You probably know that most people are in a war to get to the top of search engine results for particular keywords. Every day, we see companies offering their services promising us the first position or to appear in the first page of Google search . If there is only one popular search engine, how can it be possible for everyone to take the top position? It does not take much common sense to realize this. I personally feel that the Google search engine will  become less popular in 2011 because more and more people seem to be interested in new things. Is Google getting old?  Even I am fascinated with things like Twitter and I see myself spending more time with it. If you want to take a look at what happened in the first 10 weeks of this website's history you will notice that the search engine statistics program is showing me that Twitter brought far more traffic to these pages in that time than Google or other search engines. Just click the image below to find out.

             tweet analysisJPG

    Stats showed that Twitter is more powerful than Google in first 10 weeks


 Recently I applied  to the Adsense program for this website but the reply from Google denied me an account giving the reason that this site was inappropriate content. I can guess why this happened and I know what kind of website they would approve. Probably later on I will build some other sites that are to their liking and sail through the approval process. I am not worried about it, just a little annoyed. LOL! After the 3rd appeal it looks like I am finally not a rogue.

 What is the first thing someone is going to do when this happens? My guess is that they are going to search for Adsense Alternatives. They probably won't find any better alternatives right now, but I am sure that there are loads of people who are waiting for something better. I believe that this is one of the things that is keeping a small population of gifted people going. 


It is often said that search engines are looking for original content websites. Earlier on today I did a Google search for "website name value" and found that we were ranked 7th on the first page. My stats show that this keyphrase is currently the most popular phrase for the site and is bringing a few visitors every day to it. If we were ranked top of the search engines, I believe that it would no longer be just a few. Instead, we would begin to see a large noticeable increase in web traffic. 

For a laugh, you might want to do a search for "original websites" to find that a link to this site can probably be found on the second page of the search results. This means we are in the top 20 of 162 million results for original websites. What is funny about it is that people are always talking about how your website should be original. Well, according to the search algorithm it is! It is annoying me that this website is so honored to be ranked in the top 20 search results for "original websites" and yet be denied an Adsense account because apparently the content was deemed as inappropriate. My guess is that a bot probably made this decision and if a human editor were to be involved, they would reverse it. OK, enough about my personal woes with Google Adsense ! I want to share something on this page that I believe might be interesting to someone reading it.

              search engine rank

We shall use the definition of a "CAP" as something that is used to contain or stop something from making it get any bigger too quickly. It is like a sort of containment, where something is not allowed to go any further "by default" so it does mean that something cannot happen that will allow it to go further...No! we are not saying that ! Take for example Twitter Accounts which only let you follow up to 2000 people until you have enough people following you back. Well, that is a sort of capping technique. The same applies to almost everything on the internet. So, in a sense, most people have to "earn they way" and grow over time. By the way, if you are just starting a website and don't have any Twitter followers, then direct a Tweet to me personally with a link to your site. If I see it is legitimate I will be happy to Retweet it so that my followers can see it too. 

             social networks

                                WHAT IS THE DEFINITION?

 Notice that I said "by default" - 

So, if you are a movie star or have developed some super duper program like a better bittorent you are not going to be one of the "rest of us" You don't need any search engine optimization because you have tons of existing publicity and popularity. Earlier on I talked about new websites being chained in some way. The same can apply to older websites that have reached their potential according to the search engine algorithm. Oh, am I presuming these things or do I have credible evidence? I have no evidence whatsoever, but I believe that someone reading this might identify with it. If that is so, then I will not be the only one who is thinking along these lines.

              capping theory

     Push and you are simply changing its shape. Its not really getting bigger

This "Capping Theory" is not something you really want to think about if you  are starting to work on a new website (if that is you- then forget about this page for now) - forget it, forget it ! Just keep working on your site! Come back in a year to this page. 

                                    ENORMOUS EFFORT

 For those who have spent enormous amounts of time and effort over the years putting unique/useful content into sites  and have done everything properly and already have a healthy amount of web traffic. Lets say (for explanation purposes) that you have a website that has been online for several years and on average you now have 4000 unique visitors per day  with 61.2% of your traffic coming from the United States. The website has 500 unique content pages filled with unique text, picture, explanations etc. You however, (being ambitious) are not satisfied with this!


 You want to increase your daily visitors to 10,000 per day so you double the unique content of those sites, but you find that you did not really increase the amount of visitors in proportion to your efforts. Now you have doubled the useful content you previously had. Then you saw a small  increase in daily visitors for a few weeks, but you also saw that your previous highly visible/highly ranked search terms have now changed, despite the fact that you earnestly worked to keep the contents "on topic" and relevant. If this is you, then could it be that you are experiencing something that could be linked to a program developed by search engines to cap your popularity? How long are you going to take to discover this? Those people who have suffered trying to to these things will identify with me.

                                 CAPPING IS NOT NONSENSE

There are going to be alot of people who will probably say that is nonsense and others who will nod and enjoy the fact that someone else has been thinking along the same lines. Of course this discussion is highly subjective and does not take into account a multitude of variables. The point of this theory is simply that if it is true , then shouldn't we change our tactics ?

                            POSSIBLE CHANGES IN TACTICS

       The following is not advice. It is simply exploring possibilities.

1. Start a new website on a different topic and limit the size of the website since you can figure out already what is the CAP of that domain and website e.g if you know that 300 pages is enough then don't do anymore i.e. don't spend an extra ten thousand dollars of effort and time to make another 10 dollars. Just Redirect your efforts

2. Consider how sophisticated search engines have become if you have been trying to beat the system. Go around the system instead.

3. Get your new domains and hosting somewhere else. Try different locations, companies and servers (extreme case and I have done this before)

4. Forget about PPC earnings for a while. Concentrate on your site. Maybe even abstain from PPC  i.e. take the PPC code off your pages for a while and try to see what it is really about. The problem with PPC is it can misguide your thoughts into working to optimize for PPC and cramp your style. 

5. When chosing new subjects, try to make it so that you enjoy that topic. As mentioned in other parts of this site, doing things that are a chore limit your own imagination and artistic capabilities.

6. Don't believe everything you read on blogs and SEO sites. If you read enough of them you will see that people have differing opinions on everything. Sometimes it could be simply because they are in different industries with different rules.  Just keep working on your project, especially if it is a period when you have the power to work. Some of my greatest achievements happened in the space of 1-2 days.

7. All of us need lots of patience and when we see nothing happening we should just keep working. If you don't have any human encouragement, then get the encouragement you need from bots. See how much automated worth checkers value your site at. See your site value increase every month and get encouraged that at least bots see your improvement. Here is my bot page