My guess is that the following video is not really showing a product that is in full production but it is most definitely something that is going to come. Yes! There is a need for people to be able to be understood by everyone in the world. Language is a barrier but if it no longer becomes a huge obstacle we could expect to see a lot of changes in cyberspace and in the real world. Of course we know that translation programs are getting better all the time but they aren't really perfect yet. It would be nice if we could buy a phone that could do what the video is showing below. Actually, do we really want this?


This website is kind of experimental as with most things using the "whoisbid" name. I am a curious person and I like to know what search engines are up to. It is quite obvious that currently people who speak and write english are being limited to a sphere of those in the same boat i.e. if you build websites in english you are not necessarily going to show up on the radar with a Spanish or Polish speaking/writing community whose preference is to use their own language and my guess is that the search engines do not want to flood their results with automatic translations from english into other languages i.e. they want to put results on the top that are from native speakers. There will always be a need for human translators because a computer cannot understand a proverb or a parable and people don't always like to explain something clearly for everyone to understand. There is still a great advantage in learning how to speak a new language fluently, especially if you are familiar with the nuances of that language and the kind of people behind it. Knowing people's habits, customs, slang and what they like and do not like is very important. If you are an international business person you will know that what is good in one part of the world might be taboo somewhere else. Coming back to practicalities it is my belief that a lot of translation software is not as useful in business as people imagine. Lets take for example the need manufacturers who produce products in the United States who want to enter into a German market. The video explains it very clearly.


In fact this website cannot really be translated into another language without someone understanding who I am and what my purpose is. This is an experiment to see how intelligent search engines are. I don't think that they really are that intelligent and they have been given far too much credit. The new way of the search engine is to try and interpret the meaning of something. If you can interpret the meaning of something then you can bunch it together with other things and make a group of "similar sites" or "similar pages" but if you do that with everyone and everything then nothing is ever going to be unique anymore.

To hell with search engines and their attempts to try and categorize the world and know the meaning of everything so that it can go into a digital book so that computers and organizations can know everything about everyone. The point of many languages has something to do with a need to confuse. Yes! The Tower of Babel was made for a reason and it was destroyed too. My guess is that a computer (in the distant future) might be able to decipher what is going on in the following video but will fail completely once the people start using allegories. Forget about computers trying to understand the meaning of everything because there are some things that cannot be understood unless someone has experienced it themselves. Have fun today!


What was this about? Well, there is a need to get away from the internet for some of us in business. We need to spend less time sending text messages and more time face to face with our clients. We need to show them who we are, look them in the eye and speak a language that is not understood by the Google search engine.