I know this is not really going to look like the best way to interact with whoisbid but watch the video first before you judge what is going on. I am fed up with third party plugins related to social media and I believe that they are actually of little value to this site. I am going to conduct an experiment to see if they are actually a hindrance too. I will report my findings over the next six months. What is of value to this site is unique content that is either produced by me or sent to me by you. I will be happy to include anything that anyone sends to me that is unique. Guess what! You will get what the lady in the video is talking about. That is what most people want. So, just be a little bit more patient than normal and you will get something that is far more valuable than this

The reward that you will get for patiently interacting with me using the form mail below will give you what the lady is talking about. So, don't give up and remember that working on the web needs a lot of patience. My theory is that if you are patient enough to interact with me in this way then you deserve a proper mention on this site and I probably won't be charging you because I believe it works both ways.



If you found a page on this site that you believe is relevant to you and you are able to add something to it, then send your words to me and I will do the rest. I will try not to be prejudiced in any way. I am interested in many things and what is contained in these pages does not really affect what I do in real life. People should understand that if they give something to this site that is unique and adds to it's content then I will benefit. You will benefit by getting noticed in the proper way that the lady talks about in the video. It might seem that this site is only dealing with seo topics but that is far from the truth. There are now tons of pages that don't have too much to do with it and in a sense they do. You can send me info about anything from mathematics to toys, trucks, travel, relationships, food and beverage, candles, airplanes, technology, roads, video games and the list goes on. If I don't have a subject you are interested in then send me enough info to begin to create a page about it. If you want me to try and hurry up then send me a tweet that you just sent a message using this form. I am easy to find because whoisbid is the name I use on Twitter.

By the way. The message box can take several thousand words at a time with no problem. I don't expect people to send me that much unique stuff but if you do, then remember to keep a copy somewhere because sometimes form mail fails too. If you want to write to me and ask questions then please go to the and send me a Youtube mail message.