When I started doing this page it was a stub, and kind of still is. Wikipedia uses this term to describe something that could be further discussed but has  got off the ground. That is my own personal definition of a stub. If you enjoy spending long hours going through multiple websites you will probably come to the conclusion -as I have, that many websites have started off with great enthusiasm but somehow they did not continue. I have a personal theory that maybe a lot of these people actually had ideas that other people would of been interested in but maybe, just maybe - some of these people stopped because they were not getting enough response. I know what this feels like and I have written about a dark cloud  

If that is you and you don't have a Twitter account that you are working on and linking to your website then get one today. You might want to take a look at what happened when this website began by looking at how the search engines treat a brand new website. You can always look for me on Twitter as I use the same name Whoisbid and I will follow you back since I believe this is a polite policy for Twitter accounts that have a message to all internet users working on websites.



 Someone I know who I have a great respect for has always been telling me "If you are going to do something, JUST DO IT ! Even if it is done badly"  What you are reading here is actually an update of what I formerly wrote about failed websites but now I have the energy to say something. So here it is!

Skip this irrelevant info on the Baidu Spiders

                          BEWARE OF THE "ON TOPIC" POLICE

I am showing details of what happens to a website like WHOIS BID. If you want to know more about how this website started and how it is progressing then I would recommend you take a look at the search engine spiders page. You might be asking "How long does it take for what?" Well, if you want an answer I can tell you that I will not be satisfied if the site visits do not grow every month. The reason I say "month" is because I believe that you cannot make a website popular through natural search overnight. So, maybe someone came here and you just got THIS ONE THING and now you will go back, work on your website and be more patient.  Hopefully you will remember me and what I said. Sometimes just a few words of encouragement can give someone the fuel to continue. So, if you are visiting a poorly blog that just started out you might want to encourage them by posting something helpful or if you think a website is good then write about it and link to it.


 My personal opinion is that new websites are quarantined for a time to see if they can be trusted. I believe the same might be true of an old website going through a major update or house cleaning. Thats just my opinion and since this is not a blog I can say whatever I want. Wow! Isn't that a great freedom that you are not going to be told to keep "on topic". Sometimes keeping on topic is going to suffocate people who like to express themselves. Sometimes keeping "on topic" can be like living in a two dimensional prison don't you think? If you are running a blog don't stop people who are slightly off topic and seem to be less intelligent than you are. Give them a chance. Who knows, their text might actually trigger something you didn't think was popular and help you to rank better.


                                    WEBSITES VS BLOGS                    

I am now becoming more convinced that original websites  cannot be blogs because a blog is a collective identity. A blog is a group conscience and not that of a one free thinking individual.  A blog has someone else's rules you must abide by. It's like a party where you only invite who you like. I am not saying a blog is wrong and in fact this website relies on blogs. I find that the only blogs I like are the one's where the blog owner is willing to risk losing blog followers because he is more concerned about the truth than simply writing stuff which people will reply to for link juice.  Yes! If you want to get more traffic start blogging and leaving links to your website. Spend all your days and nights getting links..LOL!  Don't worry if they are follow or no follow links. Worry about that later!  Enjoy your own website and write about whatever you want.  If you think something was written poorly, just write it and correct some time later but don't be paralyzed into immobility . 

Here.. I have the freedom to type in one of the  IP addresses of a Baidu spider. It is irrelevant to this page but who cares about that? This is not a blog but an individual's website.