If you want to promote someone, you need their trust. In life, it takes time to build trust don't you think? The same principle can be applied to websites and ranking in search engines. You might want to know about the trust factor in websites. No doubt this is being used as one of the important factors for a very high rank in popular keywords. Whatever seo opinion or advice you are given you need evidence and the best way is to create your own. I have done this and so I believe websites that have gained a lot of trust will be able to rank high for many popular keywords.

 I have a different understanding of page rank than most. If I didn't, then this page would not be unique. I don't think that someone would come to the conclusions I have come to unless they have been running multiple websites for many years. I also don't care if anyone disagrees with me because you are going to find this out if you start a new website in 2011. Try it if you want. Build a 70 page website in 3 months filled with unique content, original photos, line drawings, videos and your own text. It's not going to be easy if you have decided not to scrape other websites


             trusted museum                

               Put on your Ephod in the most difficult times only

Why should you believe what an SEO school tells you if you have never actually built more than one website? My guess is that a lot of self proclaimed experts only have one website and it is normally never above a page rank 5. There seems to be a huge gap between a page rank 5 and page rank 6 website. If you have cracked PR6, then what a lucky person you are! Do some research for yourself. Take a look at someone's main website by typing in the URL of their homepage in the major search engine. If you do this with you will see first that only 3 urls from this site appear. Currently whoisbid is page rank zero. You can't learn much from this website right now. Try other sites and take note of their page rank. You will start to see that they are indexed differently. Do you want to know what my goal is for this site? I am going to give you an example later on in this page.

               page rank 5

                      Who decides who will be a 5 star hotel?

Have you ever thought about page rank 5 and 5 star hotels? The logic behind this is quite simple. Someone has to decide what rank to give the hotel but it did not happen overnight. The award given above is for 2011. A year has 12 months and that is quite a long time, isn't it? The same logic seems to apply to a website. It is probably going to take about a year to seriously get anywhere if you are an every day run of the mill Joe Blogs. If you think that I am telling lies, you can always take a look at how far this website progressed in it's first three months.

                seo training

                 Is this the kind of SEO training you are receiving? LOL!

                                  WE ALL NEED A GOAL

One of the goals you might want to aim for is to find that your website has been indexed by Google with 8 urls appearing underneath it when you do a search for your domain name. What do I mean? Let me give you an example so that you can recognize when this has happened to a site.

What I hope to see one day when I do a search for 

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                                  OPEN FOR DISCUSSION 

If you have read this far and understand this particular mechanism you are welcome to post your opinions on the subject matter. It takes time to reach this goal and there is "normally" no way that a website less than 3 months old is going to look like the above. If you can give examples to prove me wrong, then go ahead and make my day. Remember that you need to give an example. There is no value in simply giving SEO opinions without hard evidence to back it up. My guess is that most people are not going to have an opinion because they have probably never thought about the matter.