The Shortened URL is becoming extremely popular with certain groups of people on the internet and for many reasons. Even companies like Google have  entered the ring with their own website 

There are many advantages in using and you can find out about it in this video which is talking about a Great Advantage of using the URL shortener in less than 1 minute


If you have been following some of my Tweets, you will know about the following Japanese url shortener-


               making money short url

                  Many are placing their bets on a short URL future


                                 WHAT IS A SHORT URL?

What is a URL shortener? Well, you can check it out yourself. Just go to any url shortening website and type in a the url of some pages on your website and you will find out. To save you some time, here is an example. The first example actually shows that our index URL is actually shorter than most domain names but the (Google URL shortening) makes it slightly shorter.

              url shortener

                       Is domain name value being undermined?

Since the above is not a long URL being only 8 characters the program will not make a huge difference but will turn it into

The above is not really a good example, so lets try something a bit longer like which becomes

OK, you get the point! 

             bid for short url

                      Who is putting their money on Twitter? 


Of course there are many applications in which these reduced URL generators can be an advantage but one of the most popular is for Tweets which contain links to a URL or website on the internet. If you are not familiar with Twitter then take a look at the left menu. You can see that this micro blogging service only allows 140 characters and this means that sometimes using a long URL is going to mean that your message might be limited because of space requirements. However, this is not the only reason why someone might want to use a third party application to shorten their URL.



There is plenty of room for companies to develop applications for short url services. These include statistical analysis (not only for the individual to see the success of a short URL posting or Tweet ) but additional access to third parties who can monitor traffic sent to their website or URL. This opens up a new way for marketeers to be paid for how much traffic they have sent to  someone else. This is unique because the traffic does not have to be search engine related. Right now there are companies involved in this but I have not been interested in using them because there are far too many of them that have turned to the dark side.  I honestly think that Google could do a better job than they are doing but would Google ever get involved in paying people to Tweet? What about Twitter? 


Is this the beginning of the end of domain names search engine pay per click as we know it? I doubt anything like that would happen too quickly. Could this be the early stages of another way to get a message out and get paid to do it? Some may scoff and say there is no future in the short url, while others believe it is going to get much more attention soon. What do you think?