Some time back I was reading articles written by a smart person. Unfortunately I cannot locate their website anymore even though I bookmarked it. You see, if you bookmark too many subjects you can fall into a trap of not even remembering how to find what you previously bookmarked. That is because you cannot remember the term that you used to describe the page which you wanted to go back to some time in the future. Even though I cannot locate the page, I most certainly found this gentleman to be someone who was thinking deeply about unique content and so his message actually managed to be subliminally bookmarked into my spiritual fabric. This man was a specialist in his field. He knew about a subject better than almost everyone in the world. There are many people like him and I am writing this for you. Let's just say that you are an expert in fluid dynamics and you have better ways to explain the phenomenon of airplane wing flutter from the basics to more advanced concepts backed up by software simulation built on trusted mathematical models and wind tunnel experiments using state of the art highly accurate analytical instrumentation. You build a website about this but you cannot be found on the first page of search engines. 

I am only using this as an example and the video below has nothing to do with  the person who wrote the article but the video certainly is very interesting and you might want to have a look at what certain specialists have been studying. I would like to thank Stanford University for allowing others to embed these very important videos. Of course these videos add content to this site but this site can also drive traffic to the video and so it is a win/win situation and I hope that might bring others to take a look at wing flutter and even contact this department directly if you feel that it is something of great value to you and that you want to support it.


The guy I was writing about in the first paragraph had written articles about his particular specialist topic from every angle. He had written volumes of information from basic principles to more complex issues. Unfortunately he ended up quite bitter about the situation because he felt that his unique content was not getting enough attention. In fact, people like this normally get paid good money to speak and write about these topics and he was doing the community a great service by adding value to the internet. His conclusion was the people preferred to respond more to dramatic presentations rather than scientific fact. He proved that this was true in a later experiment where he made a website explaining why search engines suck and lo and behold that website was successful. He was successful because he managed to find me and I read his articles and saw that this individual was actually a brilliantly minded person who had been ignored by a system that fed on sensationalism rather than reason and logic. Is that wrong? Well, it is up for debate!

Some of us want to blame search engine algorithms which respond to website content, links and human behavior on the site but maybe we ought to ask the question regarding what most people actually want? Maybe it is not the fault of the search engines. If most people enjoy looking at garbage, then the marketing tactic surely is going to be feeding people garbage. I am not talking about copying content or content farms. No! I am talking about 100% unique original garbage that is manufactured from human waste. Maybe you know about Soylent Green? I expect there will be a new version of this movie within the next ten years because it has some relevance to our day and age. Go and buy the movie and keep a nice original copy of it in your living room somewhere to watch again with friends because it might be an eye opener to some of them. What are people being fed on the internet? Is it Soylent Green? If it is Solylent Green that people want, then people who exploit others will give them Soylent Green for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


There are certain sites that have been made to attempt a demographic approach in regards to visitors to our site. I think that this information might be helpful to someone who us wondering what kind of people are viewing the content of their site i.e. are they young, old, educated or non educated etc. If you have never used third party site demographic analysis you can get an idea by viewing what has been reported on whoisbid right here but you will need to scroll down that page and click to the option to find demographic info which will tell you something about yourself. You will most likely fit into one of those categories. 

This site is 100% original and is valuable. It is not just valuable to me but also to many of those who will traverse it's pages. Each page will not appeal to every reader but there will be something on one page at least that has been designed to suit someone because not everyone is the same. The brilliant scientist in my first paragraph is a person I would like to meet in real life. Unfortunately he still remains anonymous and maybe he wanted to keep it that way because he felt he could be more effective in that role.