Contrary to what many social media experts are saying about the power of the social network for business, this site believes that they are currently of little value. If they had great value then people would be fighting over social network domain names. The truth is that they are not. What is the proof? You only have to spend some time on a domain name news site to get a better picture. You see, the only metric we can use to determine if something has value is the price people are willing to pay for it. Speculative hype on social network value is "speculative" and until we see evidence of the business community running to pay hard cash for these names then we have to conclude that they are worthless. 

Maybe some of us want to take a closer look at domain name value because it is one of the themes of this site and something that people are actually trying to increase but they might not be fully aware this is actually their goal.  I would like to welcome you with a video presentation that will give you a very quick understanding of what is going on here. The maker of this website believes in quality and that quality should be rewarded fully. I am happy to cheer the makers of the Rolex watch because they are unique and definitely have something that is worth paying for.


The uniqueness of this site is it's true value and of course I personally believe that this site is now worth over USD 100,000 but I would not get that amount for it. This is because the metric used by businessmen who evaluate the worth of a website commonly has to do with it's statistics. Why would I believe this site is worth over USD 100,000? Well, it is because someone would have to pay me that amount of money for me to hand it over to them to do what they wished with it. In fact, it is possible that 100K is not enough and I might think twice about it. This site is 5 months old and if someone were to offer me 200K in 8 months time, I would probably refuse their offer. The reason I am writing in this manner is because "value" is something to do with perception. If someone perceives great value in something, then they will be willing to pay more than the normal price for that item or service. I own a Luxury Masterpiece Rolex Gold Oyster that cost me over USD 20,000 and I could of easily bought something at half the price but I did not want it because I see value in Rolex Watches. Watch the next video on the Art of Watchmaking to understand why.


Can we not see that the people who place value on Rolex watches are not placing a value on the individual parts put together using technology but evaluating it according to the fact that designers have combined art and     technology into a unique form of expression? It is not possible for an tech expert to appreciate the value of a Rolex Masterpiece and neither can an artist. No! The Rolex Watch is coveted by those who appreciate a combination of Art and Science. This is one of the reasons why not everyone will buy a Rolex Watch. The Rolex watch is a special Time Piece for unique individuals. 


Anyone can start a Twitter account and get robots to run it for them. Anyone can hit +1 Buttons for Google to see. Anyone can sign up and join Disqus. Third party social network plugins are simply not unique in any respect when they are run by robots and used by people looking to increase the value of their site by artificially inflating it. This is why most social networks are not unique. They are not unique because you cannot really see who is behind them and who is really participating and who is fake. Facebook is probably the only unique social network on the internet that is successful because it is truly social. So far Facebook has not been designing it's social network to influence the value of a domain name. Most people who use Facebook are doing so because they want to stay in contact with friends and relatives. This however is not true of other "social networks" which are seen as vehicles to promote money making websites. Yes! Get your non unique auto blog, auto tweet, auto pilot.. auto auto and in the future you will most likely be able to pay people to press +1 buttons for you as well. There is no value in that at all. It is simply technology and not a combination of Art and Technology which is what Facebook could become.

By the way, there is no link on this site to my Facebook Account because my Facebook Account is social and I am happy that Facebook allows me to keep in touch with friends and relatives without having to think about financial implications on the web, domain name value and search results.