If you are a successful businessman, you will probably remember a point in your life (somewhere in the beginning) when someone laughed at what you were doing. I remember these times, don't you? Right now, I am thinking back more than ten years ago when I decided to try something completely new.

 I remember receiving a message from some older professional telling us that what we were trying to do was ridiculous and that we would never succeed. I liken this man to someone trying to make a horse weak at the knees when it is just about to jump over a huge hurdle don't you? Actually it's nothing to do with age. I am not saying that older people are nasty and younger people are not. What I am saying is that someone who has already "made it" might not like the fact that you are beginning to encroach on his domain. 

                                 THE CHALLENGED ARTIST

You probably know by now I am not talking about art that is found in a gallery. Don't you think that life without challenges would be like playing a boring video game where no-one is challenging you? Are you one of those people who think we should stop the Olympic Games and say that it does not matter if someone is better at something than someone else?

 Have you ever played online video games? My involvement on the internet started because of these games. Yes! Formerly I had no interest whatsoever in computers, but that all changed when I was a newbie trying to develop my character in an online video game and some older  and more powerful player came and murdered me. What did that do for me? Well, I had to spend an enormous amount of time building up my online character in order to be able to protect myself from these people. Later on I also became a player killer (PKER) and I know that because of this, many other newbies became more serious about spending time strengthening their characters. For some reason this video game decided to make it impossible for PKERS to survive by changing the rules. They   introduced players called "Guardians" who were there to regulate others and changed the algorithms so that it became "fairer" for everyone. This annoyed me because it did not allow someone who worked harder in a shorter period of time to be rewarded for their efforts. I left the game because it had become like a communist regime. Well, I did not really leave the game but found something else to do. Maybe it was one of the better things that happened in my life because who wants to live all their lives in a video game? Hint Hint! 

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                             WEBSITE AWARDS FOR EFFORT

I previously mentioned that the video game changed. Yes, they stopped rewarding people according to their efforts. In the past you could work day and night to build your character, go without sleep and be able to achieve in one week what would of taken someone three months normally. That is because many of the players were only slightly involved in the game and probably did not spend more than a couple of hours a week playing. These players were weak and liked to complain when something was "unfair" to them. Unfortunately the wrong people listened to these others and decided to change the game to make everyone more equal. That video game did not belong to me and I was simply a player but I stopped playing it when I realized that working 2 hours or 20 hours a day on the game no longer made any difference to the strength of your website, whoops.. I meant character didn't I? LOL! Well, I have my own theory about the website game. I want to introduce you to something I call "capping theory" 


                                MAKE YOUR OWN AWARDS 

Don't you think that you should be rewarded for your efforts? I believe that we can. However, if you have reached level 20 on a game and there are no more levels, you need to find a new game don't you? If you did actually read what I believe about "capping" then you will understand how I believe someone can continually be rewarded for what they do on the web. Don't put all your eggs in one basket because that one basket might get stolen or receive some damage. The title of this website page is "Art Theft" and the point I am making here is this is a way from limiting what people can steal from you.

 If you have several baskets of eggs all placed in different places unrelated to each other (not even linked to each other) and working autonomously from another.  Then, if one fails, you still have the others don't you? The only thing that this really requires is an enormous amount of consistent effort over a long period of time. Lets say it is an investment. I guarantee you that there will be rewards for this kind of work but you probably won't be able to tell everyone about all the projects you are doing. You might have to chose between living in the limelight or making a profit.

              working hard on website

             Why push one thing only? You can push several things!

The internet is currently filled with PLAGIARISM that by and large is ignored. Unless you are a multi multi million dollar corporation, you are probably not going to have the time and resources to go chasing someone who has stolen something from you. You are better off just moving on and learning from it. The challenge to the true artist is this, that - If you really do have a gift to create new things, then you will not worry about people stealing the gift itself. You may experience someone stealing something you made, but they cannot steal everything that you made.  I hope that this has been a confirmation to someone who already knows this and has worked hard to protect themselves. What I am saying in this page is a silent reward to you personally for your efforts. Good Luck to you and May the Force be with you always!~