If I am able to help you make money in some way, you might end up having some concern for me, but statistics show that most people who search for things on the net are not really interested in you or your site. Your popularity on the net is probably going to depend on how search engine spiders react to you. Here is a video about keyword density. It is not made by me but whoever made it has given a density between 3 and 5%. However, this is probably mathematics that is too simplistic. It does not account for the fact that search engines could treat pages with smaller and larger content differently and so the equation could be far more complex. It could also include other factors and of course it does. Anyway, there is no harm in watching these videos because they might be a start for some of us unfamiliar with the fact that search engines are using mathematics.


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What people want is to get something from you. If you can understand this, then you will understand that in order to receive, you must give first. if you are spiritual or simply want to be good to others (it is the same to me) you might remember the words of a sage who said "It is more blessed to give than to receive." I like to analyze ancient sayings. You see, that quotation from long ago, could actually mean more than one thing.

It could mean that giving to others will help you reach a state of more blessedness. It could also mean that goodwill evidenced in someone's nature is a sign that they already possess more blessedness than others.  You might also want to think deeply about the context of "giving" and ask yourself why you are doing something. The Nag Hamaadi has a saying "Do not do what you hate!"  Do you want to know why I am doing this?" If I were to be honest with you right now, I think I am doing this because I enjoy doing it. Maybe you are looking at this website and thinking it is really badly made. Maybe you don't like the design and how unimpressive it seems. Then again, maybe you like this page because it seems to be more human. If you have been reading up till this point, let me show you what a third party program thinks about the correctness of my home page. Just click on the image below to see how a bot has judged me. Oops! It looks like you now have to pay for that. Well, maybe some of you might get some benefit from these programs if it makes you work and produce content.

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I just gave a link to the Aboutus website. I am impressed by them. I think that they do actually know the web from a technical standpoint that has to do with how bots are viewing the html structure of your website. If you have visited them recently you might be interested in their opinions about the canonical and non-canonical URL. What? Go an take a look yourself! The word "canonical" has a religious tone. It implies that it has been set in stone as to what is the main and accepted opinion on which books are truly inspired and accepted by a decision making council and what are not. Throughout history people have been killing each other because of disputes regarding this. Basically what they are saying is you have to choose which url is the main url for your website. In the case of this website it is Notice that if you go to you will be redirected to This can be done either by logging into your control panel where you will find options for redirects or simply by using a permanent redirect script.


It is not my place to tell you that you should be following this advice but if you have some spare time you can always try it out. If you eventually find out that it does make a difference, then your opinions about search engine technology is probably going to change. You will come to realize that the success of a website does not only depend on the fact that it has original content. No! A website needs SEO as well. This website is being optimized for the web. I believe that I am not doing anything deceptive. The only thing that would prevent this website from growing is if I were unlucky enough to be penalized by a human editor working for a major search engine company. Will this happen and does it happen? 


I am an ex gamer and if you know anything about gaming, then you will know that some of these online games have characters called Guardians. I used to get frustrated in these games because when I succeeded in destroying certain characters who I disliked (by using all the available tools at my disposal) I would be summoned the Guardians who would suspend my account without having to give any justification as to why they did this. If this can happen in online games, it can happen in real life too! 

Fortunately on the web, you can always re-invent yourself. You can always start a new character in a game too. The only problem is that you have to start all over again. If this happened to you, then stop moaning and start a new website and host somewhere else. It might be really annoying if this has happened but it will teach you not to put all your eggs in one basket. Make different websites so that if you accidentally get penalized you still have the others. Someone might think that I am wrong in some way but you would not understand what I am saying if you have never been the victim of a bot that went wrong or being punished unjustly by a jealous Guardian. Consider also that new advancements and technological changes could undermine your current position on the web, so don't put your chips all in one place. 

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                   Auditors are everywhere but the best are human


What I like about the program being mentioned above is that it gives you the chance to fix some of the problems that it sees and then allows you to refresh the audit to see if you are complying. Aboutus is also a business and they have a community that you are welcome to join if you want. If you are interested in expert blogging and social networks I would highly recommend someone I met in the Disqus community since my experience with the power of blogs and social networks is currently limited. 


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Some people on the web like to play games that do not involve others. One of these games that I personally like is PACMAN

I wonder what was in Google's mind when they developed the PACMAN page? Will they come out with better versions in the future? I hope you don't mind that I suddenly changed the topic. Later on I want to make a page about freedom of expression and how search engines don't understand it. In the meantime I hope that other things on this page have been of value to you.