I am no expert blogger by any means but I do know something about building websites. I know that this website is nothing glorious but I like the program that I am using to build it because it saves me enormous amounts of time. If you have an ability to write (whether on websites on blogs) and even if your standard of writing is not high, then you will probably like the older version of Karelia Sandvox which I am using. The point is that whoever has unique content (so we are told) is most likely going to do better than others. As I write this page I can tell you that it is about 10 months since I started the site and I saw that there was some kind of Sandbox preventing the site from getting more visitors. Some say the Sandbox is no longer being used by Google but I think it is still alive and in order to get out of it we have to write enough unique content to show that we are worthy of more visitors. That is just my two cents on the matter and I guess that there are going to be some people who agree and others who disagree. OK- If you are a young person (or anyone really) looking for places to blog and lead people to your website (don't overdo it for technical reasons) then you can always sign up for a myriad of free blogs or semi social networks. Yeah! You can go to wordpress, blogger, Hubpages, Squidoo and many others but so far the easiest of them all to me has been Tumblr.


The video above kind of covers all of the things that you need to know in the beginning and I am pretty sure that most of you will be able to use it but I am going to add more value to the video by telling you that Tumblr is not playing games with links. This is Sept 12, 2011 and the last time I checked using the famous link detector I saw that they are a network that is adding value to your site. You need to read everything on the page that I just linked to in order to understand. You can also use Tumblr to consolidate other people's content but whether that is going to help you in the long run is something that you need to try. I reckon that people should keep this to a minimum because if everything that is contained in your blog is other people's work then how can a search engine ever believe that you are doing something original?

If you found this page useful then please do the right thing and follow me as a friend on Tumbler. When you get lots of friends on Tumblr it is going to help strengthen your page quite a bit. You could only understand what I mean if you really did go and study the page I have linked to in the previous paragraph. Why should I spell everything out to you in a list? No! You need to work a little bit and respect this website that I have put together and give yourself some time to read at least two pages before you go away.


Tumblr is now a powerful authority site being filled with content every day and I expect it is going to become even more popular. There is something else that is very interesting about the way that they have organized the tags in their network. If you build a page and add tags and then click on those tags after you have finished creating that page you will taken to a new page that was automatically created by Tumblr. This page can be found by people who are actually searching for things in Tumblr and who knows it might even appear in Google search if you are lucky.

Tumblr seems to be extremely popular with young people and there is something about young people that we cannot underestimate. What is that? Well, young people have a lot of time on their hands and this means that if they get hooked into things like Tumblr then they will be able to create more content than others.

Oh, I almost forgot. If you suck at making web pages and you don't like the default stuff that Tumblr gives you then they have an option for you to buy a theme. I went ahead and did this and it did not cost me an arm and a leg. Using the themes might save you enormous amounts of time and I guess that they know this and is the reason why they are offered.

Good luck to you whoever you are and remember that you learned about these things from whoisbid.com which is a site that cares about domain name value i.e. your domain and my domain.