourite singer is Lady Gaga and his house is filled with Lady Gaga CD collections . His favorite website is Wiki Pedia.

                              HARRY BECAME A SPECIALIST

 Alot of his payperclick earnings have to do with hospital equipment vendors. Harry is not willing to disclose how much revenue he currently receives from the Pay per click adverts because it is against the TERMS OF SERVICE but he did tell us that it is considerably more than the $1.08c he earned while his domains were dormant and parked with a DOMAIN NAME BROKER

                              MISS REGINA

                domain name parking number 2

Miss Regina has been kind enough to submit her virtual photo to WHOIS BID but she has asked that her real name not be revealed on this site. The picture is an old picture of what she used to look like 22 years ago. Fortunately in Miss Regina's case (which is an extreme case) she was lucky after many years of having parked over 1000 domains that a certain company was interested in buying one of her domains for a the sum of money which was double  the price she had paid to register and continue registering all her domains.

                      PROFITS FROM DOMAIN NAME SALES

 Since Miss Regina has now actually made a profit from Domain name sales, she intends to unpark one of her domains to be used as a domain website biography revealing her struggles in this country as a foreigner. She told us that if that company had not offered the sum of money when it did, she would of been in financial trouble. She recommends anyone interested in her story to refrain from impulsive domain name buying which can become just like casino gambling. She believes that she was lucky to be one of the few people who have actually profited from domain name sales. The domain that she sold had no value when she bought it- but a certain company in Italy had trademarked the domain name and desperately wanted to have a DOT COM web address with their own name for the purpose of their North American marketing strategy which mostly revolved around an image more than the website usefulness. 


                  parked domain candidate

His nickname is ZZ pronounced ZeeZee like the rock band "ZZ Top" although ZZ is a fan of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. ZZ only bought 10 premium domain names a few years ago which he believes was a considerable investment. He has had offers for the domains that he parked but his RESERVE PRICE was never met. ZZ has unparked 2 of his domains which have good generic value for certain terms used in the steel industry. He has decided to team up with one of his friends who owns a steel pipe supply business and to use his domains with a new website to help increase his partners customer base by displaying all the products which the steel company sells to the general public and to set up easy ways for online purchasing. ZZ tells us that he is having fun organizing themes for these new websites and is happy that at least the domains are helping someone instead of being parked for years with a domain broker waiting for someone to meet his minimum reserve price. 

                                     ZAMOMOTO SAN


Zamamoto was willing to allow us to use a black and white original picture of himself but unwilling to reveal exactly how many premium domains he had been parking with a domain broker. He told us that the number is not really important and he does not feel it necessary to reveal his normal income or Google earnings. He also feels that people who reveal their Google earnings tell too much about themselves. However, he was willing to give his own testimony about how his whole attitude changed when he saw his wife Madonna developing her own website on nail colouring and nail care.  Madonna's top total earnings had tripled over the past year. After he got over the amazement, he decided to ask his wife to help him do something with his parked domains. Zamomoto's background is in embedded software and metering networks. He tells us that he has not been able to sell any of the domains he has unparked but now that he is hosting them and adding content, he feels that he has a better chance of selling them when the time is right. Zamamoto san asked us to point on of his domains from his profile. If you are interested in knowing more about one of the dot com addresses that Zamamoto san has been working on for the future then simply decode the following simple encryption by removing the all the numbers and instances of the letter "f" 12me67ft78er89fda23t78a

               GRACE ZIGBEE FROM USA


               Grace - the sites with content domain reseller story

Grace tells us that she is happily married with three children and still in love with her husband who works at a nearby petrochemical plant as a maintenance technician. Grace wanted to tell us that she loves Cajun cooking and has always found it easy to find the right ingredients and techniques to make her own most delicious versions of typical Cajun food. Grace also studied food and nutrition as a young woman at college . A few years ago she somehow convinced herself that it would be a good investment to buy domains concerning all things "Cajun" and some of the domains she wanted were PREMIUM DOMAINS which meant that there was considerable investment on her part to get ownership of those particular domains. She parked her domains with a domain broker in the hope that other people who had similar interests with deeper pockets would want to bid for ownership of her domains. Grace tells us that so far till this day, none of the bidders had met her reserve price and that all of the offers were considerably lower than what she had originally paid for the Cajun food related domains.

                          ZIGBEE EXCELS IN TOTAL EARNINGS

Last year Grace decided to stop parking the domains and start working on making them into real websites. She decided to start with one particular domain which had a catchy name.  Grace also tells us that she overcame her financial stress about the investments she had made in the domains when she started to work on her first domain and FORGET ABOUT THE MONEY. The first domain was a diary of the Cajun food she had cooked for her friends and family over a three month period. At the end of the three months Grace ended up with a 200 page website filled with recipes and ideas. She also took pictures with her new HD camera of each step in the cooking process from buying ingredients to preparation and actual cooking.  All her pictures were ORIGINAL IMAGES . Grace tells us now that she has seen the power of a good original content website produced by herself, she has forgotten about selling the domain names and believes that she now has several interested parties who are not just interested in the domain name but the site contents together with it. Grace is now in the business of selling Cajun domain sites that also include her own personal content. She is not actually selling domains anymore but domains with content. Grace was lucky to find good clients who understood value.



EbedMelech is an expert in domain name appraisal with more than ten years experience in dealing with clients and over ten thousand domain transactions.  He tells us that he left the domain auction and reseller industry for personal reasons after a  quest he completed on his last trip to Ethiopia. 

EbedMelech tells us that a "new course has been set for his path" in life. During his time as a top domain name appraisal agent, he managed to pick up a host of special generic type DOT COM DOMAIN NAMES at bargain prices which are now worth a considerable fortune. Since he wants to leave something for his children and grandchildren to inherit, he has opened up his own domain name rental business and has been making good profits from leasing domains. His company has a full time LEGAL DEPARTMENT to ensure that his clients are protected.

                             PARKED DOMAIN WEB TRAFFIC

Ebedmelech tells us  that parked domain names cannot be found in search engines for generic search terms - so putting domain names to proper use actually increases value for everyone. He also tells us that Bob Marley is can never be replaced but we were not sure exactly what he meant by that.

                          LAURA (the socialist)


Laura is part Oriental and part German and  she is also multi-lingual. She easily got into domain name and selling  several years ago because of her former employment with a Domain shark who was posing as a legitimate domain reseller. Laura has a unique viewpoint about domains since she is familiar with chinese culture. She also believes that the market in China has explosive potential. Laura is also an expert on SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION FOR BAIDU


Again , Laura had previously been working for a company that was profiteering from buying up thousands of domain names that were already trademarked names. The company that purchased and parked domains would select certain middle sized up and coming businesses as their easy targets i.e. companies they thought would not have time and power to get into a domain name dispute in international waters.


She tells is that her old boss would reward her frequently (giving gifts) making her the registrant of certain company names (for future exploitation). Laura felt over time that she was not really cut out to be a domain shark and so she bought a domain specifically to write about her experiences of working with domain sharks. Since then, Laura has been able to earn the trust of several large corporations who have had bad experiences with certain domain name brokers who had been using proxies to artificially inflate certain the intrinsic value of certain domain names. She now use her services which she offers at a reasonable price to protect intellectual property in Asia for medium sized corporations. She is well respect by the European and Asian business community and is using her multi-lingual skills to explain the "ins and outs" to East and West . Laura has a very popular twitter account with two million followers. She is also fascinated with the nail care business and pop music. BTW, Laura also knows ZZ (not to be mistaken by ZZ Top)  who was previously a top client of hers.