I wonder what position a search engine would give for a term like "seo distraction" and which websites would achieve high ranking for these keywords? If you do your homework, you will see that it is not a popular search keyphrase. I can tell you that this is the first time that I have ever made a website about SEO. Am I an SEO? I leave that for you to decide! If you like being entertained, I have made a page about the life of an insane SEO

Actually, if you read the contents of that poorly made page (which happens to be 100% original content) you will see that if someone is an SEO, they are not always going to find satisfaction from their clients. This is because many of the SEO clients don't have a clue about what SEO is doing. Am I talking about Mr. SEO in that page, or search engine optimizers? An SEO may not want to be associated at times with the term SEO. Can a search engine tell the difference between a fictitious character called Mr. SEO and what is commonly known to be SEO? Haha! 


It's now January 2011 and today I am updating this page. I read in the newspapers recently that a certain search engine company wanted to filter out spam from it's search results and one of the things that they proposed to do was to  demote those whose pages did not contain original content or poor quality content. Check this site for copies and non original text and you will find none whatsoever. Does this mean that my website is going to get better treatment without SEO? My answer is No! Sorry, it is just a fact of life right now. In fact, an inexperienced junior editor working for a search engine company viewing this website might come to the conclusion that it is inappropriate content. Why? Because it would take several hours for someone to actually read the contents of this website to conclude that it is actually a useful resource. A search company does not have the resources to properly human edit every website in the world and that is probably one of the reasons why the DMOZ Directory is so useful.

 Remember that a search engine is not a directory. I believe that in some cases, SEO is not really needed. It is when an individual or group of people have such a vast knowledge on a specialist topic that they are able to write and provide unique content without contribution from others. I said that you do not need SEO. Actually, you would be better off with SEO but you can still attract an enormous amount of visitors to those kinds of sites simply because the sites contain information that people want. Those people will come back again and eventually you will not be relying  on a search engine anymore to bring most of it's traffic. How fortunate you are if you have managed to do that! 



    Fig 7.0 Once her hair has grown, she will have a hair load of issues !

If you have any interest in ancient manuscripts, you will know that the ancients sometimes likened wise people to those who have a lot of hair. Even though in real life these wise people did not have much physical hair, they had what some might describe as meta physical hair i.e. they had strands of wisdom hanging from their head undetected by the natural eye. In our modern day we might use other expressions to explain the maturity of a person such as "he has grown balls!" I wonder if religious communities ever think about the sayings of a great teacher who said " Even the very hairs of your head are numbered" Maybe in this paragraph you might detect that I have other interests. Unfortunately, I no longer wish to join any interest group on one of the subjects I specialize in because I have not found a single one that has actually done their homework on these things. Maybe one day I will and it will probably happen when social media has improved.

                            ORIGINAL CONTENT WEBSITES

So what is the observation?  Some people say that if you throw enough S**T on the wall, some of it is going to stick! Yes, its true! Take a look at the pictures of our Sponge Bob school bag before and after. Take note of his more pronounced smile after he has been stuffed with keywords (well we used a newspaper and a balloon to stuff him) If you have run out of ideas, maybe you can spend some time with a thesaurus and get familiar with other words that are linked to your subject of interest. Is this cheating? Or is it simply being creative and writing in a such a manner that search engines will see that you content is rich and non repetitive? Maybe if you start off practicing with these tools, later on you won't need them anymore i.e. you will learn to write for search engine bots and people at the same time. You will learn to keep a human audience and a community of digital insects more or less happy at the same time. Someone reading this might disagree. I allow you to disagree with me. Simply post your defense and remember don't forget to leave your website address for the extra link juice or exposure you are looking for. Maybe somehow my frankness might actually be entertaining for someone and actually spark off a more interesting discussion between social individuals. If that happens, then I am no longer being chained to a mechanism. So, I encourage you to get the exposure you need from posting here.