Twitter MONEY

Yes! The news is true! People can actually make money through using Twitter! Who else but yours truly has the privilege of bringing you this scoop? More and more I am being convinced that Microblogging using the world's most powerful realtime search engine is going to change the landscape of the Digital Highway. Even now, people are checking to see their Account Value or they simply want to know who sees tweets?


Get your own Blue Bird before its too late and learn to fly with freedom and watch out for those pyramid schemes on the internet. Make sure you know that every valuable Tweet you make has a possibility of making other birds flutter enough for you to produce a golden egg! Yes, we might be limited to only 140 characters, but that is no sweat off a duck's back and even ducks can ascend! Tweeters know the limitations, but that is not going to stop anyone who has wings to fly using a shorter url. Stop worrying about how Twitter makes money and simply join in the procession by signing up for your own free account.

             twitter money

              Who can forget the Legend of the Dutch Domainer?   

Sing choirs of Angels! Go to the Mountain Tops and proclaim the Truth about the power of Social Networks to your friends and family ! Rejoice at the news that there is a new way to connect and do business, or simply Follow Me on Twitter


Every journalist or news reporter worth his salt will definitely know that stories  need to be verified and so lets not hold back but proclaim the truth about any successful business transaction initiated using Twitter. Yes, you are welcome to post your Twitter Business News and tell us about the day you changed your mind about the power of the Blue Bird.

I don't know about you but I have noticed a lot of negativity regarding the growth and power of Twitter and since this site is a unique website I thought it would be appropriate to introduce you to two people who have actually had some success in selling on Twitter. Although their stories and those of any others who Tweet might not be spectacular enough to make it to the New York Times, they have certainly been able to make it onto the Whois Bid website! No I did not forget the girls too!

              i love twitter

                   Even women are selling the slickest domains 


Everyone knows how difficult it is to get to the first page of a search engine in 2011 and so many of us are left with the option of finding those Tweet Streets and Tweet Alleys to hook up with another follower and another contact to expand our Network. On the way we might find that we actually enjoyed doing business with someone. I am not saying that we are all going to be millionaires using Twitter but there definitely are stories of people who have been fortunate enough to have a taste of success through it's network. I welcome Dutch Domainer and Slickest to tell us a little bit about it. I also welcome anyone else who has something encouraging to share with the rest of us who are always looking for  new ways of doing business on the net. If they post here it means that they joined Disqus and if they don't, they are still on Twitter ;) You know where to find them now.