Some people might not be aware of what has been a nightmare for certain travelers using transport services. Let's take an example of what goes on in International Airports.

 Maybe Trabasack knows about this problem. You can contact them and ask!


Do you know of people who have lost their bags because someone else took them? Yes! Most people do not do this on purpose, but it happens! Have you ever noticed that suitcase manufacturers or luggage retailers are always being challenged to produce more unique products? Why so? Well, it is because people need unique carry bags so that someone else does not mistake it for their own. If we don't have unique luggage we can always buy a whole bunch of stickers and plaster our bags with them but not everyone has the time to do that.

              unique carry bags

              My wife's bag will never be mistaken by someone else


It is only more recently that a wider choice of laptop bags have been available on the market. If you do not travel often, you may not understand what I am actually getting at, so let me give you a scenario. Mr. Smith is just about to board his flight for New York. He has a laptop which he has taken out and is using. This makes it easy for him to go through the security check because we all know that it is now a requirement in International Airports to put your digital computing device in a separate tray.

Mr. Smith doesn't know that Mr. Obama is also doing the same thing. Guess what? These men both have the same laptop bags. Somehow when they go to pick up their bags at the other end of the X-ray machine they accidentally take each other's bags! Can you see my point? If these men had used unique carry bags, this would never of happened. So, can you see the need? I personally believe that carry bag retailers ought to think about giving a bunch of unique stickers away to their clients too because it is not always possible to give a completely different design to each client. A tailor made bag is going to be expensive and not everyone will opt for this . Some people will however appreciate the bag manufacturer or retailer providing a small packet of unique stickers (that won't fall off easily) to decorate the bags.

               laptop bag

                 Don't you just love this design for many reasons?



I don't think for a moment that stickers are ever going to go away. What I am discussing does not only apply to carry bags but to anything that is being mass produced and transported. This would include luggage, suitcases, backpacks, duffel bags, chests, large briefcases and most types of carry on luggage. With the move to mass production, we will see people having less options to buy things that are unique. If you have a website selling stickers of all kinds, I think that you are going to do very well (if not already) if you make it easy for your clients to chose from hundreds if not thousands of different sticker pack themes. You may even want to use technology to allow people to create their own stickers by uploading photos or personal artwork to your site. Of course people won't be happy doing this if you want to own all those images and so people will probably want you to tell them that their images belong to them and no-one else. I am sure people are doing this already and if you are one of them, you are welcome to post information on this page about your products. If you are a bag manufacturer who is willing to listen to their clients and always looking for better ways to be of service to them, then please comment and link to your site using Disqus. Actually you can't anymore because I have disabled it for many personal reasons but here are the responses that I previously received from a great laptop bag manufacturer.

Laptop Bags with Lap Tray

Thank you for your interesting post. We sell a unique type of bag that can be used a desk to work on or carried as a bag or rucksack. Called trabasack it is unique in that it has a bean bag cushion to level it on your lap and a firm flat tray surface on the other side to work or eat from. Have a look at our laptray travel bag website www.trabasack.co.uk    


Today I took a flight from Gatwick to Copenhagen and I wanted to carry as little as possible. I really saw the value in having a bag (ONE BAG) that could be used to contain my laptop and a few clothes. If it also had a section to put an iPad and an iPhone it would of been even better.

Addition- Actually the guy who owns the Unique Laptop Bag idea is one of the best Tweeters I have found on the internet. He respects others and my guess is that he is a good businessman. I would definitely recommend people in the UK , Europe and USA to get one of his bags. I am still waiting for mine and when I receive it I will gladly tell me viewers about the further benefits.

I don't know if anyone is confused with bags and cases as much as I am. You see when does a case become a bag and vice versa? Today we have soft and hard materials but these can be used in the same product. In fact Trabasack do exactly this. Part of the laptop bag/case is soft as explained above but the other part is hard. I don't know whether or not any of you have had problems with soft laptop cases where you accidentally hit the side of your laptop and later on you find that the screen is not working normally anymore. I have had this problem on numerous occasions and it even caused me to write about my wish for an indestructible laptop 

Since those kinds of products don't really exist my guess is that people will be looking for a decent laptop bag/case which will not only be practical, comfortable and unique but also give some added protection against a possible accidental knock on the sides of the device. It is all too easy to slip and drop your computer bag and so maybe investing a little in a decent solution might be a wise decision i.e. a good longterm investment.

This product in my estimation is a unique laptop bag for women and men. There are also a ton of students and young people who have latched on to the idea and have got their own unique products from Trabasack.

There is one more thing and I am now speaking metaphorically.

The question I would like to ask you (my reader) is do you know if you own your own bag and it's contents? If you are really curious and like to discover things then watch the next video and after that go to my home page and you might find I have something for you that could save you years of profitless contribution to the web. If you gain something from me.. then what I gain is the fact that you will always remember whoisbid.com and that is valuable to me.