This page is not about online programs that you can use to check whether or not text that you what you have borrowed from a document appears anywhere else in the same format or should we say an "ONLINE PLAGIARISM CHECKER"

 No ! - it is more about someone using your original content to actually work against you. If you have been following WHOIS BID, you will notice that this website is full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors but everything that you see on this site is original content writing. Maybe it is not 100% grammatically correct in every case but it is all original. By all means have fun doing searches for a "PLAGIARISM SEARCH ENGINE"  and be aware that this is a technology that is already being used by search engines. If it was not, then search engines would not be able to confidently talk about their ability to filter out or penalize NON UNIQUE CONTENT



We are not going to give an extensive definition of when original is not seen as original on the net but to hopefully trigger some thoughts in your mind , especially if the following scenario applies to you. Before we continue, let us remember that a search engine bot is a "BOT" or like a "ROBOT", so it does not have the ability to know you personally or be privy to any information except that which it is fed or that which it sees. Here is the scenario-

Jack has knowledge about a particular subject and he has been offered the chance by a prominent website magazine to write an article about something that he specializes in. The magazine however tells Jack that they will only receive articles that have never been published anywhere else on the internet i.e. they are asking Jack to give them UNIQUE CONTENT. The magazine company tells Jack that he will be allowed to publish the same article on his own website 7 weeks after it has appeared on the magazine website. Jack is happy about this and spends a week preparing the material with his own unique knowledge, graphs, tables and pictures. The article is a success and appears as #1 in search engines for particular keywords which relate to the specialty topic. 


Seven weeks later, Jack decides to use the same article on his own tiny website which is also a commercial website offering services related to the article but finds out later on that the pages on which these articles appear on his website are not successful and are not treated the same way as the same article was treated when he submitted it to the magazine company several weeks earlier. What happened? Well, most likely Jack's material is not seen as original but as a copy. The search engine does not know Jack personally. The search engine is a BOT which detected, spidered , cached and indexed the pages on which the first article appeared. Some weeks later the same article appears on Jack's website and is most likely detected as a copy. Since the search engine is looking for unique content, it detects that what is on Jack's website is not unique. Furthermore, to add insult to injury, Jack finds that the magazine has other sponsors who compete with him in the same business and he now sees these sponsors have paid the magazine company to have their ads appear at the top and side of Jack's article.


Jack later decides that if he is ever going to give anyone his original content to be used on the internet, he is going to first upload it to his own website and then wait for several weeks for the search engines to spider it. He is going to link to all new articles from his index page to be sure that the search engines detect a change when they visit his homepage. Jack realizes that these magazines need content writers and CONTENT WRITERS should be paid for providing UNIQUE CONTENT since the popular online magazine's success depends on unique content.  Later on Jack finds another magazine who is more open about these things and this "other magazine" offers Jack a reasonable amount of money for more UNIQUE CONTENT which he provides i.e. they are now using Jack's services but are paying him an amount of money which Jack is happy about. Jack is financially rewarded for his UNIQUE CONTENT WRITING . He knows that the magazine will greatly benefit from his efforts but he has nothing bad to say about the magazine because they have paid him respect in giving him some money for his efforts.

We could elaborate even further on this subject but we hope that this UNIQUE CONTENT page might stimulate you to think about yourself, especially if you have special knowledge and experiences in particular subjects that others are interest in and especially if you have a gift to write .